icky inside {Open; Sick}

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  • Night's stomach had been twisting and twirling all day. It had been this annoying little bug in his head that had made it thump like a drum all night. And now it was in his gut, giggling and twisting. He felt near ready to heave the moment he'd opened his eyes. His head had burned and he'd winced away from the light.
    But he was a member of the tribe.

    He was a prey hunter.

    He couldn't let his fellow tribe members down because he failed to to catch prey this day.

    He stumbled from the camp, ignoring the way his innards seemed to churn and threaten at the mere thought of movement.

    But Night pushed on.

    He had to.


    He did.

    Up until the moment he'd tried leaping after a bird, only to feel his belly swim and for his entire self to come crashing down. The bird flew off free and he hunched over.

    His stomach emptied quickly and he near collapsed from the heaving.

    He reeked of vomit and couldn't find the strength to lift himself.

    "Oh dear..."

    Played by Tallow_Cat

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    giphy.gif"Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie."

    "If you look down at me you will see a fool; if you look up at me you'll see a god; if you look straight at me you will see yourself."

  • Sky comes across Night and immediately wrinkles her nose. Ugh. She supposed speaking to him twice now without something weird happening was the limit. Three would be too much to ask.

    The scent of the vomit and general sickness had made her materialize. Sky may not be the loving, doting healer that the Clans seemed to have, but she was a healer nonetheless. May as well see what idiot as sick today.

    Of course it was one on her short list of people she tolerated.

    "Sick, hm?" Sky greets in a blunt tone before adding, "Was it something you ate, or is there a bug in the camp?"

    //She's short but she's here

    1/3 of the Bitch Brigade

    Sociopathic Stoneteller of the TORW

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher

  • It seemed there was really no way for them to go very long without him actually doing something to get himself in trouble.

    Ah, but that was just his way, it seemed.

    He'd laugh if bile didn't threaten to leap out the second his maw opened.
    Maybe it was best if Night swallowed that down. He reeked enough as it was. Ah, wasn't he just the pinnacle of what a woman would love?

    "Haha..." oh dear.
    His gut twisted and he swallowed down the next session of foul stomach acids.

    "Certainly something I ate, I hope. I've seen no one else ill..." he shook his head, oh bad idea. He shuddered, swallowing down the vomit.

    "Haha, can't stay well, can I? Ah, what a bother for you, eh, Sky?"

    Played by Tallow_Cat

  • As Night tries to keep down a second wave of vomit, Sky can't help but look away. Sure she was a healer, but this entire situation was the definition of gross. The sight, the smell, all of it.

    "Yes...quiet the bother," She says, while looking anywhere but actually at him. If she saw him blow, Sky's own stomach might turn as well. And that was the worst thing she could do.

    The Stoneteller carries on, trying to make her voice have her typical void of emotion. Trying being the key word, as her voice was somewhat strained at trying to ignore her surroundings.

    "You'll have to go wash in water after you get all of this nonsense over with. Or you'll just make yourself even more sick. I might have an herb that can help-if you could keep it in your stomach, that is."

    1/3 of the Bitch Brigade

    Sociopathic Stoneteller of the TORW

    Played By: Northern-Skywatcher

  • Night couldn't help his bout of laughter, weak and strained. It seemed both he and the Stoneteller were in a bit of a foul situation.

    In truth he felt quite bad for forcing her to smell the waste he'd created. Even more so when it seemed obvious her gut could handle it about as well as his could.

    "Very sorry, Sky, I know this is the least pleasant interaction we've had... Haha, and that's saying something, isn't it?"
    He wouldn't be surprised to find his name knocked quite a few pegs from her 'tolerable' list.
    If he stayed on it at all.

    "Sorry, Stoneteller, I hate to make this an issue for you," she already did so much. Ugh, what kind of cat was he.

    "Oh Stonetellr, you must know I'd keep anything you gave me. Such a sign of trust."
    His nose screwed up.

    Yep, he'd have to clean up.

    Played by Tallow_Cat


    "NO!" valley screeches, hearing skys advice to go in the water. has the stoneteller lost it? did she know how fast and unbudging that water could be!? the brown kitten darts towards night. "if your going to the river she need someone there. just .... sit by the side of the river, let someone moss you down, but dont try to get in." she inputs as much seriousness as a tiny to-be can. "i can .... i can help moss you down." she offers and its not a light offer. shes terrified of the water.

  • Night lurches at Valley's screech. Quickly regretting it when his stomach threatened to empty its acids to the ground. That would be much worse than anything else. The burn and the reeking smell it would bring.
    He appreciated her concern, not that he understood where it was coming from.

    At all.

