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    // A RICH BOUNTY // open, Berry Festival

    Dettlaff eventually reached the Colour Command's border and he sat himself down as he caught his breath and recovered his energy. Though at least it was nice to be greeted with the sight of familiar grounds.

    "Members of the Colour Command, the Dark Dynasty wish to invite you to our festival. We are celebrating a good early harvest and we wish to share the bounty with you all."

    The Emperor would explain, his gaze ever searching for familiar faces like Whisp or Clover. How were they doing?

    "Sometimes the thing that scares me the most is how much I love you."


    Black Lion - Higher Vampire - Emotionally Unstable - Enjoys Making Toys

    Former Rainmaker of the Riverside - Obsidian Emperor of the Dark Dynasty

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    ♡━━━♣️━━━━♡━━━━♣️━━━━♡ Thank you in advance ♡━━━♣️━━━━♡━━━━♣️━━━━♡

    *✧:。.。 The slightly more enthusiastic leader popped up next to Whisp and spoke in reply "Sounds fantastic! I love a good harvest."

    ♡━━━♣️━━━━♡━━━━♣️━━━━♡ I don't wanna dance ♡━━━♣️━━━━♡━━━━♣️━━━━♡

    Extinctus ambitur idem

    *The same (hated) man will be loved after he's dead. How quickly we forget.

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