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  • Jaggedspirit

    The only ship for my child

    JaggedDawn| Daughter of JengaxLionsighted| 20 moons| Sister to Calmamber and Brokenpath| Inherited her mother's curiosity, and loves to explore| Wants her dad to be happy| Was infrequently visited by her mother's spirit, until Jenga was reincarnated| Ages on the 5th of each month (currently aging two moons p/month)| Plagued by occasional vivid night mares| Trained in the Dark Forest| Homosexual| Mates with Stonespirit| Depressed and angry by her father's death| Jaggedpaw's Family Tree||

    Disgraced and disowned, another one of the clowns

    Played by Jadefeather12

  • Dumping in Hiddenflame to the mix!

    giphy.gif"Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie."

    "If you look down at me you will see a fool; if you look up at me you'll see a god; if you look straight at me you will see yourself."

  • Furyflame






    Fury is a jet black she-cat with dark violet undertones and intense dark amber eyes

    Theme Song

    Strangers Like Me by Phil Collins


    Cool || Authoritative || Courageous || Loyal || Fierce


    Specializes in Tactical stratagey & Battle planning.

    Attack in Bold Dark Red