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  • This should be a sad day for him. The day prior, his parents had been carted away by twolegs. Who knows what happened to them. The boy, now a little orphan, was not as upset as he thought he'd be. Kids needed their parents, they needed role models. His parents loved him, and he loved them, but he wasn't sad. He probably should be. He tried to be sad, he really did. Then he found his way into the forest and had almost forgotten the past entirely. A dark green collar's silver bell was enough to alert the entire forest of the lad's presence. He heard forest cats were mean and bad and attacked kittypets on sight. Was that true? He hoped not. He would say he was a courageous boy, but in all honesty, he was quite the coward. His brother used to call him a "pussy", but Gregory always thought that was another word for cat. That was what his mother said it meant. Gregory missed his mom. He squeezed his eyes, trying to make them cry. Were they defective? He should be sad. His parents were taken away. Why wasn't he sad? Oh, well. Perhaps it was because there were so many trees around him. Tall and strong, yet flexible enough as to move with the breeze. He wished he was a tree. Instead he was some stupid little sentient creature. What a bummer. Gregory's ears perked up as the sound of footsteps approached him. Ah! Heck, this was bad. Forest cats. Bad guys. He quickly ducked behind a bush, but felt like a complete idiot when he forgot that moving in such a way would most definitely make his bell jingle. The silver sound alerted everybody in the area of his location. Stupid, stupid, stupid! He would surely die here. For suresies.

    gregory - thunderclan - 4 moons

  • It was a growing trend, it seemed.
    At least, it felt that way to Petalwhisker as he stalked towards the sound of a jingling bell. The only thing that could be is a kittypet.
    Hopefully he could just turn them around and they'd be back to their soft weird nests and ugly food.

    Why did so many cats want to travel inwards towards Thunderclan?
    He was losing beauty sleep for this.

    The calico paused, ears perked as he listened.
    The telling jingle of the bell changed his course. If anything, those dumb things were good for finding little pests that travelled too far in...

    "Excuse me, little one," a bad hiding spot, really.

    "What are you doing here?"

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  • Robinpaw

    Robinpaw was wandering around for exercise, her three legs were stiff that morning and Robinpaw thought it would be a good time to stretch them and get some peace and quiet. Yet the solitude she wished for was not to be.

    Robinpaw noticed the smell of kittypet for it used to be the scent she carried before ThunderClan took her in. The fear-scent was strong, Robinpaw had flashbacks to when her twolegs abandoned her after she lost her left hind leg, she was afraid then. She felt like she should help the kit if they wanted her help. She hobbled her way to the kit trying not to frighten them.

    "Hey are you alright, please don't be afraid I want to help you if you let me," Robinpaw mewed softly than realized she hadn't introduced herself yet,"I'm Robinpaw, you don't have to be afraid, I will not hurt you."

  • Gregory covered his head as a last attempt at defending himself. "I don't taste good! I'm skinny and my fur tastes weird!" Gregory swore. He lowered his paws at the soft voices of reassurance. He wasn't buying it. It reminded him of the story of a witch that lured two children into her home with promises of warm food and soft nests, then trapped them in her home and ate them. This could be a trap. He had cornered himself a bit, but with a sudden burst of courage moved forward and kept a few tail-lengths distance from the two. "My name is Gregory," The boy began boldly. He sounded like a real hero! His courage was short lived and fleeting, but he was good at pretending. "I ran away from home, because..." Wait, why did he run away again? He did it partly because he was scared of the twolegs taking him away, too, but if he admitted that he would seem weak and easily manipulable. He also ran into the forest because of the alluring trees. Standing so tall, with nobody to appreciate how tall and mighty they were. Gregory would appreciate them. "... because I like the trees out here!" God, now he just sounded stupid. He should've gone with the twoleg excuse. His unease was apparent, but nonetheless he still held his facade that was too poor to fool even the dumbest of cats.

    gregory - thunderclan - 4 moons

  • Robinpaw

    Robinpaw knew that the kit was nervous, she hoped that if she reassured him he would feel at least a little bit better.

    Robinpaw mewed gently to the kit, "Its alright, I used to be a kittypet until my owners left me just because I lost my hind leg," Robinpaw turned so the kit could see her missing leg, "But ThunderClan took me in, not all tales have truth in them, I was once afraid just like you are." Robinpaw hoped that that would help, "You can talk to me at least, I want to help you, I truly do, I promise no harm will come to you."

  • Petalwhisker glanced at Robinpaw.
    He understood where she was coming from but they still had to be careful of the young cat. Not out of worry for them attacking.
    But more so out of the worry that he may not feel comfortable about being surrounded.

    "Is that so, Gregory? I'm Petalwhisker, it's nice to meet you."
    He bowed his head to the younger cat. It would be best to treat them with the respect of an adult cat.
    "Do you have a place to go? If you ran away from home where do you plan to go?"

    The calico glanced the kit over.

    "The trees are very nice, aren't they? Were you looking for a particular tree?"
    Maybe the kit had somewhere he wanted to go.

    Maybe he had no desire to mix with cats much bigger.

