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  • It was raining when Itai's plane touched down in the John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York. The rain continued pounding down as he made his way through customs and baggage claim, and by the time he was sitting in one of the city's famous yellow cabs, he was drenched. The ride to Manhattan cost more than he had expected, and unlike in Israel, he couldn't haggle the taxi driver down to a more reasonable price. The only positive, as far as the tourist was concerned, was that the rain had stopped.

    His first step was to check into the hotel he'd already made a reservation in, and after a quick stop at a money changer, Itai Benari headed to the first coffee shop he noticed, which happened to be a Starbucks. He'd heard of it before, from friends who had visited America before, but had never been in one before. He didn't have high expectations. From what he'd heard, Starbucks wasn't exactly the cream of the crop when to came to American coffee shops.

    Entering the store, he squinted up at the menu. He was fluent in spoken English, but reading it was another ball game altogether, and he wasn't sure if it was better to ask for help or just order a plain coffee and pastry. Eyes still focused upward, he joined the line, unsure of what he'd do when his turn came.


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    If you knew Blin well, you would wonder how she had ever ended up in New York. It was definitely not the place for a young, blind girl who adored open meadows and fresh air. However, she had wanted to go to school for floral design and this was where she'd ended up. Still, it was a miracle she hadn't been hit by a car yet. She was a sweet girl, sure, but spatial awareness and focus were definitely not her strong suits. To emphasize this, she was nearly run over on the way to her current destination - the coffee shop near her dorm - when she momentarily lost track of her positioning and strayed briefly off the sidewalk into the street. A blaring horn snapped her back into reality and she was quickly back to the safety of the sidewalk. Moments later, she was shuffling her way into the Starbucks, her cane surveying the ground in front of her. She was wearing sunglasses to complete the look, but instead of the typical solid black you would see on a visually impaired person, her's were printed with pastel flowers. She had been told she would have loved the way they looked. Of course, she'd been told this by the sales clerk at the store but still.

    Blin moved towards the line, having done this enough times to know the layout of the shop. She wasn't crazy about Starbucks, since it was pretty overpriced and not that special, but this particular shop was on the way to her classes and she'd just walked five minutes in the rain so she figured stopping to get some tea wouldn't be all bad. This would be another example of her lack of focus; she had been pondering what kind of tea she was going to get and managed to walk straight into the person in line ahead of her, who happened to be Itai. Blin stumbled back, surprised. "Oh! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me, friend, I'm incredibly clumsy." She smiled pleasantly, not mentioning she was blind, though it was probably obvious. She didn't like to use that as an excuse when she did things like run into the back of people, considering it was more related to her short attention span anyway.




  • The shop's door swung continually open and shut as more customers entered. Itai, with the unforgiving nosiness of an Israeli, twisted each time to see who had come it. It wasn't like staring up at the menu was helping him much. After catching sight of a rather sweet looking girl entering the store, he turned back, uninterested, until Blin bumped into him. Truth be told, that didn't bother him: at home, people bumped into each other all the time and didn't bother to apologize. They were all family, and it was given that it was just a mistake. Even if one did bother to apologize, it was usually just a hurried 'sorry,' so Blin's flowery apology drew his attention.

    She was blind. He saw that at once, and turned more of his energy to examining her cane than to listening to the apology. Who knew! A blind person's cane was white and red here, too, just like at home, although he supposed he should have expected that. Blinking slowly as she finally finished, he shrugged and replied, "It's no problem. But maybe you could help me? I don't know what's good here."


    goldenpup + male + the renegades + arabian wolf + tags