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  • Ferretpaw, being the oblivious thing he was, did not know that he was pregnant. He had just been helping clean up some bones from a piece of prey that had been left in the freshkill pile for a little too long, his paws brushing the bones out of the pile so some cat didn't accidentally eat them and choke to death. He was about finished when he suddenly doubled over in pain, a sharp stab in his gut almost bringing him to his knees as a loud yelp ripped from his throat, eyes widening as the pain seemed to fade into just a dull ache. He was going to brush it off and then...he remembered.

    That night with Wolfgang. Oh, no. That night they had...he didn't want to think about it, it was really embarrassing to think about. And now he was pregnant as an apprentice with another cat that might not even want the kittens. What was he going to do? In the midst of all of Ferretpaw's wild thoughts, another bout of pain forced him to sit down and struggle to keep his composure, gritting his teeth in silent agony as he waited for the cramps to pass. Were they cramps or contractions? Ferretpaw had no idea about birth, he was only 11 moons old!

    He needed to find Wolfgang and tell him before he found out the hard way. "Wolfgang?" The tom called out nervously, voice laced with discomfort. He was fearful that if he moved from this very spot, he might collapse or faint from the tightening pains in his belly. This was bad.

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  • Wolfgang was a bit embarrassed, too. He hadn't meant to, really. It was an accident, and he may had misinterpreted some signals. It was totally consensual- don't get him wrong- but he worried about the effect it would have on their friendship. He worried that it would hurt Ferretpaw's reputation. Ferretpaw was about to become a warrior, would he have to hold off on that because of kits? Wolfie didn't even really know he was pregnant- Ferretpaw showed very few signs. Which was good- he didn't want anybody to misgender Ferret because he was pregnant. However, as the days drew nearer and Ferretpaw's stomach got bigger, Wolfie's concerns manifested. And, finally, the other boy called for his name. Oh, man. He felt guilty for feeling dread- this was his fault, not Ferretpaw's or the kits'. The tom stood and quickly moved towards Ferretpaw. "Is it happening?" Wolfgang asked. His usually monotonous voice was laced with nervousness, and his one icy eye was wide and full of all sorts of emotions. He hoped Ferretpaw would be okay. He hoped this birthing went smoothly. He didn't deserve any heartache because of Wolfgang's idiocy. "Would you like for me to grab Addercloud?" He asked. He didn't want to miss anything, but he would be of no use to his friend. Friend? Boyfriend? What were they? He didn't want Ferret to feel obligated just because they had kits now. Or, were about to have kits. Gosh, his mind was racing.

  • Ferretpaw's eyes widened in relief as Wolfgang appeared, his usually stoic aura a little nervous as he approached. Another round of the contractions racked through his body, the seal point's eyes squeezing shut as he struggled to keep himself from crying out at the intense pain. Addercloud? Maybe that would be a good idea but the first thing on Ferretpaw's mind was getting somewhere where he wouldn't be exposed to the entire camp. "Uhm...could you help me get somewhere more...private?" The apprentice asked, voice strained with agony as he struggling to get onto his feet. He wavered for a moment and then caught himself, legs shaking with the effort of holding his weak body up. This sucked. A shaky paw came to rest on Wolfgang's shoulder as Ferretpaw looked up at the older tom, nervousness evident in his features. "I'm scared, want these kits, right?"



  • "Yes," Wolfgang nodded, trying to help Ferretpaw walked. Somewhere more private? It was pretty secluded behind the cottage, he would assume. His eye widened at Ferret's inquiry. Did he want them? He wasn't so sure. Was he ready? What if he was a bad father? He had so much on his mind already- he wasn't sure if he was up to this. He couldn't be an absent father, though. He couldn't leave Ferretpaw to raise them by himself when it was Wolfgang's fault they were in this mess in the first place. "Of course!" Wolfgang replied, giving Ferretpaw a smile despite his qualms. He hoped this worked out.

