valley vision || idiot tribe cat nearly gets eaten by hawks

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    Valley has been known to be, polietly, an airhead. She nods along when she's supposed to when the adults want her to and she follows them around when asked. She's learnt to hunt and protective moves. Religion? Politics? All useless to her. Words that send her to sleep.

    Advenure, exploring now those words got her blood hot! This fine day, she wanders into Skyclans wheat fields, utterly confused where she is, where her patrol is.

    No one seems to be around ....

    Purring, Valley rolls in the wheat, flattening it and making herself easy bait for hawks. It had been lesson #1 in the tribe. "Do not sit in the open. Hawks will eat you." Sky says in her head but Sky wasn't here, meaning Valley can do whatever she likes.

    Today that means rolling in wheat, a hawk circling above.

  • //YES

    Minnownose had found herself separated from her patrol as well. Though, seemingly, for different reasons. The deputy had sent her patrol off to see what they can catch while they make sure the fields were checked, a seeming blind spot as of late. There was nothing there but hawks waiting for a foolish cat to become their next meal. Minnownose assumed she'd barely have to glance in the direction before catching up with the rest.

    The smaller she-cat's breath catches in her throat as she sees that she is wrong. There was a cat-a young one, at that, seeming to have the time of her life rolling around. Completely unaware that a hawk was circling overhead.

    Minnownose lets out a gasp of worry, before making her way towards the other cat-hoping the presence of more than one feline was enough to send the hawk away.

    She trots her way towards the girl, trying for the easiest way to burst her bubble.

    The worried female can't find one. "Hey! Be careful, that hawk was looking to make you its next meal!"

    Then Minnownose gets the vague scent of Tribe, hiding behind the scent of wheat and SkyClan. A lost meal at that!

  • Wolfgang padded over in a verryy lame track post. He could certainly afford more scars. He already had so many, what did a few more matter? His eye locked onto the unfamiliar cat. A trespasser. A potential threat. He couldn't be so paranoid, though. Wolfgang had been both of those when he joined, after all. A clueless trespasser and certainly a potential threat with the stench of BloodClan clinging to his pelt.


    squeaking when a stranger interrupts her very important rolling in what time, she springs up in a ball of fluffy fury. the cat seems concerned. "huh?" valley asks, tilting her head up to see a hawk. she waves her stubby brown tail at it. "what are you talking about lady? birds dont eat cats, thats our job!" she snorts.

    the hawk takes off as a second cat joins the fretting female. he smells much wierder than the first and she gasps, eyes going wide and leaping into action. she frantically tries to push minnownose behind her smaller form to protect her. "lady look out! thats a bloodclanner! they eat cats!" she spits at wolfgang, claws drawing.

  • It seemed the smell of BloodClan was still on his pelt, as this cat seemed rather defensive at the presence of Wolfgang. His grotesque appearance didn't help either. Perhaps it was this frightened reaction that made up Wolfie's mind. He wouldn't go back. It may have brought back his memories, but what if he remembered something he didn't like? What if he remembered doing something awful? It wasn't worth it. This "BloodClan" seemed to be full of dangerous cats, who apparently "ate cats". He didn't want to be that kind of cat. "I like rabbits better," Wolfgang commented, deciding against responding to the drawing of claws and accusations of wanting to eat them. She probably had every right to be wary. It was a bit ironic, though. The hawk that just flew overhead literally ate cats, didn't it?

  • Minnownose rolls her eyes with amusement as the younger cat insists that cats are the one to eat hawks, not the other way around. The deputy knew this was true, but was surprised that no one clued her in that hawks were predators just as much as prey. The Tribe seemed to be the first place to learn this the hard way, after all.

    The deputy is about to explain when the girl, well, freaks out.

    It seems the Tribe had their own rumors about BloodClan, too.

    "Eat cats, who told you that? It's a rumor at best." With a suppressed laugh, Minnownose shakes her head, "No, no, it's okay. Wolfgang is one of us."

    And, hopefully, was not a cannibal. The small female had enough issues with that when Wheatbloom had his brush of cannibalism. And, well, no thanks.

    "How about instead of protecting me from my Clanmate, you tell me who you are?"


    "don't play funny with me cateater! look, he's got cat fur in his teeth!" she squeals, jabbing a paw in wolfgangs direction, taking the shadow of his mouth to be full of cat. he looks confused at being called a bloodclanner and its only backed up when the female next to her chuckles and says he's her clanmate. what the ...? her eyes bulge out at the strangers. one of them? what does that mean?

    it starts to dawn on her that these may not be bloodclanners but they smell weird and seem to have more of them. her tension rises and she steps back from the calm female, spine arching. "okay wolfgang is one of you ... who is 'you'? are you part of a tribe? or are you a rip off bloodclan?" her tail lashes, curious but wary. "'m not gonna give my name until you tell me! sky says not to talk to strange smelly cats."