    The prey-hunter offered a small smile, as best he could with vomit mouth.

    "That's very kind of you Valley," keep it down, he told himself, "if it scares you, you don't need to help. I can clean u well on my ownsome."

    Played by Tallow_Cat


    "tough luck. sick cats don't get left alone. especially not to jump into rivers." valley huffs, her nose wrinkling from the sickly smell but she steps forwards to nights side all the same. is he well enough to get to his feet? it looks like being sick sucked all his energy away. her fluffy tail flickers, thinking. "stay put." she huffs, turning away to face her greatest fear.

    she grabs some moss from a log and strides determinely to the river. its big lapping waves crash against the sides and her bravado falls away. sky up and do it! night needs your help! gulping, she pushes her muzzle and the moss into the river. the icy water makes her claws dig into the ground deeper. this should help cool him down.

    feeling sick herself, she stalks back to night, a bit shakier now. "here." she shivers, plopping the moss onto nights forehead, where he had felt the most hot.

  • //SKY UP IM CrI

    Night wanted to call after the younger cat, tell her that, really, he knew how to get in and out of a river well enough to not die. It wasn't his first forced river adventure.
    But she was already trotting off to something that frightened her more than he understood.

    What an admirable little thing, really.

    Still he sighed and settled himself where he was.

    At the very least his stomach wasn't leaping.

    "Thank you, Valley, but, really, yo didn't need to," he bowed his head to her, ignoring the tilt n his stomach. Oh dear.

    "Did you fare okay down there?"

    Played by Tallow_Cat


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    / we love an adoptive fam here in the tribe

    "lets ..... not talk about it?" valley hiccups her quiet request. the cold water still stings her sensitive skin and she really really doesn't want to think about it. she did it for night so he could get better even if he looked like he felt he wasnt worth the effort. of course he was! "i did better than you would anyway." mewls confidently, starting to move the moss soothingly over his thick pelt. "drink some, it will help."


    Night offers an apologetic smile, not quite liking the way her words sounded. Great, now he'd gone and made her do something she wasn't keen on.
    "Alright," he told her gently, "we won't."
    No point in making her feel worse.

    The grey cat gave a gentle laugh at the to-be, obviously in good nature. What a darling little thing she was. Certainly something to be protected.
    "I'm sure that's true," he agreed, bowing his head.

    "Thank you, Valley, what would I d without you?"

    Played by Tallow_Cat


    "probably throw up all over the queens and scare the kits." valley replies with a grin. she keeps wiping the moss and then splats some at his muzzle, cooling off and cleaning his face. the day gets cooler too, some storm clouds rolling in. "do you think you can move night? we should get you to the sick den?"

    did they have a sick den? oh well they needed to get him inside somewhere.

  • Night gave the young cat a small laugh.
    She was probably right, considering how his stomach was acting on this day. And he did not want angry queens on his tail because he threw up on her kid.

    "Then I am beyond lucky to have you stop me from doing that. Valley," he laughed, finally standing up. He didn't think he had anything else in him to get rid of.

    "Yes, yes, I can move. I just need a little rest, I'm sure," oof, his head felt like a beehive. That is to say, it felt like it was buzzing beyond belief.

    "Would you care to guide me, Valley?"

    Played by Tallow_Cat


    even his laugh sounds weak and its actually pretty scary to see the prey hunter this frail. hopefully its just today that hes sick and its nothing more ... dangerous. "yep they should make a new rank for me: sick-keepers. like a prey hunter but i hunt out sick cats to make sure they dont embarass themselves." she rambles nervously, readying herself to balance night. she huffs out when he leans his weight on her. she's still pretty small and the prey hunter is not light! she doesnt complain, instead weaving through the grassy snow slowly returning them to camp.

    "we're here." she pants, looking around the caves to see where night should bed down. "this is far as i can guide you sorry i .... dont know where sick cats go."

  • //her ref is so damn cute i die

    Night laughed again, head tossed back a little. Oh the little thing was just too good, had To-be's always been so humorous? Maybe he wasn't, but he did recall joke times when he was a bit younger. Not as much nowdays, of course.

    "Valley where the sick go?" he offered, smile crooked. That was a pretty good one, in his own opinion. "I bet we could do with a good 'sick-keeper'!"

    The long limbed tom hadn't meant to lean on the brown cat so much. More a natural instinct. But upon realising it he tried to alleviate some of his weight from her. They walked through steps he'd long since memorised with his life.

    "That's okay, Valley, you're beyond helpful!" he purred, paw on her head. Probably best to stick to that, a lick with his vomity tongue would be frowned on, he was sure.

    Played by Tallow_Cat