  • The relief that Ferretpaw felt was nearly palpable as the two made their way to the back of the cottage. Ferretpaw was about to say something but a wave of contractions cut him off, making his eyes widen. They were close enough to the cottage that the seal point just gave up on walking any further, eager to get off of his paws as quickly as possible. "Thank you, I guess where this is going to happen." The tom squeaked out through gritted teeth, his small claws digging into the earth nearest his front paws, contractions tearing through his body. These kits were coming and they were not going to stop until they were here.

    The first was a grey she-kit with a single white ear tip, wet and slimy as she came into the world, already squirming and wriggling for attention. Ferretpaw was quick to start licking the kitten, his instincts starting to kick in as he prepared for the next kit. Surely there couldn't be that many? The second and third were born next, a grey tabby boy and another boy who had an uncanny resemblance to himself. They were both swept close to Ferretpaw's belly as the contractions settled. Was that it?

    A yelp confirmed that it was most definitely not it. The fourth was born, two shades of grey with white markings on her underside. Ferretpaw brought her close to clean her long fur, the irony taste of the kitten's fur making his nose scrunch up slightly. Still more? Yep, there was more, a darling she-kit would emerge, a mackerel tabby with white legs and underbelly. The final kitten was the tiniest of all, mostly white with little patches of darker fur. He was so...tiny and it made Ferretpaw anxiously get to work on trying to help him breathe, eyes flickering briefly up to Wolfgang as the contractions finally settled. "That's...all of them."

    birth order: perennial, frostkit, puddlekit, rainkit, adderkit, chalkkit


  • life. it was something given just as easily as it could be taken away. often, it was the product of mistakes. in this case, it seemed that it was so. the kits had not been intended, they were not planned, just a creation that came from what was probably supposed to be a one time event. at least these children were lucky enough to have parents that would care for them, many others were not. first, was his sister, and then, there was the grey tabby who followed close by. one moment, he'd been warm and secure, cramped up amongst his siblings. cold air struck him like a whip, shocking the kit. for a moment he was sure he was alone, then there was the quick rasps of his fathers tongue across his torso and he was swept against the belly. warmth. he was quick to struggle forward, paws kneading at ferretpaw's stomach. while he held no regard for his siblings at this very moment, he would eventually grow to care for them dearly.



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  • 🌹*:. perennial, "peri"


    Longevity would not be a gift this kit would snag her little claws into.

    Not that anyone knew it yet. Just another kit in the litter, she was. Her fathers would promise she'd have a long life ahead of her, and she'd band tight with her siblings, never so much as imagining the horrors awaiting them too early in their young lives.

    Curious little ears flicked as she heard for the first time, one white and one grey. She couldn't make sense of the sounds, nor did she have much desire to open her eyes, so the little kit merely curled closer to the warm stomach nearby and sought what her instincts told her was there as she fed for the first time.


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  • She felt cold hair hit her, letting out her first cry into this very big world. Moving close to the warmth she would bumb against her sibling, which she didn't really care about right now. Rainkit just wanted to eat and be warm. Those would be her only two thoughts till she got older and was allowed to roam around her home. "" .

    skyclan kit 4 moons girl ferretpaw x wolfgang

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    there's no air.

    it's cold and there's no air. white pelt struggles, caving inwards, can't cry out. the final kit, perhaps breathing it's final breath. frail legs, worming on the cold ground. warmth, where's the warmth? must find warmth. must cry out. tiny dark muzzle wheezes out, a pitiful cry smothered by it's siblings' more energetic noises. frail, weak, the white kit can't move itself to it's fathers pelt. just out of reach. just ... there ....


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  • Woah- it'd all happened so fast. His racing mind paused. Kits. His kits. It almost didn't feel real. His heart felt as if it were melting. His face had more emotion in it than it'd ever had. He stared at the kits in awe. They were so helpless and cute. This didn't feel real. These couldn't be related to him, could they? He snapped out of it and looked at Ferretpaw. "Are you okay?" Wolfgang asked, concern lacing his voice. His heart was still fluttering. He couldn't believe this. His kids. His babies. Their babies. "What do you want to name them?"

