MARCH GATHERING - is there already one?

  • Jeminai padded into the clearing, moving with the rest of ShadowClan as they went to the gathering. The past moon hadn't been so bad, though some cats had had it worse than others. Like Birdpaw.. The she cat had been through so much, and it seemed to be really affecting her. Only a few days ago she'd been struck by something odd, a sort of fit maybe, and had been unable to breath for a few, terrifying moments. Luckily it had passed, but Jeminai was scared it would happen again. What if Birdpaw never recovered from one, and she suffocated?

    She wasn't the only cat Jeminai was worried for. LionStar's mental state had gone down a bit recently, he was being visited by the Dark Forest and it seemed everything was getting to him. It might not be so bad, if he hadn't convinced himself he was alone in everything that he was dealing with. Jeminai did her best to be there for him, but it was difficult when he refused to hear that she cared, and that other cats cared too.

    With all that, and her responsibilities as deputy, Jeminai was looking a lot more drained then usual, and she felt too tired to even try to look otherwise. She hoped that the other clans weren't having any troubles, but it was hard for her to wonder about them at the moment.

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    Ashpaw's amber eyes were bright, her ginger fur fluffed up in excitement. Her first gathering. This was her first gathering!

    She caught the scents of countless unfamiliar cats, though she stuck close by the group made up of her own clan. As exciting as this all was-- it was!! her!! first!! gathering!!-- she definitely didn't want to get lost. Nope, that wouldn't do at all, that would be very, very, very bad. Staying close to RiverClan was definitely the best option here.

    Ashpaw glanced up at SHARKPOOL , whom she'd been walking beside. Probably a good idea to stick close by her mentor... She wrinkled her nose a little, still sometimes shocked that she'd had to end up with him.

    Anyway. She hoped something interesting would happen.

    . . .


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    Sagepaw very carefully kept her eyes lowered and her pawsteps even as she followed the rest of RiverClan.

    The knowledge of what she had done that night burned heavy in her stomach. She was a cat who typically kept to herself, and thus she knew little about the affairs of the cats of other clans-- but she'd known enough to recognize -HOPECLAW- , medicine cat of ThunderClan.

    There was no doubt in her mind that the older tom would be here. She only hoped to StarClan above that he wouldn't see her.

    . . .

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  • We've got to hold on, to what we've got — JasperStar — WindClan —

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    JasperStar hardly wanted to attend this meeting. There wasn't time to do something like this, he had something more important to focus on. Something much more important. But explaining it at the gathering might be useful. He could gain some allies, and the problem could be solved more easily. Or they'll all see you as weak, and you'll end up endangering your clan more than ever... JasperStar flashed back to his first gathering as leader of WindClan, though he hadn't received his lives then. The ShadowClan leader at the time, FlaxenStar, had given him advice, and said to never let himself appear weak in front of the other clans. But JasperStar didn't see asking for help as being weak.

    He led his clan into the clearing just after ShadowClan, tail flicking anxiously. Normally he liked to chat with friends before the gatherings began, but tonight he wanted to start as soon as possible. This was something that could not wait. JasperStar leapt onto the boulder where the leaders sat, and waited for the other clans to arrive. Hurry... He waited, impatient and his mind full of worry. Whether or not he got the help he was looking for, he'd try again tonight. On my own, so no one else gets hurt.

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  • Gathering time. Doestar could almost hear her own skeleton crackling, drifting from the marrow as she strode from the darkness of the trees with her Clan in her wake. She felt considerably older, her kits almost at the age of apprentices, the moons whisking her along. StarClan wouldn't save her in a few more seasons' time. Maybe she would retire before her joints fell apart and drift about camp like a ghost. The process of disintegration was exquisitely slow.

    Clamber up the high rock. Jasperstar was there. An old, dear friend whom she hadn't had the chance to speak with in a very long time. A rueful look came across her features as she gazed at him, owl-like eyes dim as they strayed from the moonlight up above. "How are you?"


  • We've got to hold on, to what we've got — JasperStar — WindClan —

    JasperStar shifted as another cat leaped onto the rock to join him. It was DoeStar, leader of RiverClan, and someone he considered a good friend. She'd let his entire clan stay along the banks of the river while a fire destroyed WindClan's territory, and she allowed them to stay until they were ready to return home. JasperStar was grateful for that, and DoeStar had never done his clan wrong either, so he felt they were on good terms.

    He dipped his head in greeting to her, noticing she looked a bit tired. She was only a few moons older than him, but perhaps more had happened, or maybe this was just a bad night, as it was for him. "If I'm being honest DoeStar, not the greatest." He meowed, shifting his gaze to the spot below the rock, where the deputies sat. Lightningtooth would not be among them tonight. "BloodClan has been interfering in my clan more than ever lately. Two days ago..." 

    The leader hesitated, just for a moment, wondering if this really was something he should tell her. Why not? She might have an idea of how to help. RiverClan had been nothing but kind to WindClan during his reign, and if he felt he could trust DarkClan, who'd attempted a raid on WindClan a few moons ago, he could certainly trust DoeStar. "Two days ago, they took our deputy. They took Lightningtooth."

    JasperStar had tried to get him back the next day, but he'd failed. He'd failed, and Lightningtooth was still trapped in the city. But I'm not giving up. JasperStar would go to the city himself, and get Lightningtooth back, somehow.


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  • Birdpaw

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    The petite tabico made it in with her clan, her walk was a bit stiff as if she couldn't quite move all her bones properly. Her hazy blue eyes looked around at the gathering cats, there was one blur in general that she hoped to spot though. When Birdpaw couldn't find the molly she was looking for she decided to sit off to the side quietly. One would think she was a proper cat who thought highly of herself with the way she sat but truth be told she couldn't slouch with a flaring pain shooting up her spine.

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  • ・゚ ✦ ° Curiosity Killed The Cat - Jaggedpaw followed her clan mates to the gathering, always curious to know what was happening in the other clan's lives. When they arrived she took a moment to look around, a few clans had yet to arrive. Jaggedpaw wondered where she should sit, and spotted Birdpaw on her own. Her friend now had a horrible wound down her back, and Jaggedpaw winced to think about how much it must hurt. She didn't know how it had gotten there, and figured Birdpaw would tell her if she'd wanted to. "Hey." She meowed, padding over to her. "How's your back doing?"

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