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    Her head jerks up as Koiso finally approaches and easily mingles herself into the group. She makes a few jabs at Koji, and Dodger doesn’t restrain her snort when she practically bonds over both of them having an eyepatch. She seemed like an interesting girl to be around. Her short snicker is cut off when Koi turns her attention on the pink girl. "Well, Ichiro, anything you specifically need me to do?" The nickname sends her reeling. She stresses the word as she says it too, making it clear she said so on purpose. A fellow baseball fan? If not, she at least knew what she was talking about — enough so to dispose a reference towards her. Dodger’s grin is more of genuine surprise than the usual poison held within her toothy smile. An interesting girl indeed, she resolves. ”Bold of you to assume I’m in charge here.” She sneers, jerking her thumb towards Koji as he begins outlining his ideas in full as they develop further.

    As an offensive pair, there’s no doubt she and Koiso would be able to hit their opponents hard. The combined strength of her concussive abilities and Dodger’s overwhelming raw power could easily trump the forces she’s seen so far. Koji as their core would possibly leave them open if the other team would choose to have Sam as an offender. She bites her lip as they come to a stand still. Their strategy seemed to follow an ambush hit-and-run style. It’d be easy for Dodger to get to the flag once she marks her bases, but… ”Ah, no use worrying about flaws now!” She says suddenly, her expression nonchalant but excited at the same time. ”We’ll face those roadblocks when we get there.”

    She looks over her shoulder, back towards the forest. It seems all the more daunting, but the shiver down her spine only fuels the fire in her heart. She couldn’t wait to get out there and fight. Their time to plan was getting cut short, the time for action approaching. She stretches her arms in front of her, giving a thumbs up towards Koji with the hand without the baseball glove. ”For now, we’ll hit ‘em first — and hit ‘em hard.” She smirks, giving a knowing nod towards Koi as she squeezes Koji’s shoulder in reassurance. ”So, Leader,” she tugs the back of her hat down, lifting the brim from her eyes, ”let’s go on and show those guys what we’re made of, yeah?”



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    Koji Chen | Shadow Step

    A thrill coursed through his veins, down his spine, all the way to the tips of his fingers. It was happening. Confident in their plan, Koji grinned back at Dodger. One hand reached up to his eyepatch and slowly took it off. His left eye shone golden in the dim light, reflecting like a cat's. For Koji, the forest went from dim to bright as midday; every shadow illuminated, every shape distinct. Just on the edge of painful.

    Dodger and Koi on offense. Himself on defense. Cal providing backup where needed. They might actually win this.

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    Sam Alford | Water Manipulation:

    "Tch" came out of his mouth, almost in annoyance for her asking if he was okay with her being the team leader. Of course he wasn't, but it was the best option. Her quirk would prove a great distraction for the rest of the team, Yume would be away from the fighting near the shield kid, and if she failed, it would prove Sam's judgment had been correct. "Of course I'm not but what other option do we have? You're clearly the best option. For this situation anyways. Just go start setting up the flag. I'll go tell Reinesang," he responded, his words biting as he walked off to their teacher, who had been tapping at her wrist for some time, waiting for her students to decide on their team captains.

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    Yume Aozora ~ Fifteen ~ Perception Swap

    There was a noticeable jerk of her head, a slight flinch as Sam's words bit into her flesh, crawling underneath her skin. Her narrowed eyes remained locked on him for a moment as he made his way to Reinesang, and her jaw clenched. She'd show him. They'll win this game, and she'll prove that she isn't just some useless weight that'll drag the rest of the team down. Speaking of the rest of the team... She looked back to her other teammates, her expression softening, but embers still smoldered in her eyes. "So... are you guys ready to go set up the flag then?" She asked, her voice neutral. "Cause' I can go set it up if you still need to plan some things out."

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    "Just remember... you have to stay brave. Even if it feels like your world is crumbling around you sometimes."

    "For you, a thousand times over." -The Kite Runner

    "There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: Not today." -Syrio Forel