Harry Potter and the Rise of He Who Must Not Be Named (Plot&Chat)

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    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall

    (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards)

    Dear ______________,

    We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

    Term begins 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

    Yours sincerely,

    Daemon Malice

    Deputy Headmaster


    So basically, your character(s) are accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, they can be any year, though the main plot will require students who are more advanced, so preferably students year four and up, though some exceptions can be made as long as the majority of students are older.

    As the school year starts up, the teachers are becoming increasingly aware of both the vulnerability of the Ministry and the rising of Voldemorts followers, despite his clear end. Voldemorts second in command has been reviving the death eaters to Voldemorts cause. Although Voldemort had seemed as evil as possible, somehow this new Wizard was far more gruesome. Headmistress McGonagall knows that their are Voldemort Worshipper spies within the castle walls of Hogwarts but being busy running the Triwizard Tournament, and trying to help the ministry combat the sudden deaths of Harry potter sympathisers left and right, she has had to let some things slip through the cracks.

    The order of the Phoenix has been revived to protect those who survive the needless murders of Harry Potter sympathizers and are working on plans to take him down before its too late.


    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I would explain it but I'm sure most of you know what it looks like if you're joining this thread.


    High Positions

    Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall (Adoptable)

    Deputy Headmaster: Daemon Bellinor Malice, Slytherin jason dean

    Voldemort's Second in Command: Daemon Bellinor Malice, Slytherin jason dean

    Teaching Positions

    Astronomy: Sir Raymond Ian Rookwood, Ravenclaw, Baratheon

    Charms: Calliope Findle, Gryffindor, BattyLeBat

    Defense Against the Dark Arts: Peter Edward Blackburne, Slytherin, Ech0

    Herbology: Reserved for \\~Archaic~//

    History of Magic: Open

    Potions:Alys Fleur Dubois, Hufflepuff, veronica sawyer!  

    Transfiguration: Michael Leviathan Acroix, Ravenclaw ephemeral.

    Electives (Third Years only)

    Alchemy: Open

    Apparition: Open

    Arithmancy: Open

    Care of Magical Creatures: Tempest Valerian, Ravenclaw, Viserion

    Divination: Cecil Amos Wyatt, Slytherin, BattyLeBat

    Study of Ancient Runes: Open

    Animagus and the like(3/3):

    - Scarlet Thalia Arch, Gryffindor Viserion

    - Samantha Pearl Sinclair, Slytherin Ech0

    - Daemon Bellinor Malice, Slytherin jason dean



    Quidditch Captain:

    Chasers(1/3): Peyton Jude Lane ephemeral.


    Beaters(1/2): James Harrison arkhamdevil


    - Scarlet Thalia Arch Viserion

    - Rose Alexandra Buckley con amore


    Quidditch Captain: Lilith Silversprout arkhamdevil

    Chasers(1/3): Derek Valerian Rookwood Baratheon


    Beaters(1/2): Lilith Silversprout arkhamdevil


    - Derek Valerian Rookwood Baratheon

    - Samantha Pearl Sinclair Ech0

    - Niall Ren Godfrey jason dean


    Quidditch Captain: Blake Eugene Edwards bite.




    Seekers(1/1):Hope Glenda Lannister veronica sawyer!

    - Diana Sable Bone jason dean


    Quidditch Captain:





    - Cassandra Alice Richard BattyLeBat

    - Abel Jenson Bone jason dean

    - Lucas Flynn Aldaine j-ellie


    1. All ff rules apply

    2. You can only have one high position character or teacher, you can't be headmistress/deputy headmaster and a teacher and a student

    3. Swearing is just fine, but it shouldn't be every other word, be reasonable

    4. At least a paragraph each, I get low muse, believe me, but this is an advanced thread, so make sure your semi-advanced to advanced at least.

    5. No non human characters they all must be full witch or wizard, Muggle born's are welcome but no goblins or centaurs please

    6. While characters are allowed to be complete asses to each other in the roleplay, OOC bullying is not tolerated. Hate the character, not the RPer.

    7. I will be accepting only three witches/wizards with special abilities, whether they be a metamorphmagus, Veela, werewolf, etc., and these students must be 4th year+, as most of these are very sophisticated abilities.

    8. No OCs who are related to the canon characters. The characters from Harry’s generation and those before may be mentioned, but there will be no interaction with them, other than Headmistress McGonagall.

    9. When it comes to fights and wizards’ duels, no powerplaying or godmodding. Make sure your characters have some weaknesses; they can’t be invincible.

    10. Please be active! This roleplay won't be as fun if we're waiting weeks on end just for a reply.

    11. With regards to the aforementioned rule, don’t flood other thread members, including myself. You must wait until three people have posted between your last post until you can reply again. If this rule is broken repeatedly and people are left excluded from the plot, I may block you from the roleplay

    12. You have an awesome plan for a plot? Even if it only involves your character and is something really minor, talk to me about it before you go forward with it.

