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  • Oasis snarled and turned on the tom, sick of his attitude. "I'd suggest being nicer to me before I claw your pelt off! I'm not here looking for sympathy, you flea-brained piece of lion's dung!" She snapped, malice, anger, and predetermined hatred dripping from her tongue like snake venom, before limping to lay down under some shade, fur ruffled and tail flicking. She looked agitated, tense and not in the mood for any more interaction with these cats. She laid her head in her paws and closed her eyes, ignoring the rumbling in her stomach for the time in exchange for a very much needed nap. Who would of thought clan cats were so exhaustingly like kits? As she relaxed, she looked frail, damaged, and way older then she was, posture poor again and her injured shoulder twitching here and there. Thanks to how she laid, a deep, nasty, and infected bite, bigger than any normal cat's, was buried on that injured shoulder that she so gingerly tried to stay off of.

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  • Daisystem sneered. 'she won't last long her.' he snapped, stalking off. 'i have better things to do than babysit a senile cat.'

    A grey tom with amber eyes brought a small sparrow over to oasis and laid it at her feet. 'should you be hungry, tuck into this.' he mewed friendly. 'if you need anything, let me know. I'm Emberpelt, by the way.' the tom dipped his head then, getting the sense the she-cat wanted to be left alone, turned to leave.

  • Sorry guys I think I'm going to close this roleplay. It's been fun but it's just not very active :( hope you all have fun in your other role plays :) if you want to know what the plot was/etc message me - feel free to continue yourself, if it picks back up I'll be very happy to join back in but I don't think it will so I'm probably just going to leave it for now