plot with maru pwease

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  • Hellooo my new kid Ikimaru (who will hopefully fill the void in my heart left by Wolfie) is the soon-to-be-born daughter of Kobe and I have a buunnnch of muse for her!

    Maru likes to steal and collect things so that could uhhh potential be a thread? She also likes to hunt stuff and track things down and looooves hide 'n seek so uhm that's another thread idea I suppose

    Private threads are cool but if I don't reply to them I'm sorry! I usually don't have a lot of muse for them lmao. If you have any long-term plot ideas, that'd be rockinn

    edit; ALSO somebody's gotta teach her swear words pls omg

    though it's the end of the world, don't blame yourself

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  • heck yeaaa to both!

    :3c mint-kun OwO

    who makes the threads? I've been a little slow with muse lately so replies may be a lil delayed

    though it's the end of the world, don't blame yourself

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  • OMG

    If your up for it

    We need a thread where Maru breaks into the car Damian sleeps in hoping to find some treasures to collect, only to realize it's empty and that Damians returned home. So then she just starts up a game of hide and seak he isn't even aware he's playing by just hiding in his car xD

    Damian: "Oh man, I really need a nap after all that training."

    *Maru giggles from her hiding place*

    Damian: *blinks* what. the fuck. was that???!!

    *starts tearing car apart looking for the giggling ghost in his room*

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