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  • Speaking of secret kittens, one had poked her head out of the nursery shortly after, completely oblivious to the fact she was quite literally in front of her mother, offering a bright grin to the other kits. Sure, she was kept in the dark about their father as well, probably because a fellow kit's father taking a life from Doestar wasn't the best bedtime story. Good call. "I've never played! Can I join?" She chirped, tilting her head a bit as her tail twitched in excitement.


    I've been hearing symphonies

    Before all I heard was silence

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    Ashpaw perked up at the sight of her friend. Bluefrost... not Bluepaw anymore. That might take a bit of getting used to, especially seeing as Ashpaw was still very much a 'paw herself.

    She'd always figured they'd cross such milestones together, but, well. The stars hadn't had the same idea, apparently. Ashpaw had gotten her apprenticeship first-- and a lonely few weeks that had been, mostly alone in the apprentice den-- and now, with the disappearance of any other medically knowledged cat, Blue had been thrust into a position of authority at such a young age.


    At least they had moments like this to lighten the load.

    "Hey, Bluefrost," Ashpaw said playfully. "How's it going?"

    The grimness in her amber eye showed that there was a deeper meaning to the question-- a gentle reminder, that if there was something darker to discuss, she'd be here. But, to keep the mood light...

    "Hey, you remember back when we were kits?" Not... not all that long ago, to be honest, but it felt like ages. "I loved mossball, remember? I'd always beg you to play it with me. Oh, and d'you remember that time when you started a game of hide-and-seek and I played too, like a little kit, even though I was already an apprentice? And then I climbed on top of the medicine den to hide?"

    A sharp nostalgia filled her suddenly-- for a time when Ash had both eyes, Blue wasn't crippled, their lives hadn't yet been flipped on their heads. Things hadn't been normal even then, but they'd... they'd been close.

    . . .

    //ooc: ashpaw is lowkey gonna be a sad nostalgia baby for the next few days, she feels like she's getting older way too fast

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    Flamekit/RiverClan/kit/ three moons/ ScorchedXDove

    OOC: tired of waiting-

    IC: Thoughts of playing were chased out the window, as their attention span was drawn to a different cat who smelled strongly of weird things, and the one who even suggested a game suddenly had a weird feeling about them as they talked of playing games with this Bluefrost character.

    Why did I even bother showing myself? She thought, tail drooping and hitting the dust.

  • Blazekit’s ears perked at the mention of a game, but it went back down as the older cats started sounding more serious. She didn’t quite understand what they were talking about. And that one cat with only half of her face... Well she would assume that Ashpaw was a brave fighter of RiverClan and got a massive battle scar while fighting the biggest, baddest, and meanest cats from elsewhere! Of course, she had no idea that cat was her very own father. She nudged Flamekit though, hoping to distract her from the clouding gloominess. “We can still play by ourselves while they talk!”

    //Blazekit is like the new Ashpaw

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    biography + plots + heartchat + played by melo-crisis