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  • So yep! Just come pop by and introduce yourself with yer name and a little info or whatever you want!

    I'm Alberta and I play Jae here! I've just recently returned from having left the site due to cancer but am since clean! I play a few other characters around and some of my past ones include Dahlia Coulter, Werifesteria and a few others! While Jae here is a bit of a cold usurper, feel free to hit me up with a pm or ask for my discord link anytime since I love chattin' and getting to know people! As for a few more facts, I'm Canadian and live in a province that rhymes with Smalberta and own a cutie malamute and a couple cuddly kittens. Oh! And a hamster who is the sfdfgdgs sweetest thingo ever :3

  • Nice to meet you Alberta! My name's Faith (my middle name, but I like to use it online instead of my first name), and I play Lydri on here! I just got back on this website after a couple months because of schoolwork. Plus, why not return on spring break?

    Anyway, a little bit more about me is that I live in the USA, and some hobbies of mine would include playing tennis, writing, and drawing digital art. I'm really excited to be back and I think I'm going to meet some really nice people on here.

    "Just another LA Devotee"

    LINK / / LINK / / LINK

  • gonna hop on this --

    hello! my name is mercury and i just created my character named yorkie :) im super excited to start rping her in this clan and hope to meet new friends!

    i love video games and music, i play the guitar, ukulele, and within the next few months i'll be taking on cello! i also am a big fan of musical theater. i joined this place back in 2013 and left early 2016, and recently found my way back onto the site cause i miss advanced roleplay. it's nice to meet everyone!


    the overgrowth && played by mercury