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    Good Dads





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    "woah!" valley squeaks, talkative mouth jaw dropping at the sight before her. not only was wolfgang a taken man but he also had kits. kits! theyre squirming and wet and honestly a little creepy but valley still trots up with a grin for ferretpaw. "congratulations! and also sorry, that looked like it hurt. you uh .... need anything ...." the offer trails off, peering at the kits.

    "hey wolfgang, that one looks like you!" she whisper shouts, pointing to the unnamed blue kit. "she looks like the rain from the storm we watched!"

  • Ferretpaw was exhausted, all of his energy leaving his body with all of the effort that he had exerted trying to deliver his and Wolfgang’s kits. His dreary eyes moved to look at the older tom, a small smile curling on his face. Wolfgang was going to be a good dad; there wasn’t any other cat that Ferretpaw would want to be doing this with. “I’m...good, tired, but good.” He whispered softly, his tail curling around the bundles of fur gently pressed to his belly.

    Names. Oh boy, this was the hard part. His brain was clouded with sleepiness but he was going to try his best to think of the best names for the six new kittens. Pointing to each hebwould call out a name, “Perennial, Frostkit, Puddlekit, Rainkit, Adderkit and...Chalkkit.” The seal point nudged each of the kits as he whispered to them their new name, a small purr rumbling in his chest as his gaze turned to Wolfgang once again. All he wanted to do was hug the life out of his...boyfriend? “Wolfgang...will you stay with me, like, as my mate? I like you and I just...I want you to be there with me, all the time.” Maybe it was the exhaustion speaking but Ferretpaw was glancing at Wolfgang with affection in his blue eyes, tail twitching expectantly.


  • Such interesting names. He made note of the name Perennial- a loner name, like his. He liked it. Such an interesting name. Frostkit, Puddlekit, and Rainkit all made him think of cold, rainy days near winter time. It wasn't quite snowing, or icy, but there was a chill in the air and you could see your breath whenever you spoke. He loved those names. Very atmospheric. He was definitely looking too far into it, but he thought they were neat names. Adderkit, he loved that name. The word rolled off the tongue nicely. Perhaps the boy would grow up to be as striking and cunning as the creature he was named after. And then the last one, little Chalkkit. What a strange name. Chalk was fairly brittle and broke easily. This child seemed as though she was struggling to even move. He bent over, aiming to move the fragile being closer to Ferretpaw's stomach. A much warmer place, where she'd have plenty of milk. He almost didn't hear what Ferretpaw said. He looked up at the other boy in surprise. Oh, such a relief. He was sure Ferretpaw would hate him, but it seemed this had brought them closer together than Wolfie had ever imagined. "Of course, Ferretpaw," Wolfgang's cold voice had an unusual amount of warmth. He felt like crying. His icy stature was warmed to the point of nearly melting all over these tiny, tiny little beings. And Ferretpaw- his mate. Gosh, he was so lucky. He wondered if he'd ever felt this happy before. Before he lost his memory. That didn't seem to really matter anymore. This was a new cat, a new Wolfgang, with his new mate and his new family. God, this was such a blessing. Wolfgang looked up at Valley as she spoke, full of congratulations and her usual quirky remarks. Though, she'd said something that struck him. She said Rainkit reminded her of the rain they watched together- well, the rain they ran for shelter in with Fadedghost. He gave his friend a smile. "Haha, yeah, I suppose you're right. Rainkit is a fitting name." Rain could sometimes be seen as a bad omen or a symbol of sad time and tragedy, but that was from a foolish point of view. Rain provided sustenance for life to thrive on, and kept the circle of life going. Without rain, the plants would wither and die, and the prey would have nothing to eat, and the clans would have nothing to eat, and they all would die. Needless to say, rain was important. Almost as important as his precious little girl. God, he was so proud.