Lowfrost Point (Roleplay Thread, Private)

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    Welcome to Lowfrost Point, a wintry little place that lies directly below the shadows of the mountain range that creates the cold atmosphere some like to call home. It isn't a well-known area, but it does see the occasional traveler coming in from the coastline less than a day's walk away. It's located in the northeast on a large island, and the only reason why it's particularly accessible is because of the breakwater that attaches it to the barren coastline. A very small lighthouse helps travelers out on the water see the breakwater on bad nights.

    This is a private thread linked to Salamandastron and Redwall Abbey, allowing for characters to move from place to place if they so choose. Links for both of those places can be found below along with a chat thread.


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  • The winds were quiet out on the ocean from what the rabbit had heard, but that didn't mean the mainland wouldn't be seeing any bad weather. His forepaws were fiddling with a very worn scarf, and just as he about to take off and go to the lighthouse, a big forepaw landed on his shoulder.

    "Everly, while you wait for that petrified little friend of yours to come scampering back, can you tell Kip he needs to come inside for a bit. He's been out all night..." The badger said, holding back from letting the worry creep into her voice.

    Everly wanted laugh, but he knew how Vivienne could get when it came to Kip. She always worried every time he was out for more than a few hours. "You know he's fine, Viv." He said, stepping forward while he watched the badger's forepaw slump back to her side. "I'll let him know." With that, he left Vivienne standing by the pathway into Lowfrost while he headed off to the breakwater.

    Meriska's eyes darted every which way as she made her way to the infamous breakwater at the edge of the coastline. She could scarcely remember the last time she had come this far north, and it wasn't a place she was extremely fond of due to the constant cold, but vermin were scarce, and that was what mattered to her right now.

  • There was a rustling sound behind Meriska, and the crunch of paws on the snow.

    "Brr!" the creature remarked, walking up alongside her. His thin black and white fur was doing him absolutely no good in this frighteningly cold weather, and his jaw clattered restlessly.

    Normally, the rat would not have stooped to talking diplomatically with Woodlanders, but many things had changed since...since he had left the Salamandastron that fateful day.

    He pointed a shaking paw towards the sea.

    "D-Do you know anywhere around here th-that's w-w-warm?"

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  • Meriska's fur twitched and quivered before she turned to answer the woodlander's question. But then her mouth went dry as her eyes locked on the rat. "Warm? You want warm? Go south!" She said, nearly taking off on the last word. Maybe the rat would actually listen and leave her alone.

    Everly pulled the scarf tight around his neck before bolting forward and pausing only to look for any signs of Kip. If it stretched into another day without Kip, Viv would lose it again. "Kip!" Why did he bother? The kid would probably try to give him a good scare first before actually showing himself and explaining where he went off to this time.

    Vivienne went back inside the village, but her eyes couldn't stop flickering back up to see if Kip was back yet. He was old enough to be out on his own, and he was no fragile woodlander, but he didn't know any better sometimes. Maybe that was her fault.

  • "I left the south," the rat argued, blowing warm air on his paws and rubbing them.

    "Surely you don't live out here, in the snow. Can't you just help me out? Tell me somewhere to stay? I'm not going to..." he shuddered, wiping icicles from his snout.

    "Not going to leave 'till you do."

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  • "Then go east, or west. Both would be warmer than here." Meriska said, continuing on her way and trying hard not to look at the rat directly. "You can stay at the lighthouse, up at the top. It's right across the breakwater up ahead." Maybe he would freeze at the top and never come back down.

    Everly paused halfway down a hill, lifting his nose to the air and almost grinning. He bolted, racing through the next few snowdrifts and flicking his ears forward. He could hear the sound of pawsteps off to his right, much larger than his and gaining by the second. "You got to be quieter than that!"

  • "I left those, too," the rat complained, following the breakwater with his eyes and shuddering again.

    "The lighthouse? Looks kinda cold, but I'll take your word for it."

    He started walking in the general direction, skipping occasionally. Best to look like a fool than to freeze up.

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  • Meriska had to control every ounce of her being to not run off the next time the rat had to turn and look elsewhere. "Good." Even better that the tide was out so she could get across the breakwater. She froze though at the sound of a howl across the water.

    Everly came to a stop and sent snow flying just as he saw Kip run past him. "All right, Kip, you have to go back to Lowfrost and check in with Vivienne before she starts really worrying." He could see the shadow of the lighthouse out on the bay, and the sooner he got there, the better. "Where were you off to this time, anyway?"

    Kip's bark turned into a howl before his shoulders slumped. "She'll be ok." He said, pawing at the snow coating the ground. "I'll tell you later. Where are you going this early?"

  • The rat plodded on towards the lighthouse, muttering to himself. Sure, it had snowed before, and sure, he had lived in the north before, but never THIS north. And never, not ever, had the woods gotten this cold.

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  • Meriska huffed, shivering and readjusting the bag she had brought with her before feeling her chest unclench. Maybe it was just the wind that had sounded like a wolf howl.

    "Oh no, you don't get to ask me a question when I asked you one already." Everly said. "Get back to Viv, please. I have to go down to the breakwater and check the lighthouse, and before you can ask, no, I am not going to tell you why. I'll leave that to Viv."

    Kip flattened his ears but reluctantly gave in, leaving the rabbit to plod onward toward the breakwater. He knew Viv wouldn't be happy, she never was when he was gone for more than a day, but what did she expect? He could take care of himself, even if he was on the smaller side for a wolf.

  • The rat stepped upon the breakwater, the snow-covered rocks not especially pleasant beneath his paws.

    He squinted up at the lighthouse in the distance.

    Oh well, he thought. If it's warm, it's worth it.

