Rova School [Jump In - RP ANYTHING]

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  • Heya so this is basically a typical high school roleplay where anything can happen. And when I say you can roleplay anything - I mean ANYTHING. I want to see how wild and crazy this gets! ;D

    Just jump in with basic info to get started.


    Barry had been at this 'school' for only two days. He'd already made a few enemies but he himself thought he did quite well. He was unaware of how annoying he was to others which lead to him earning a reputation as a pest of sorts.

    Day three began with a very clear sunset. Sunlight beamed through the window of his dorm room. "Oh boy..." He murmured as he slowly sat up with a dishevelled appearance. Last night was troublesome for Barry and a noisy magpie was to blame. Looking out the window to make sure that irritating bird had gone, he whipped himself out of bed and rubbed his eyes. "Darn it all, I can't be productive today." He mumbled as he dragged himself across the room to do the usual morning things.

    Putting his orange and white jacket on over his black t-shirt, Barry made his way out of the dormitory and to the cafeteria for breakfast. He soon sat down with a humble slice of toast and small cup of coffee.

  • Name: Hana Song

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Fandom: Overwatch

    Class: Freshmen


    • She is very competitive with other people and will literally make everything a competition (She tries not to)

    • Hana is accepting of others and enjoys making friends

    • She is super eager (and curious) to learn about others and can sometimes come off as annoying, trying to figure the person out

    • She can come off as sassy without meaning to

    • She is always in high spirits, it's very rare to see her upset unless of course, someone beats her high score at a video game or if someone did something so horrible to her or to one of her friends (And trust me, she'll throw hands lol)

  • Name:Blade Auditore Kenway


    Fandom: Assassin's Creed( not a real character in the game just one I made up for a current AC story or fan fiction story I have) ( he has all the skills and weapons an assassin has)


    Personality: he's short temper, but of all most he's calm collective, he's very intelligent, quick on his feet, quick thinking, he sometimes keeps to himself.

  • Name: Raven

    Age: 17

    Fandom: Teen Titans

    Class: Junior

    • Personality: Raven is usually quiet and kept to herself.
    • She doesn't care for events and competitions.
    • Only cares to be sociable with a handful of people considered to be close friends
  • Name: Mao Kiro

    Age: 16

    Fandom: Oc character but is based off of SAO.

    Class: Sophomore

    Personality: She can be cocky but in the inside she only cares about helping people. Afraid to let people in, but that doesn't stop her from trying to make friends.

    Other: Character pic in my profile picture. She doesnt carry the sword at school on most days but does carry a large amount of knives.