Manage Subscription: The Next Best Thing

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  • Have you ever found a juicy private thread that wasn't for your character, but you're desperate to follow along and see how it all plays out? Have you ever stumbled upon a thread you really want to post in, but there's only 5 minutes until you have to leave for school?
    Have you ever witnessed the perfect thread, overflowing with plot potential, only to find your initial excitement dashed when all you see following that amazing first post are empty, one-word replies reading "track"?

    I have a solution for YOU!


    Manage Subscriptions!

    The innovative way to keep tabs on those private threads, follow public ones to post in later, and prevent clutter from ruining thread potential!

    How does it work, you ask? Well, it's simple! On the thread of interest:

    click the icon that looks like this zPDaJpB.png above the thread on the right hand side.

    Click the bubble reading "Watch this thread",

    Check the box that says "Notify me of new posts.",

    Click Save!

    Now the thread will show up in your notifications as if you had posted in it!

    Always on mobile? No problem!

    Accessing the menu in the top left

    Tap "options" to reveal the super-amazing "Manage Subscription" button

    Tap the super-amazing button

    Tap the bubble reading "Watch this thread"

    Tap the box saying "Notify me of new posts."
    Tap Save

    Voila! You will now be notified if anyone posts as if you posted in the thread!

    A common concern is that without "tracking", you will not be able to show your support of a thread. In reality, the best way to support a thread is to like the post or to post in the thread with a beneficial contribution! "Tracking" usually ends up being an empty promise to post that few people follow through on. It's much better to show support by participating or liking the post!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

    Happy Managing Subscriptions!