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  • Hello FeralFronter's!

    We're going to be hosting a Purple Prose contest! What is Purple Prose? It's basically over describing your posts! It's pretty much as if a person had used a thesaurus to write the post and it makes it hard to read. The point is to be so overly descriptive it's bad! The "worst" post wins! However, there are a few limitations on this contest. You can only write 500 words. The main focus is a duck on a pond, however, please try to focus on the duck and very little on the pond. That makes it more localized and easier to write about, while maintaining the 500 word limit!

    Good luck and have fun! Top three winners will receive an accolade. :)

  • It was a bright warm spring day when Quak a purplefeathered ingo colored duck woke up. He ruffled his feathery soft wings a moment and wiggled his weebed feet under the cool water which ha as of late been quite cold due to the freezing blizzard of ice snow and sleet tha tbarricded and b araged his pon until it let it littl emore than a frozen baren wasteland lacking its warmth and mud he loved so dearly about it.After a few hours of lazing about as Qauck was prone to do, He waddled out of the water shook hsi feathers dry and began to quack as per usual."Quak Quack Quack, I'm a waterfowl of intrepid wonderful fethered happiness Quack Quack Quack Im singigng this song becuase I quack the best only Ducks can Quack and only ucks can be my friend unless your a red chirp or a yellow peep becuaase they kinda sometimes quack" Being the self centered boistruis arrgand overly hotheaded duck he was Quack proceeds to cntiue his wong with vin vigor and an unseen vitality far louder than before"QUACK QUACKQUACK IM SUPREME WATERFOWL OF BLISS HAPPINESS AND POWER QUACK QUACK QUACK I AM THE BEST AT ALL AND EVERYTHING NO MATTER HOW SMALL TINY MINISCULE NO MATTER HOW BIG IMENESE GIAGANTIC LARGE HUGE OR MASSIVE.QUACK QUACK IM THE BEST DUCK IN THE ENTIRE WORLD NAY PLANET NAY EARTH" after singing his song for some time, teh sopping driping slick wet duck shook off again and dove back underneath the water after realizing he was the happiest hed be in awahile.

    Weirdo forever

    Vive le revoutio`n

    (Henri is propped on James' shoulders, spying on British soldiers in Boston Harbor)James: "How many do you see, Henri?"Henri: "Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq...James: "English, Henri, not French"Henri: "I'm counting the English!"

  • Purple Prose contests are the bomb diggidy.

    Good luck to everyone that applies! (:

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  • / i had so much fun writing this omg

    Shimmering emerald head, lustrous with globules of dismal reservoir water, collared by an unyielding band of dense white. Protruding from such a regal cranium, comes forth a gallant golden bill, in motion perusing a mere speckling of crumbled crusts. Perceiving them being dropped with chestnut beads of contempt, the way is cleared, as it should be for such royalty. From that priest-white collar, flows the mahogany downy tufts, tapering to a sleek tip where they descend into such ghastly aqua-terrain. Powering under the surface, a duality of two astonishing apricot palmate feet circle one another, frail in nature despite keep afloat such a mighty beast. (Debris scuttles into the depths at the mere mention of these robust fins.) Competitors circle the offerings, however, the beasts' evolutionary prowess would beat them to rubble. The prolonged joint betwixt spine and skull lunges forth to procure its' treasure, flaring bold and glorious wings either side in order to shield from these unworthy rivals.

  • So basically why I hate Ray Bradbury’s work?

    Also track.


    FireStar vs. TigerStar: the epic battle
    [img width=510 height=319]http://th08.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2012/031/0/b/firestar_vs__tigerstar_2012_by_faith_wolff-d4o9b62.png[/img]
    This is one of the best pictures I found.
  • For a singular and most elongated moment, the frothy, murky, muddy, heterogeneous pool was placid and undisturbed. Then, in an emergent flurry of gesticulation, the intrusive plumaged fowl dive-bombed down, violating the sacred silence. It subsided into the gathering of H2O molecules with a jaded heave of breath in a exhibition of pure lassitude, immediately contenting itself to drift listlessly. The duck--with its muted earthen tones irksome to regard and its eyes bleak and groggy from the strain and exertion of flight--commenced to settle into a state of mute easiness, drifting off as the water debilitated it, sapping strength and returning to him insurmountable lethargy and drowsiness. As rapidly as it had disrupted the resident composure of the lake, it just as soon conformed to the sluggishness which it had slain. Gently, at last liberated from the withering strife of the gnashing gusts of wind above, the feathered fowl admitted its optics to shut with the resonance of sleep and sloth. Held in the twisting arms of water, it was ushered away into the cordial bosom of slumber.


