could she be... nearby? {O; Joining}

  • Ah...
    What a lovely day it was, even though his paws ached from the long trek here. Even if it was just slightly too hot, and he was just slightly too turned around.


    He was sure it would have been an even lovelier day, should he be able to recall anything.

    He'd woken up, soaked and shaken, and with little, well, no idea where he was or what he could be. Whoever he was, well, they were long gone and he was left in the hands of fate.

    Fate, and the scent of cats that he found himself following.

    Probably best to find some others who may know him.

    Or at least where he was, that would also be helpful.

    "Hellllooooooo? May I have a word? With anyone, really."

  • The sound of a strangers voice had Dark stalking over, steps silent and her movements so graceful that it almost seemed as if she wasn’t floating. The chocolate furred oriental came to a stop when she caught sight of the stranger and went to meet them. “You are at the territory of the Tribe of Rushing Water. My name is Dark.” She said, her face carefully neutral though her emerald eyes scanned the stranger with interest. After her simple introduction, she went silent, deciding that Sky would be better suited with dealing with the stranger.


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  • Ah...yes...

    The... Tribe of Rushing Water...

    He... had absolutely no idea what that was in the slightest. That was very helpful! Hardly at all! The sarcasm was not meaning anything!

    "I see... Could you, my dear, explain exactly what that is? I have no memory, you see."
    He thought for a moment.
    This could be useful.

    "Would willing to show me the rest of this tribe? I may regain some of my lost memory from it. And, if not, you and I can simply have a delightful walk..."

  • "You'll certainly not be walking anywhere with my cat," Sky grumbles as she comes across the two, materializing at the scent of a strange cat. One of many lately. One too many for her liking. And a flirt, at that one. The most annoying of personalities.

    The dark cat gives him a quick once-over before continuing, "Besides, I don't know you. Seeing the rest of the Tribe will hardly help with any other lapse of judgement and lack of a brain you seem to be exhibiting."

    "Don't you have somewhere else to be?"

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  • Dark allowed a small sneer mar her elegant face for a moment. Flirting has always annoyed her and her tail twitched in annoyance but said nothing.

    /Uber rushed


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  • My, my...

    Wasn't he a lucky one?

    Now there were two darling cats by him? What a lucky set of circumstances! And both so hardy, ohh, just his type.



    He couldn't remember.

    His head tipped as he tried to think. Hmm... nope! He had absolutely nowhere else to go! Not that he knew, and he knew very little in this current state.

    "W-Wait! Err... I mean... No, no, I have nowhere else to go. I've...lost my memories, and..."

    Why was talking so hard?

    "Your tribe! I mean.. I-err... I may have no prior place in the tribe, as far as I know, but... could Would I be able to make that my place to go? I know another mouth to feed isn't desirable's also another set of paws to help. You'll hardly know I'm there!"

  • "Hardly know you're there, hm?" Sky counters, her entire demeanor giving off an unimpressed emotion. The dark leader doubted any of that was true. After all, the cat barely seemed to even know he was a cat. Something, or someone, must've hit him in the head pretty hard.

    Sky couldn't blame whatever it was.

    "I'll be the judge of that," Sky continues. "I can't have some fool roaming the Clans begging to be killed because he doesn't know what his name is."

    The leader looks from Dark to the stranger once more, seeing how uncomfortable the clear flirting made her Tribemate. That won't do. Sky couldn't handle the excess emotion even if she wanted to.

    "You should keep your general personality to yourself, though. Or you will be roaming the Clans pretty quickly."

  • His...general personality?

    B-But that was all he had?! And it was most certainly the best part about him!

    well...behind his charms. And his looks. And his voice.


    Maybe he was just lovely all around?


    Was that worth losing a potential home over?
    Even if this she-cat was...quite something! A lovely something!

    "I-I swear I'll keep my word! Hardly a notice that I'm there! And, er... yes.. I'll keep my...uhhh 'self' to, well, myself!"
    As long as he wasn't stuck wandering about with whatever made him lose them in the first place.

    "I give my humble thanks."