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  • GENERAL - ★

    Name: Nightgaze

    Clan: RiverClan

    Gender: Female

    Rank: Deputy

    Age: 25 Moons

    Parents: Duskheart (RiverClan) X Cedar That Stands on Mountain (Tribe)

    Siblings: Hawk That Soars up High (RiverClan) and Gray Sky Before Dusk (Tribe)

    Mate: N/A

    Kits: N/A


    BREED | Maine Coon

    Nightgaze is a black maine coon with long fur, tufted ears and amber eyes. She has two scars; one over her left eye from a battle with Scorchedface and one on her shoulder from a fox attack. She possesses traits from both RiverClan and the Tribe of Rushing Water, with webbed paws and glossy fur needed for swimming and an agile, sturdy build needed to survive in the mountains.


    Calm | Clever | Free-spirited | Loves nature and meditating | Sarcastic | May have trouble forming relationships due to the loss of so many of her close friends and family | Can be distant at times

    LIKES | Nature, swimming, nighttime, spring, strange twoleg objects, weird bugs, rain

    PHYSICAL - ★

    HARD in battle

    Blind in one eye

    Heightened sense of hearing