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  • Meriska began to regret telling the rat to go to the lighthouse. He was smack dab in the middle of her path now, and unless a sudden wave washed him out to the ocean, she would have to wait until he reached the lighthouse before she could cross the icy rocks herself.

    Everly took care in where he placed his paws once he reached the lighthouse, about to step inside to avoid the chilly air for a few minutes when he spotted somebody out on the breakwater. He couldn't make out the shape of them, but they didn't look terribly big. And if they were a threat, he could get into the lighthouse long before they reached them. Chances were it was Meriska though, because hostile or not, they didn't see a lot of visitors.

    Vivienne couldn't stop pacing, and she hadn't been able to relax since Kip had left the night before. She didn't feel any less worried when she finally heard him howl, either. He was ok, nothing bad had happened to him, but he wasn't going to just waltz up to her and wag his little tail as if he had done nothing of harm.

  • The rat, having crossed most of the rocks, suddenly slipped, falling straight on his stomach and barely catching himself.

    "Ooh, gah!" he exclaimed, putting a paw to the wound and staring about in a daze. Blood dotted the snow.

    "Stupid rabbit!" he snapped through gritted teeth.

    Picking himself up, he stumbled to the lighthouse, too caught up with the cuts on his paws to take notice that of his company.

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  • Kip ran in zig-zags along the pathway, taking notice of nothing but the icicles dangling from the pine trees. That is, until he saw Viv pacing back and forth at the edge of the village and muttering words he couldn't quite catch. "Mom, you won't believe what I found last night!"

    Vivienne turned on Kip in a flash, stopping him in his tracks before he could get any closer. "Right now, I don't want to hear it." She said. "You have to stop running out there whenever you feel like it. Tell me where you're going, how long you'll be gone for...You make me sick to my stomach when you do this!"

    Everly might've thrown himself inside the lighthouse if he hadn't smelled or seen the blood coming from the rat as it got close enough for him to see it. He hadn't seen a lot of rats in his life, but he knew the difference between a rat and a mouse, and this one had to be a rat. "Are you ok?" He said, sliding himself in front of the rat when he realized that the vermin might not have seen him. If the rat was hostile, he blamed Viv for any injuries he would end up succumbing to for this.

  • "I don't..."

    The rat looked up and yelped in surprise. Another rabbit! Was this land populated entirely by rabbits?

    He shrugged bitterly and tucked his paws behind him, then angled his nose to try and look threatening, but the cold made him squint and the constant shivering he endured in fact had the opposite effect.

    He resigned. "I slipped and cut myself on the stones."

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  • At least he was being an honest rat so far. "Why were you crossing the breakwater? I can assure you if the lighthouse was your destination, it wasn't worth the cut." The rabbit had a lot of questions going through his head, but he didn't dare get too intrigued by the stranger. "I'm Everly. You got a name?" He said. "And a place you're trying to reach?"

    Vivienne didn't give Kip the chance to cut in. "I know you aren't a pup anymore, and I know that you can take care of yourself...most of the time, but that doesn't mean you can go wherever you want whenever you want."

    Kip's gaze dropped to the ground. He tried to listen to her, but his mind continued to drift out of the scolding. "I'm sorry." He said, biting his tongue. "Can I go inside now?"

  • "Twofang," he said. "And...here."

    Agreeing with the stranger, he couldn't help but curl his lip a bit as he looked up at the lighthouse. It did not seem warm at all. In fact, it looked from the outside to be just as cold as the wilderness it was surrounded by.

    "This place yours?"

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  • Twofang? That was a different name. Then again, maybe it wasn't so strange wherever this rat came from. Before he got the chance to answer the question, a black lop-eared rabbit came running out across the breakwater, nearly slipping at every step. "Meriska? Is that you?"

    "Are you blind?!" For all the time that she hadn't seen Everly, she couldn't be less excited to see him while he was walking with that cursed vermin. "He's a rat, Everly! Please don't tell me that vermin are suddenly flocking up to Lowfrost." Why couldn't Everly be smart about this and hide in the lighthouse, or better yet, shove the sorry rat off of the breakwater?

    Vivienne took a deep breath before nodding, letting Kip by and watching him sulk until he vanished into their little home. "What was I thinking? Oh, that's right, I wasn't thinking."

  • Twofang was taken aback by Meriska's sudden appearance, though moreso by her paranoid hooting and hollering. He was well aware that Woodlanders did not like his type, especially since he had been a lieutenant under Cringe.

    But this? Were there no vermin in Lowfrost? Perhaps, he thought with a snort, his idea about this cold and barren place being a haven for rabbits and rabbits only was not so far-fetched.

    "We're not," the rat retorted dully. "I came here alone."

    This crazy lady rabbit seemed...familiar. There was something about her face.

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  • "Oh, I'm sure you did." Did she know this rat? Meriska had seen too many rats in her life, which had to mean she hadn't seen this one before. "That's what they all say, and they're all liars. Everly, please, you have to understand how dangerous they are!"

    Great. Meriska would be delighted to meet the wolf that Vivienne adopted however many moons ago. "Meriska, calm down. He hasn't done anything wrong, he's going to freeze out here, and he's hurt." Everly walked carefully away from the breakwater and back toward the snowy pathway without so much as a glance over his shoulder. "Twofang, you're more than welcome to come back with Meriska and I to the village if you'd like. The lighthouse is for travelers out on the ocean. My home is Lowfrost Point."

    Kip crawled underneath his blue and black blanket and watched the fire crackle, unwilling to look outside while he waited for Viv to come inside. She was more anxious about him going out on his own now than she ever was, and the bad weather was just an excuse as far as he was concerned.