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  • the tabby pelt weaved in and out through branches, sunlight dappling on her fur, making it look even more golden. as she reached her destination, the feline breathed in the fresh, piney air. it was beautiful out here in the forest, snow just dusting the earthy pines, prey animals tracking across patches of undisturbed snow. winter in shadowclan was one of the most beautiful things sorrelfire had seen. it was always so calm and quiet this deep into the forest. bunching her muscles, the warrior leaped up into a strong boughed pine. she sat there, wrapping her tail around her paws, and thought. memories from the past had began to resurface lately, memories she tried hard to suppress. now, in the quiet of the forest, she let them flow through her mind, like water in the great river.


    her eyes were sealed shut, ears folded. the only senses that worked were smell and touch. warmth gathered around her, covering her like a comforting blanket, one which she desperately clung to. the strange scent of pine and swamp-land flooded her nose and she snuggled closer to her mother, hiding from the unfamiliar smell, wondering why in the world laurelfrost had brought her out here. the smell was so strange, so unlike the comforting scent of the river, and the tangy smell of the fish that the older cats ate. her mother's fur was bushed up, and as sorrelkit lay, folded ears pressed into lauralfrost's belly, she felt a soft rumbling growl coming from deep inside of her.

    "good evening, flaxenmask." her mother's voice was cold and barbed, seemingly wary of the other cat who was apparently there.

    "laurelfrost. you're looking... nice." now the other cat rumbled a reply, sounding sincere enough. sorrelkit wriggled against her mother's belly, trying to detect why the tomcat was here.

    "i asked you to meet me here because... well I want you to meet sorrelkit. our kit." laurelfrost's voice was shaky now, uncertain. sorrelkit froze. this was her father? this strange-smelling grumbly cat was her dad?

    "well it's very nice to meet you, sorrelkit." eek!! now he was talking to her! what should she do? sorrelkit burrowed back towards her mother, hiding safe behind her paws.


    it was two moons later. they were back at the strange pine scented territory, which sorrelkit now knew as shadowclan. this time, however, it was flaxenmask who had led them here. sorrelkit was half asleep on her paws, stumbling along behind laurelfrost as she led them to the border. her father's voice was grief-stricken, wounded. she didn't know what was going on.

    "i love you laurelfrost...i'll take care of sorrelkit.....don't worry." flaxenmask leaned forward to lick the seal point's ear, though she retracted with tears in her eyes. sorrelkit stared at her mother, watching as laurelfrost backed into the shadows of the forest. she looked back once, met sorrelkit's eyes, tears shining in them, then was gone into the dark. flaxenmask touched his tail to sorrelkit's head, sympathy in his gaze. "she's gone. it's time to meet your new family. shadowclan."


    blood spread sickeningly across the thunderpath, the heat only intensifying the smell of blood and flesh. brown tufts of fur scattered along the scarlet stretch. bn the opposite side lay the shadowclan leader, gasping for air in troubled breaths. grunting, he attempted to lift his head only to wince at the sight of his awkwardly bend back legs that lay opposite of his front. His spine was broken. shadowclan was going to be great....peaceful....with a loving leader. The first 2 lives to slip away were hard, and he felt tears streaming down his face. this....was no accident. flaxenstar loved cinderfang, but this was too much. the loss of his children, oh how he felt selfish. too late to turn back, his lives began to ebb quickly. till he met his last. oh how it hurt, as he lay looking into shadowclan territory. apologizing to everyone. "i'm....so sorry my love.....my daughters......my clan" his voice began to fade as the view of the forest did as well. flaxenstar was no more, it would look as an accident...but it was a suicide. the rein of peace just lost its king. what will happen to Shadowclan now?

    sorrelkit looked up from where she sat, wondering what to do. she tilted her head as a voice called a meeting together. it wasn't her father. where's flaxenstar? why is nightbird up there? the four moon old wondered. sorrelkit listened to the announcement that the deputy made. "h-he's dead?" she whispered, not willing to believe it. no. he had to just be standing in the shadows behind his deputy, or hunting. "he can't be dead!" the kitten started trembling, body shaking from head to tail. she felt tears welling in her eyes and didn't care if anycat saw. i really am all alone.

