The winners for the April Spotlight Contest are as follows: Writing goes to Cass and Art goes to Suwaco

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The winners of the latest giveaway are: Shadowstartheleader(first winner) and Bobbar 7857(second winner)!! Congratulations!

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  • May's CDC is: Your character gets into a fight with a parental figure, be it adoptive or biological. How do they repair the relationship or is ruined forever?

    is this a writing contest? if so, how do i join????:-*

    ay, wassup! i am a new member, so i'm still trying to figure my way around, but i am excited to be a part of it! i am always open for a role play, so just send me a message! i am a literate to advanced role player, so i'm not a newbie. in fact, i have been roleplaying for 4 years. i do art, so feel free to make an art request thread once it's posted! if i don't reply to a roleplay in 48 hours, give a message on my profile. if i still don't reply after 4 days, feel free to spam me, just spam away