The Tribe of Thundering Night Sign Ups!! Hp's and Members needed!!

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  • /you'l have to update the roster

    The threads lil' ol' me has made

    "Life is like a game of CHESS

    To win you have to make a MOVE.

    Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT and KNOWLEDGE

    and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way.

    We become each and every piece in the game called Life."

    -Allan Rufus

  • Kevin.jpg


    Age: 12 moons

    Appearance: she is a pale ginger main coon with bright amber colored eyes.

    Position: apprentice, soon to be warrior

    Personality: she is a very brave and loyal she cat who would do anything for her family and friends. She is typically kind and sweet to those she trusts fully, Lynxpaw can be nervous around certain cats she's sweet on. Lynxpaw is many things but subtle may not be one of them

    Mother: Daisyfoot(adoptable)

    Father: Lionflame(adoptable)

    Brother(s): Firepaw

    Sister(s): Dawnpaw

    Kits: none yet

    Other Family: none that she knows of

    Mate: none yet

    Crush: TBD

    History: born and raised in the tribe. Nothing too interesting has happened to her yet but she is open to plots!

    Other: Her family is adoptable!

  • not a lot of males here,, huh? i'll try to make a male character so we can balance things out a little,,

  • Name:(Use Clan Style names):Badgerpaw





    Personality:Badgerpaw is very shy and anxious. He has a twisted hind leg which makes it hard for him to hunt and fight, but he tries his best anyway. He is optimistic but when he fails he tends to become negative.

    Mother:alive (open to play)

    Father:(open to play)




    Other Family:none



    History:Badgerpaw was born in the tribe. He was born with a twisted paw, all his life he believed that he could not become a hunter or warrior. Until his mother gave him the confidence to try. His training is rough and he tried his best


  • Name: Freckledfang

    Age: 150 Moons

    Gender: Tom

    Appearance: A fluffy battle scarredtortie tom cat with green eyes. Half of his face fur is greying and hes missing a fang.

    Position: Healer

    Personality: Grumpy and snappy, he only really spends time with the other elders and the queens. He loves kits, teaching them simple poultices and giving them honey. He acts very rogue-ish at times, speaking up and calling out things most cats would be too scared to say.

    Mother: unknown rogue

    Father: unknown rogue

    Brother(s): none


    Kits: barren

    Other Family: his mate Rain who died of green cough

    Mate: Rain(deceased)


    History: Freckledfang used to be a very kind rogue, rarely causing issues and sharing tongues with kittypets and other cats who wouldnt try to kill him. He met his mate Rain young, and they were inseperable. Even if they could never have kits, she stayed with him until a terrible bout of greencough took her from him, causing him to want to become a healer cat. He want from loners to loners, eventually he started training with med cats every half moon, learning everything they could tell him. He was taken into the tribe, already a very old cat, and has stayed with them since, refusing to retire until he has an adequate apprentice.