do you still believe // private, wisteria // in one another?

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  • dark hues into light --

    Now that he was actually getting around to the real conversation with her, he was ready to chicken out. How was he supposed to just look at her, and talk to her, and not break down? He wasn't sure he could do it. After everything that had happened, her she was, with him, again.


    Always, it led back to him and her. The two of them, they always came back together. Why was that? What was it that drew them back to each other, lifetime after lifetime? This was far from his first body, and yet in every body, in every life, he'd found her. Wisteria, he'd found her. How? Once was normal, twice was coincidence, three times might have been a bit weird, but with how many times they'd come back together? It was unnatural, and yet he couldn't find himself being upset at the twisted send of humor that fate had to keep sending them back together. He didn't usually believe in fate, but this couldn't be anything but.

    Taking a deep sigh, he looked around for the girl, heart pounding in his chest as he looking around, not wanting to call out but knowing he'd have to if he wanted to have this conversation with her.

    "Wisteria? Are you around, somewhere? Could we, uh, could we have that, um, talk, now? Please?" Whitelotus asked, raising his voice in order to be sure she heard him if she was anywhere nearby. And if she wasn't, well, he'd just move and check somewhere else, afterwards.

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  • ♥ Wisteria always believed in fate. It was unavoidable, something that followed you and tracked you down, even if you ran to the ends of the earth. Fate is what killed her first dad, along with her first mom and, well, herself. Fate drew her souls to BlizzardClan, fate caught the vampire and killed him, fate brought new life to squabbling souls.

    Fate kept bringing the ex friends back together.

    Wisteria never thought she would see him again. He had left her so many times, on so many occasions, that she figured fate was playing a bad game and kept toying with her. She thought, with this life, she would be free from that string, only for it to be tugged on when he asked for her to speak to him. She agreed, at the time being extremely happy that she was home, only to find that she didn't want her life intertwined and played with by fate again. She went out of her way to avoid him but, as fate would have it, she stumbled into his paws.

    She was absentmindedly playing with a sparrow, still her favorite food despite he appetite change. She preferred to be close to others, even if that closeness led to other things. Attention is what fed her and kept her living, whereas food and water helped her survive. She appreciated the life of a succubus much more than that of a vampire, but it really sucked when she wanted to turn and pretend she didn't hear Whitelotus, but her paws wouldn't function and her head swiveled in his direction.

    "Over here!" she called, a smile springing onto her face as she prepared for the first friendship fight of this lifetime. It always came to that, sadly enough, but she'd be able to feed herself off of his aura and strut away afterwards, thankfully. She observed how nervous he seemed, and felt a bit of pity for the white feline. Sitting up, she called out again, "Hurry up! I wanna get the good nest before someone else does," she enjoyed sleeping in the NPC den, purely because it was warm and the company was comforting.