    Petalwhisker offered a kind smile.

    "What do you plan to do?"

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  • Gregory couldn't help but be in awe of the cat's missing limb. Woah! He'd never seen anything like that! His first instinct was that a forest cat ate it, but the cat quickly explained she'd lost it, and the twolegs ditched her because of it. That was pretty uncool. The twolegs, not the missing leg. He looked at the other lady- wait, no, it was a guy. He looked at the tom and then the lady who was missing her leg. He narrowed his green eyes. "You promise?" Gregory pried, hoping her answer would be a definitive yes. He stuck out his paw, wanting her to wrap her bigger paw around it as sort of a symbol of a promise. Like humans and their pinkie promises.

    He gazed at the flamboyant tom, who seemed to have a surplus of questions. He gazed back and forth, trying to think of answers. The tree one was easy. "I like pine trees. They're the same year-round." The boy answered eagerly. His demeanor changed a bit as he continued. "Twolegs are not very nice, I don't want to go back. I wish I could live in a tree, like a bird. Maybe if I stay out here long enough, a hawk will find me and take me to their nest and I can pretend to be a baby hawk." That would be his answer. He would live with the hawks. He knew hawks killed little cats, and he probably wouldn't be any different. He was a bit too prideful to admit he may have made a mistake by running into the forest without a plan.

    gregory - thunderclan - 4 moons

  • At least the little fellow seemed kind enough.

    Hardly as cute as his little darlings but cute enough. Well, as cute as a cat that smelled of the twoleg place could. Not much a fan himself, personally.

    Pine trees...


    "Yes, I can agree they're an average sort, nice though. Except for all the pine needles, or the smell..."
    The calico shook his head, not wanting to think about the reeking warrior den after a pine exploration. Nearly as bad as mud...

    "You don't have to go back to the twolegs," he told him gently, whiskers twitching. Petalwhisker wasn't too sure what to do with the kit. Snatching up kits from the forest was becoming too much of a habit.
    "But what will you do if it rains, Gregory?"
    a weird name, "wouldn't you rather a den and a nest?"

    Would it be best to convince the kid to come with them?

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  • Robinpaw

    Robinpaw mewed a yes to Gregory. "We would never harm a kit, if you would like you could join Thunderclan!"

  • The smell and the pine needles were probably his favorite part of the pine trees, he was surprised the answer wasn't "sap". That stuff was annoying- once you get sap in your pelt, it's not coming out for a few days. Or so he'd heard, he'd never gotten close enough to experience the dreadful bliss of having tree sap stuck in your fur. The boy's demeanor lightened a bit as the tom told him he didn't have to go back to the twolegs. Not that his opinion matter or anything- it did, but Gregory wouldn't admit that he valued the opinions of strangers. It felt nice, though, that somebody understood his need to distance himself from the humans. The lad began thinking about the tom's hypothetical scenario. Rain. Rain was nice! Thunder and lightning was scary, though. It brought fire, which spread like a viral disease and consumed everything it touched. "Maybe. What's a den? Is it like a house?" He liked being inside his house when it rained. He could admire it without having to deal with the cold water sticking to his pelt. The boy's green eyes shifted towards the other cat as she spoke. Join ThunderClan? Woah, he wasn't sure about that. Gregory was an observant cat, not a fight cat. His smarts would be wasted on fighting- the boy was scrawny and couldn't defend himself, much less others. Still, he hadn't anywhere to stay. These guys were offering him a home, and so far hadn't asked for anything in return. He glanced at the ground briefly in thought. "What's ThunderClan like?" Gregory inquired, hoping for more info. Maybe that'd make it easier to decide.

    gregory - thunderclan - 4 moons

  • Robinpaw

    Robinpaw didn't know how to answer, so many things have changed before she rejoined Thunderclan. Yet Robinpaw could describe the clan life in general, "Well, we do have to hunt to feed the clan and patrol the borders, but that is not the full part of clan life, others are always there to help you and we care for one another." Robinpaw paused for a moment and then continued, "I currently am a ThunderClan apprentice yet I should be getting my warrior name soon, and I help clean the elder's den and take care of the elder's ticks, yet I also train, hunt, and patrol the borders. It may not be what you are used to but we would care for you."

  • There were many things people tended to supress.

    Death, war, painful experiences, break ups.

    For Petalwhisker, one of those things was sap. He had no desire to ever think abut sap getting into his fur, sticking and clogging it all together. Oh! He'd rather be covered in pine needles for days on end than ever deal with sap between his poor toes!


    "A den is... well, it's a covered place that we have to rest in or protect ourselves from the elements. Or to store things like herbs in...." he'd never much thought about it...

    "It's mostly a place to rest and relax, I suppose."

    He nodded his head at Robinpaw's words.
    "Yes, the clan is like a family. We all work together to help each other, we all make an effort to contribute and help each other. We train, hunt, protect... We're a group that prides itself on our care and love for our clanmates."

    Thunderclan was nice, he thought.

    "You don't have to come to Thunderclan, we'd never make you. But it is a home if you're willing to learn."

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