    three days after the.. incident. shadows crept over the camp as the sun bled out onto the clouds. another day was over, and sorrelkit was tired of it. the lack of action. there seemed to be no one who wanted a kit around at the moment. sure, there was always the odd mossball to play with, or she could bother her siblings, but they all were older than her, and seemed to find her a nuisance. she would have liked to talk with her father, flaxenstar. he would always listen, when he could get away from duties. i miss him so much.

    sorrelkit couldn't get the announcement out of her head. the announcement that he was dead. no one seemed to be morning him. sure, sorrelkit was young, and hadn't known him for long, but he had always cared for her when she had come from her mother in riverclan to live with him. when nightstar had announced the death, she had been heart broken. and she still wasn't fully healed. she didn't know if she'd ever be. now, as the kitten sat, watching the clouds, the feeling of loneliness washing over her doubled, and a tear leaked out of her cloudy, not quite amber eyes. she found herself thinking the exact same thought that she had realized when the announcement was made. I really am all alone.

    "losing a father is never easy lil' one. we haven't forgotten him, because he still walks among us."

    "he's right, losing someone you love is the hardest thing."

    "i'm so sorry sorrelkit. i know words won't fix things and bring him back, but just know that you always have me to talk to, and that it's okay to be sad for awhile. i know exactly how you're feeling; my dad died when i was young too."

    "i used to feel lonely. back when i was a loner, i would go a very long time without seeing others. but i joined a clan so i didn't have to feel that way. losing flaxenstar must be hard, sweetheart, but you don't have to face it alone. all of us, we'd lay our lives down for you - and we're here if you'd just rather cry, too. don't try to suffer in silence, though, it's never healthy."

    sorrelkit glanced up to all the cats who noticed her pain. she was somewhat surprised, because she had never really interacted with them before now. i guess they are my Clanmates. the girl listened to nightstar, and smiled a bit when he shoved her playfully. when Rose spoke, the kitten was struck with how much her clanmates actually cared for her. "t-thank you." she sniffled. it was all she could say at the moment as silent tears rolled down her cheeks. she had thrown off her hard outer personality, and shown her weakness, but sorrelkit somehow didn't care.

    "any time kid, we've always got your back."

    "whenever you need us, we'll be here to help."


    "now on to better news."

    nightstar's voice brightened, surveying the camp from his place above them. sorrelkit's eyes brightened.

    "it has come to my attention that two of our kits have now reached the age of six moons and are eligible to become apprentices. mudfall, though a new warrior, i have no doubt that you will serve as a proper mentor to sorrelpaw. you both have the blood of one of the strongest and bravest cats i knew running through your veins; may you both be as fierce and loyal of a warrior as your father was."

    tail waving in excitement, the little kit.. no, apprentice pattered up to her brother and new mentor. it had come as a shock that mudfall had been chosen to train her, as they were related, but she knew better than to question nightstar's judgement, and was just happy that she got to train with her brother. she delicately touched noses with mudfall, locking him with a clear golden gaze.


    there was so much that had happened. mudfall's disappearance, becoming nightstar's apprentice, then nightstar disappearing. lionstar had been her mentor for the last moon of her training. sorrelfire's childhood had been so chaotic, but it couldn't have gone any other way. everything happens for a reason. this was a philosophy that sorrelfire had long believed in. no matter what hardships she'd faced throughout her life, they were all building her up, testing her, leading her to one final moment. when this moment would happen, it was hard to say. but sorrelfire firmly believed this. it was what starclan had taught her.

    [this is a oneshot about sorrelfire's past, which was asked for in the weekly tasks. i was going to have it be much shorter than this... but what the heck. it was fun to write because i actually went back to old threads and found dialogue and storyline to put in it.

    this is 1595 words in total, not including ooc stuff. if you read it all... congrats! if not, thats okay... it's long.]

    ☾*: WE'RE NOT BRUSED —————


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  • AHH SORREL ur writing tho <3

    i love reading these theyre inspiring and such i love her past shes so developed <3 i cant wait to interact with her more??

    and i like that even though everything shes a genuine sweetheart ah <3

    i keep trying to conceive that death is from above

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