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  • Did every medicine cat experience such trivial events on their way to earn their name? Bluepaw's visit to the Moonstone had taken a short detour. One that had delayed her an entire day. She had kitted on her way here and had spent the rest of that evening and night recovering while Ashpaw returned five of her kits to RiverClan camp and Blahkenmuro had taken the other two. She had hardly gotten to spend an hour with them, but with the path in life she had chosen, she shouldn't have even been allowed that much. She wasn't allowed to have kits, as the code of a medicine cat dictated. She was a little apprehensive about that, given that she was about to directly speak to StarClan, her ancestors who had never shown any sign of displeasure or pleasure in her. Bluepaw had disappointed them in more ways than one - she had broken unspoken codes, and the spoken ones, too. What would they say about Larkthroat feeding her to meat of dead cats? Or the fact that she'd just given birth to the BloodClan deputy's kits? Would they say anything?Would they deny her as RiverClan's medicine cat? Or would this go over smoothly? They had never given her a definite answer. Bluepaw had heard nothing but silence from her ancestors. Was it because she had sinned against them or because she was a kittypet? Perhaps she would never be sure.

    The path into the Mothermouth was dark and cold. It made her slate gray pelt prickle with unease as she descended further into the damp, cool darkness of the Mothermouth. Up ahead, she could see a faint glow and she quivered with anticipation. The Moonstone. She didn't think she would ever see it. Finally, it revealed itself - a large mass of white, glowing rock. Truly, it was magnificent. Bluepaw couldn't help but gaze at it for a moment in pure awe and wonder. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life. Well, except for her seven children. Sighing, she reluctantly approached the Moonstone, feeling a deep, ancient power course through her veins. She had never felt so close to StarClan before and she had to admit, before this very moment, she had her doubts if they were real. Now, there wasn't a single doubt in her mind.

    Bluepaw sank down onto the ground and pressed her nose against the rock. It was cold and it tingled slightly. She closed her eyes and due to the sheer exhaustion that still hung over her from kitting just a day before, she sank into the depths of sleep, and waited patiently for StarClan to call out to her.

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      tags | riverclan medicine cat |  | 8 moons | played by vespertine