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  • Slovenly the snow crested lake-fowl lowered its gossamer bill into the sunlit waters, gut edacious and wrenching to be quenching. Its nictitating membrane lowered pragmatically to avert the frigid chill of the icy millpond; The convenience of the appendage amounted an air of ascendancy to the creature, a preeminence that amused and intrigued it to the violence of its nature. It was, after all, a predator to the waters. About the diver's head fresh milling fish darted and scattered from their school, glazed eyes flashing wide in panic to the interloper in their midst. The feathered god swam above its prey and smiled cajoling to inveigle its scaled brethren deeper from their limpid commerce, into the subaquanious lightlessness. Little did they know that the retreat would do them no service to merely seek refuge in the absence of ambient luminescence. It no longer feared the darkness as they did. This deep-seeker's surveillance was already trained to their presence despite the umber billowing from beneath. Its razor-tipped claws dipped and cupped animatedly, splitting the lackluster sway of the millpond. A loud gurgle emanated from its abdomen and dispersed immediately, lost to the burble of flush waves below the caulk surface. The ruffle of the fowl-fiend's plumage danced above the chaos below. It, by comparison, seemed the oblivious to the erudite, the angel to the demon. A two-sided tension between heaven and hell as oblivious white feathers cavorted in the daylight. Meanwhile, helplessly, the fearful creatures below could only pray to their god or conversely flee in abject terror from the heathenish horror in their midst. Neither option seemed of a great desirability. The dynamic seemed to mirror a crisis of faith, as the water-fowl mused. Though the thought was neither-here-nor-there. Though perhaps it truly was a demon for finding mirth in the thought of devouring a mortal victim. A Lightness danced in its heart and then quickly faded. The hunt was yet on. This was an occasion for demonstration, nought for tifles. Lowering its craw deliberately, the callous predator made for any signs of fluctuation in its vicinity. The cold temper of its lust brought a emptiness to its gaze that was perceptively dire. Artlessly, a hysteria-driven young water-game came abruptly hurtling past. With a quickness unbidden by the deception of its size, the great feathered hunter gave no mercy. Its bill bracketed down, locking to the underside of the prey's fins and settling all concept of escape. The triumphant mariner rose, dome breaking the superficial crown of the millpond and bursting forth in a spray of iridescence. A rainbow arched through the air, alighting the mist pulled from the expulsion of a feathered head. In its grasp, a baby minnow squirmed, mourning heartily the loss of its freedom. Then with a single motion, the water-fowl's maw slid opened and swallowed whole the object of its temptation. It slid down like water and honey, sweetly. Finally satisfied, it made its way to the bank and once again became a simple duck.

  • The glorious feathered fiend sitting upon the glassy waves of the pond felt no remorse as he dutifully dove beneath the reflective surface, spindly orange flippers flapping wildly in panic despite the rather casual submergence. Reappearing with ruffled sopping feathers the fat necked fowl would gulp down his catch, his gluttonous ways leading to the dreadful demise of countless shimmering-scaled aquatic beings and their offspring. Feeling his selfish requirements fulfilled, the slick feathered creature would wickedly snap and snatch at the atmosphere with sharp black bill, crunching away at the unfortunate insects that had become his favorite delicacy. Having successfully stuffed himself with those succulent yet needless nutrients, the billed bully would preen his pristine plumes of emerald and ash, obsidian pecker hard at work destroying the gnats and foul dirt ruining his most wondrous appearance, his vanity eternally on the rise.

