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  • main had needed a change. she really did. she couldn't stand being in the same place as him...it was just painful. maybe she should have left a note saing where she went, but mai had doubted he would care. this was for his sake, anyways. it was for him to be happy with his new love. so, why not have a new start? a new place to call home, where others don't know her face and it's easier to forget about everything that hurt her. it'd be easier this way. after all, she can find happiness in other places! "hello, thunderlands!" came an angelic voice, tuned with joy as she had edged forward. the liver-spotted canine had put upon her cheery facade, the dog tag that rested on her broad chest had seemed to give her a little lift too. perhaps dad was cheering her on for restarting her life. main hoped so, at least. "i'm main! here to join!" energetic in her new approach to life, the dalmatian had patiently waited for the one who would greet her.

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    A new joiner? This one was pretty, too! Dashing over as fast as he could, the golden retriever happily greeted the taller girl. "Hiya! My name is Loveletter, welcome! We'd be happy to have 'ya!" He chimed, his voice almost sing-song as he glanced around. Where was he children again? Oh, probably playing together. "Are you hungry? I could go fetch something? Others will arrive soon, and probably greet you. It's routine."

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  • her smile had widened at the sight of another, one carrying a pelt of gold. she absolute adored golden retrievers, she thought they were gorgeous. "loveletter? that's such a wonderful name!" unique and cute! she liked this guy already, he seemed energetic enough to keep her occupied. though, at the mention of eating, she grew unsure. was she hungry? she was more thirsty, really. main also ended up scraping her paws against some rocks earlier. though they were perfectly fine! "thank you so much, but i'm more thirsty, really." hopefully she wouldn't be too much of a labor. others will arrive soon, huh? yeah, she knew that would happen. and by god was she excited. it was always just so interesting seeing them all! their names, personalites and greetings. she loved all of it.

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  • Another joiner? There had been a lot--which excited the leopard, because it meant more allies on her side. But at the same time, she had to earn the trust of these allies. So she would pad up and take a seat. "Welcome then, Main. I'm Mingan." "Main" was a bit of an odd name--not that she minded, of course.



  • in aurelia's eyes, every new joiner was practically a new friend. that's why the small cat bounded up to the greeting procession. the tabby sat down and grinned. "hi!," she squeaked out, "i'm aurelia, but you can just call me 'lia!"




  • Oh, we got a dream!

    We gotta be somebody, be someone


    Nymeria slowly approached the group, upset she couldn't really see the joiner. She

    dipped her head towards her in a greeting, "H-Hello, my name is Nymeria. We

    are glad to have you." she spoke in a friendly but soft spoken tone. Her ears

    twitched curiously, head tipping to the side.


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  • Main? What an interesting name although she figured it was more Mane than the word main. Still she had a liking for it and perhaps that was all that mattered in the grand scheme of things. Stepping over to the area the maned wolf kept her distance, eyes wandering over the crowd that had already gathered around the new comer. She didn't want to be intrusive so she waited for everyone to introduce themselves first. When it was her turn she stepped toward the area and gave a light dip of her angular cranium, blacked stained lips pulling into a small smile before she sat down. As a maned wolf she was kind of gangly but also elegant in the way she held herself. But there was a sense of unease and anxiety about her as well. "Welcome. I hope you like it here in the Thunderlands. I'm Sekhmet and maybe we can have a little brunch sometime."

  • looks like loveletter was right! many did come quick, and her smile widened at the mere sight of them. it was wonderful to see them, really. even if main hadn’t really known them, it was still good to see so many friendly faces greeting her, welcoming her into their home. "hi everyone! it’s so wonderful to meet you all." she was especially happy to see someone who had matched her excitement as well. lia was so cute! she offered the tabby a special ‘hello’, fawning over the smaller creature silently. next came sekhmet’s voice, catching her on the idea of brunch. "that sounds wonderful! thank you, i would love to have brunch sometime." brunch was always such a calm and relaxing time, she thought that the idea of it was really nice. cute and homely, really.

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