that some days [p-silent] these would be the good old days

  • obsidianstorm and silent had finished the weekly tasks finally. it was mid afternoon, the sun high in the air, and the air escpecially nice. smling down at the apprentice, he smiled. lets go spar. i would like to see how you fight, if thats ok? ive seen you running in the gorge, but never fight. he gestured. silentpaw was doing good. maybe one day hed make a leader of darkclan, even a strong warrior of darkclan. the deputy was getting better at gesturing, learning even with him. unless, of course there was something else youd prefer? hed offer.

    the siamese brute was proud of silentpaw. his training was becoming easier for him. he seemed to be excelling in a lot of things. youd be a great warrior. hed gesture, a rumble in his throat as he praised the child. he was hoping from all this, silentpaw was becoming more welcomed, and becoming happier, especially after the interaction he had seen between him and aster.



    "who cares if one more light goes out 
    in a sky of a million stars?"

    "well i do"
    CoalStar | 22 moons | Female | Former Trad. DarkClan Leader
    ObsidianStorm | 33 moons | Male | Trad DarkClan Warrior [tags]

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    Silentpaw / Trad. DarkClan- Apprentice/ Male / Pure white apprentice with startling blue eyes, Deaf, mute/7 moons

    *:・゚✦ He wanted to see him fight?

    Prepare to be amazed!

    (Meet the Robinson’s moment)

    He thought, trotting up to the warrior. Sparring was perfectly fine. He’d be able to show the deputy all he knew.