TORW Summer Plot Thread

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  • I thought this may be the easiest way to discuss our planned upcoming thread for the next month or so! This way it doesn't get lost in the Chat thread.

    So, basically, I know we were thinking of having a plot surrounding the Tribe of Endless Hunting? The Tribe seems to have a very distant relationship with their ancestors which, when you look at the books, could be assumed to be a new thing.

    Maybe some ideas if we decide to go down this route:

    -The Tribe moved closer to the Clans, so if Sky were to communicate with the ToEH in the cave she'd be gone for days at a time. Maybe they find a new place for Sky to interpret omens?

    -Maybe there's a split between the Tribe where half are firm believers in the ToEH but the other half is more like "Eh they exist"? That could make some drama?

    -Sky basically turns her back on the ToEH for some reason and they have to deal?

    -They're allies with DC, maybe they could have a plot where they discuss how ToEH and StarClan are different/the same?

    I'm really open for anything! Obvi it doesn't have to go down this road, either. We could always do a classic famine or something instead.

    What'd you think?

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    I like the idea that the Tribe really starts to question ToEH existance. they never hear sky getting any news from them, their sick end up dying no matter what. they could think that maybe its because they moved and maybe they should move back, and during this a famine could start up? it would make the tribe think even MORE that ToEH has abandoned them


    it means they could start causing trouble on other clans lands that arents wc/dc by stealing prey ;0

  • ooo i like all of these!

    I really like the firm believers/non believers thing

    it reminds me of the protestant reformation lol

    that would be kinda cool, tbh, like if the believers start trying to persecute the non believers because they blame them for the tribe of endless hunting being absent?

  • Sky's really out here recreating historical events huh

    But I'm totally on board with all of these ideas and love the generator

    Maybe the believe vs nonbeliever things start up because of the famine? The Tribe isn't really sure the ToEH even exists because Sky is like "I'm not walking my ass to the cave every day to check out some water". Then the famine hits and the Tribe thinks it's some sort of sign against non-believers? Maybe it could even get into the whole Blood Tribe Memberstm vs those who joined later?

    And, y'know, pissing off BC/TC/ShC/RC cause they're stealing prey

    I'm sure Sky will be caught in the middle of this cause she believes but she also came to the Tribe as a kit.

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  • Hi babies this thread is back

    Hawk attacks won the plot poll! We need to timeline and figure out exactly what we want for the outcome of this plot

    For me, I think we should start sooner rather than later. If we want out-of-Clan help, I can see if Skyfam is interested in joining in. But if we don't, let's just fuck shit up! Yeah hawks!

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