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  • April's CDC is: A giant snowstorm rolls in right as spring begins to appear! How does your character react?


    3/15: 3:00pm-7:00pm.

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  • With Familiarity. He's lived in a barren landscape. Very few ever escape it's freezing clutches, and those that do call it...


    Legends tell of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes's icy winters, and the heavy snowfall that has stranded both citizens and cars alike. The Halloween Blizzard of 91 that left many kids freezing for candy. Only those that wear shorts and T-shirts in this brutal wind can lay claim to the title of 'True Minnesotan'.

    And then, there are those shamed-upon members of our snowy society, the ones they call 'Snowbirds'. These are citizens who cannot handle the harsh winters and freezing rain. They book a plane for Arizona, or Florida, the Heathens, and only return when the white abates, and green is once again lush between our mighty rivers!

    Alas, there are those who cannot leave for such a period of time, lest they be taunted and teased by our passive-aggressive tendencies. There is a time when the Borders of the Land are opened, and people are free to spread the joyous word of winter blizzards and slick ice! We call this 'Spring Break'. It is allowed once a year, lest the people go mad from the solitude that results from our White Wench!

    But at least, there is hope! Minnesota is still a bustle of activity, and certainly a hub for much of the Northern Midwest! But just as there are few who brave the Minnesotan winters, there are those expeditious thrill-seekers we call... 'Canadians, eh?'

    Wandering Ronin Spud is... Writing!