  • Cat fur in his teeth? Wolfgang subtly ran his tongue over his teeth to make sure nothing was stuck in them. Nah, this cat must've had a few screws loose. He glanced at Minnownose appreciatively. He was... one of them, yeah. That made him feel like much less of an outsider. He hoped she wouldn't mind that he answered the stranger's next question- he didn't want to step out of line after just being called one of them. A SkyClanner. That felt nice to say. "This is SkyClan. The cats here are nice. Unfortunately, though, you've run out of questions. Please answer her's." Wolfgang wrapped his tail around his paws, finding an odd calm in this situation. The cat didn't seem like she was really capable of causing much damage, and this would probably grow old at some point, but for now there was a sort of humor in her paranoid accusations. Cats eating cats. What a rumor.


    / i much prefer amnesiac wolfgang than meanie wolfgang ;0

    skyclan, that name feels familiar. her wide eyes narrow in on wolfgang like he could tell her. "skyclan? the group of dead warriors the clan prays to? am i ..... am i dead then?" she would gasps, poking wolfgangd arm to see if her paw would go right through. "how did i die then? did it look cool?"

    /she'll answer questions soon omg why is she like this ;×;

  • A Tribe. Sky. So this must be one of her brood. Minnownose didn't know much about the Tribe, just they they had a vague alliance with SkyClan. And by vague, she meant nearly non-existent. Minnownose thinks maybe the leaders of the Tribe and Clan met once, but it was more to establish that the Clan wasn't on Tribe's "I hate you" list than anything.

    She had kind of assumed, based on what she knew of Sky with No Moon, the Tribe was full of cats that had their hearts hardened by the mountain winds. Clearly, she had been wrong. This cat was the poster child of that fact.

    "You're one of Sky's, then? My, you're far from home," Minnownose comments. The lilac tabby gives Wolfgang an appreciative (metaphorical) grin as he deals with the girl's odd questions. He sure was taking it in stride, and the deputy appreciated it. She knew some cats could be easily annoyed with being accused of eating cats, then immediately being called smelly.

    Am I dead? Minnownose nearly laughs, and can't help but think Not yet, but you might be when you get taken home.

    "No, no, that's StarClan," Minnownose clarifies, "We're SkyClan, we're named for how we live and hunt in the trees. No one taught you about the Clans?"

    //catch one of my cats roasting my other cat for being an a**hole


    / sky just got ROASTED and she cant do shoot about it !!

    one of skys? valley tilts her head towards her shuffling paws. she's part of the tribe that sky leads and ... secretly (very secretly and privately) she's been calling sky "mum" in her head. she's incredibly jealous of skys kits and wishes sky would be her kickass mum instead but hey, thats life. "uh, no? why? is there something important about them?" valley asks genuinely curious, even if she comes across as super rude. she mixed up starclan and skyclan so what? all the clans are the same and uncool. even if they do hire smelly cat eaters like wolfgang whos standing there all collected and stuff. (its a little cool) "wait - how far am i from the tribe then?" her big fluffy head swings between wolfgang and minnownose. she couldn't be that far .... right?

    // also my idea was that a storm kinda rolls in and valley stays overnight to get some directions ??

  • // lol me too i can never play mean characters

    Wolfgang watched on in astonishment as Minnownose answered the cat's questions. Good lord. Wolfgang had felt stupid when he showed up with no memories of who he was, but this cat... wow. She seemed to know nothing about, well, anything. Perhaps she had amnesia, too. Perhaps he wasn't the only one that hit his head too hard. He lashed his tail behind him a bit impatiently. It was amusing, but he was growing a little tired of feeling as if he were being interrogated. He wondered if Minnownose shared the same vague feeling of anxiety. Wolfie remained silent, unsure of the answer to this cat's inquiry. Talking would only prolong the interaction.



    the calico had just arrived, a gentle smile on her face. the young cat seems lost when bloomsong approached, however, the scent of tribe clings softly to her pelt besides the bland wheat that attempted to mask over it. "ah love," she murmured softly. "sweetie, the tribe is clear on the other side of all the clans. how did you get here?" she asks, her eyes filled with happiness and care as they normally would. though, a glance upwards sent her fur on end.


    she grew slightly on edge but would continue to not try to draw more attention to it, or have it draw attention to them.

    she had heard something of skyclan but chose not to speak much on them. tribe did not believe in them, so she would not try to change her mind. it was useless, as she has heard starclan does not shine for them.

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    "cut me down,"

    "but its you who has further to fall." - [tags]

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