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  • i can't do this

    i can't understand ANY OF YOUR POSTS LOL

    i love it



    other than losing you

    tags- plot- mates with hawkclaw- father of beetlekit, heatherkit, runningkit, maplekit, prairekit- windclan- senior warrior- played by swiftcream

  • track

    can't wait to see which post wins. this is fantastic.



    pronouns: she/her

    sorrelfire || warrior of shadowclan || has depression and anxiety || pansexual/romantic || mentor to ratpaw and jaggedpaw

    foxdapple || warrior of windclan || big softie || bisexual/romantic || senior warrior

    speck || eventual kit of windclan || articulate confused bean || sexuality/romantic orientation unknown || daughter of argente

  • I scrutinized meticulously towards the feathered beast 5 inches in front from my general vicinity. The amphibious fowl entangled my assiduity with rigorous weariness. It’s plumage shared the palette of a cumulus cloud from the very Aether world itself, and they were as flocculent as an infant’s fluttering eyelashes, peering onto the macrocosm with merriment and inculpability of the highest caliber. The lake dwelling avian’s bill was a sun-kissed pastel salmon, the color of astrophysical bodies pulverizing into each other’s corpuscles and the combustible aftermath of it all afterwards. However, it was also the hue of a sunset over a horizon, stationary on a large body of sluice liquid, one that a person of indeterminate gender could view in an amorous cinematograph; A superlative meeting of chaotic, discorded destruction and orderly, harmonious beauty. The maritime multi-celled organism’s appendages were also this chromaticity as well. Their external sight was that of a mutated human’s, with the addition of webbed dactyls and serrated ungulas, the latter used for digging up delectable entozoons. They were an unsightly abomination, but paradoxically, an addictive spectacle to behold in one’s own mortality. I looked away from the duck to look at the pond, which had body parts floating in it. BUT I COULD NOT DARE TO VENTURE AWAY FROM THE AVIFAUNA’S VISION SPHERES THAT WERE PIERCING INTO MY SOUL LIKE A COSSACKIAN HUNTER ROBUSTLY HALIEUTICING THEIR PREY WITH UPMOST EXPERTISE AND DEXTERITY. Ah yes, this animal’s oculus was just that mesmerizing. It was if I was staring, nay, drowning in a complex pool of burnt siennas and stygians. Yes, looking into the eyes of the universe itself, correlating me to contemplate the meaning of the mortal plane of existence and the definition of one’s own sins and virtues. I looked at the pond again and saw tails of mermaids in the water. Quack. Hark, doth mine ears doth deceive me, or was that the gallant cry of one of God’s angels? Could it be? Could this winged beast of boisterous nature and condensed ethos really protruded a heavenly psalm from its snout? Again, I was drawn away from the surrounding body of liquid to the beaked siren’s ballad of enigmatic subject matter. Aqueous material began pouring out of my own ocular spheres. How cretinous of me to omit this vertebrate and write it off as just a beast of burden. This veraciously was a being crafted by the vast god Prometheus himself and fueled by his own fire of knowledge. Humanity needs to strive to indoctrinate themselves as a footstep of this mighty biped. I now knew that watching this beautiful creature was much more important than my quest of rescuing the prime minister from the world-destroying Galafractia.


    FireStar vs. TigerStar: the epic battle
    [img width=510 height=319]http://th08.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2012/031/0/b/firestar_vs__tigerstar_2012_by_faith_wolff-d4o9b62.png[/img]
    This is one of the best pictures I found.

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  • That was a lot of fun, I basically went on Thesaurus.com and put words into it. Also, some of the sentences are simplistic on purpose and that’s because those sentences are about something other than the duck.


    FireStar vs. TigerStar: the epic battle
    [img width=510 height=319]http://th08.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2012/031/0/b/firestar_vs__tigerstar_2012_by_faith_wolff-d4o9b62.png[/img]
    This is one of the best pictures I found.
  • //thought I'd bump this, cause there's only three days left, and I've seen a lot of tracks without submissions. Not to rush any of you at all, I just love reading these a lot lol XD