    13. Use faceclaims, and no anime pictures for your charries!

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  • oh yes, that could be fun, my perfect little Sam making people question their sexuality, that sounds just like her, encase you were wondering she's a very sexual woman.

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  • Yow, veronica sawyer! do you think Alys would try to mother Peter and Peter of course would brush her off and shove her away because he's a little shit and is kinda broken without Alice.


    Also arkhamdevil I was kinda thinking that Samantha and Lilith wouldn't get along, I sorta feel like since Sam is super judgey, she wouldn't like Lilith and they could get on each others nerves a bit.

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  • l m a o. poor cassie (she could totally open up to Samantha about being a seer as well)

    I'm excited XD

    So if I remember correctly you wanted your character Peter to be attacked on the way to Hogwarts? Just for the sake of developing Cassie's abilities could she have maybe been plagued with dreams of the attack prior to it happening despite being unable to identify who it is being attacked. They obviously stop after the attack but Cassie is able to recognize that it was Peter being attacked when she sees him.

    Now, she would keep this knowledge to herself unless she had another dream about something else happening and since she knows what happened to Peter it would likely be easier to get him to believe her about her premonitions. Ech0

  • -- Ech0 i would honestly love if she became a mother-like figure for him. She is a very motherly person in general so I think it could work. Also, I was thinking (once we get more male characters and like maybe a couple bad guys in there), Hope could like have an internal battle with herself cause she wants to be good but she also wants to be bad but kinda gets pressured into it (like malfoy?)




  • the way I was thinking it would play out is that Peter would accompany the students onto the Hogwarts Express upon the wishes of McGonagall who wanted a teacher there this year after all that was happening. And, since Peter is fresh out of Azkaban, he didn't go early to the castle to set up the classroom and get settled for classes like the rest of the teachers. On his was to the train, in a dark alley by the train, he gets attacked, stumbles awkwardly onto the train and into the first carriage where possibly Cassie could kinda have an epiphany of like, oh it's him, now I recognize that face, he was attacked because I saw it in a dream. Basically I was thinking that she would know someone was going to get attacked, but couldn't recognize them beside his black cloak and shaggy black hair. I wanted him to get injured because I thought if one of the teachers was fatally injured, it would bring the danger of the Voldy #2 and the Voldemort worshipers into the forefront where the teachers can't just be like nothings wrong because one of the teachers were injured for all the students to see and get scared and all that fluff.

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  • Yea I would totally be okay with that, I put an announcement up so that any newcomers joining are required to make a male character because we only have one male student, also yea we need some people to make more Malfoy esque characters and just some plain baddies, I know Samantha will be easily swayed if it suites her needs, but we'll see, I'm gonna wait for more people to join to fill up the teaching positions and hopefully get some more students so that we're not to empty.

    On a side note, we likely won't have enough characters to have the houses in separate class soooo, I'm thinking of having the students in combined classes just so that we can have them all interest easier, with the exception of Electives.

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  • -- cause i know hope already has an internal battle with herself about to be good or bad because of her past. so i feel like just feeling the pressure from someone she cares about or even looks up to leaves her vulnerable and she feels forced to join.




  • Oh that's good.

    I was thinking Cassie could have an evolving dream for a few weeks before school starts. The image of someone being attacked by dark wizards is quite prevalent and she tried to get her father to look into it (since he works for the ministry) but he ultimately brushed it off as the imagination of a troubled girl.

    So when Peter is attacked and everyone is like "who did this?" Cassie could provide something of a starting point as to where to look and the danger they could be facing. Beyond a dream, perhaps it could trigger a prophecy about the rising dark lord. Since it's a prophecy it would be very vague but enough to put people on edge about whatever danger they'll be facing.

  • Yeah, we'll just have to wait for someone to join making a bad boy for her to be forced to follow. Unfortunately Peter is good despite what everyone else thinks. I wanted him to be a controversial character in this world, where literally everyone thinks he murdered his wife and friends except McGonagall, who helped proved his innocence enough for him to be freed of Azkaban but no one actually believes his innocent and most of the students will likely be scared of him because of what their parents may have said he's done.


    yes I think that would be great, and I feel like some people would think that Voldemort's returning from the dead from a Horcrux Harry didn't know about, but really its his second in command who is actually worse then him and is rally the death eaters to purge the world of all harry potter sympathizers and leaving only those loyal to death eaters and the cause to populate the wizarding world.

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  • -- and alys can be that one other person who sees the good in him and that's why they grow so close. they will be purely platonic, just become really good best friends. like they fall apart without each other kinda thing.




  • Yea that would be perfect but I want it to be a slow build, I want him to push her away a lot and she just keeps coming back and being there for him anyways despite how much he tries to distance himself from her, believing he isn't worthy of friendship.

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  • Oh, that sounds miserable, also like I said earlier, I would totally be down for a Scarlett Peter fling that's more chemical then it is a real relationship and I bet you Alys would be totally disapproving.

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