The Shadow That Haunts The City (Private w/ Plutonian-Raven)

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  • OOC: I went because I was visiting New York and went into the city, they had a lot of weird stuff there X3 Another example would be a piece of wax that the artist literally bit into. I also saw a taxidermy rabbit on stilts.

    Also, I'm going to skip ahead in this post, hope you don't mind X3

    IC: "I'm pretty sure the artist had a snow shovel and was like, I wonder what will happen if I hung this from the ceiling" Nat said in response to Donnie musing. Of course, there could of been a deeper meaning behind the exhibit, but Nat just took it for what it was. "I'm pretty sure you could sneeze onto canvas and it could be worth something" Nat soon added in a joking fashion, "You could make a piece and call it Turtle Boogers in Springtime."

    Even Raph cracked an amused grin at the thought of some of the exhibits they had there, he often heard people poke fun at modern art, stating how weird it was. So, Nat honestly had a point. Perhaps they could try their hand at it and create some modern pieces, how hard could it be?

    However the turtle soon turned his attention to Layla, blinking when she mention that she was a fan of music, though she didn't have an exact favorite genre. Raph could understand that, he liking various types of rock music, there was too many diverse groups and artist out there to really dedicate yourself to a sole type. However, unlike Layla, he wasn't one for singing. Raph could sound decent sometimes, but he wasn't talented, if anything he was better with instruments.

    Eventually though, the two groups did have to part ways, it was late and both had to return to their respective homes. However, they had plans to meet up again. It was rare for the turtles to meet people who proved to be so accepting of them, especially ones that were interested in them as individuals and not because they were humanoid turtles. Even Leo, the one who was normally the hardest to convince, seemed okay with the idea of meeting with the girls again. It made his brothers happy, and a good leader made sure to consider the feelings of others, right? So why not?


    However, in the week that followed, the turtles found themselves to be pretty busy. Between the Foot, the Kraang, and finding information on Night Claw's gang; they had a lot on their plate. They still manage to fit some time in to visit the girls, mostly because of Mikey's insistence, but being so many places at one could prove to be very draining.

    As of now, they were finishing up another patrol. Tonight had been uneventful aside from an attempted hijacking and purse snatcher, things which prove to be pretty mundane in the turtles' line of work. They had been hoping to find more of Night Claw's underlings, but they never did, suggesting that they may of been laying low for the time being. In their brief meeting with her, it was obvious that Night Claw was not stupid, she knew what she was doing when it came to running a gang. She probably figured that the turtles would be on the look out for her, so she instructed her grunts to stay hidden. That was the course of action Leo would of taken, if he was being honest.

    "Okay, that about wraps up tonight" Leo announced as he looked to his brothers, everyone seemed tired and ready to head on home. Leo didn't blame them, he was eager to do the same. "Good job, everyone, but... Um, Raph. Next time try not to be so rough with the guy" The leader in blue said, looking at the turtle in question. "What did you want me to do, Leo? The guy was resisting" Raph stated, seeming to stand by his actions. "You knocked him into the car, he almost left a de- You know what, never mind, let's just go home" Leo responded with a sigh, not in the mood to argue with Raph. "Fine by me" Raph said, having his arms crossed against his plastron.

    Without another word, Leo went to lead the way from the roof top they were on, hopping to the next with ease. Even when worn out, it was still important to keep on your toes, something could always happen on the way home.

  • (OOC: That is strange lol If I ever go to New York, I’ll have check it out! And that is fine with me! :) )

    Mikey laughed at Nat’s art suggestion. “Maybe we should try that,” he said jokingly.

    “Let’s not,” Donnie replied, though he was also laughing at the idea. Layla chuckled along with them. There were many different types of modern art, some of them rather odd. So, she wouldn’t be surprised if something like what Nat had suggested would be worth something.

    Eventually they had to leave. It was getting late, and Donnie was sure that the girls needed to go home. Mikey was a bit disappointed, but he didn’t argue. He figured that they’d see Nat and Layla again soon. They didn’t get many changes to make new friends, especially human friends. And it was even rarer to find humans that wanted to get to know them.


    The next week was busier than they had expected though. There was just so many things they had to. They not only had to look for information on Night Claw’s gang, they had to keep dealing with the Foot and the Kraang. And not to mention their training, which they had a little less time for this week. Mikey had been practicing with the kusarigama though, and it seemed that so far he was taking Master Splinter’s training and cautions about how to properly handle the weapon seriously.

    Thanks to Mikey’s insistence, they still saw the girls a few time. And while it was rather draining to try and be in so many places at once, Donnie was glad they were still getting to hang out with them. They got along well with them, so it was fun to spend time with them.

    Both Donnie and Mikey were out with their brothers on patrol again. It had been a rather quiet so far. There had been an attempted hijacking and purse snatcher, but they had been able to put a stop to borht pretty easily. There had been no sign of Night Claw’s gang, as usual. It was a little frustrating, but Donnie figured it was because they were lying low for now. He assumed that she was aware of the fact that they’d be on the look for them. It was a smart move.

    Looking up when Leo’s voice sounded, Donnie nodded. He wasn’t going to protest about heading home. He was tired, and he felt like he’d fall asleep as soon as he laid down. Mikey looked just as tired. They both watched the exchange between Leo and Raph almost warily. Inwardly, Donnie agreed that Raph had been too rough with the guy. Mikey, who had nodded at Leo’s words about not being too rough next time, looked like he was about to voice his own agreement. However, Donnie gave him a warning look and a quick shake of his head. They were all tired. This was no time for an argument.

    Mikey seemed to catch his meaning, because he simply closed his mouth and began to follow Leo and Raph. Despite his exhaustion, Mikey remained alert for any signs of trouble. Donnie did the same. As he leapt onto another rooftop, something caught Donnie’s eye.

    Looking down below, he saw a discarded computer lying by a trash bin. “Hey guys,” he said looking over at his brothers, “There’s something I want to see real quick. I think I see some computer parts I can use. I’ll catch up once I’ve looked,” he said, looking around to make sure the alleyway was empty. It was. Even the street seemed quiet for now.

    He quickly jumped down in the shadows, trying to avoid the streetlights as he went over to the computer. Keeping quiet, he began to look over the computer and take some of it apart so he could look at the parts. If they were in good condition, he’d take them back to the lair.

  • (I'd definitely recommend it X3 It was really interesting.)

    Leo turned when he heard Donnie call towards them, stating that he spotted a computer down below near some trash cans. Leo stopped momentarily to face his direction, his brow furrowing in the slightest. As the designated mechanic and techie of the family, Donnie was always looking for parts to add to his collection. Anything he had was the result of scavenging and it wasn't unusual for Donnie to stop sometimes on patrols to pick up something up.

    However, tonight Leo was a little hesitant on letting Donnie go street-level alone. As previously stated they hadn't seen any sign of Night Claw's gang, which should of been a relief- But it wasn't. It meant that they had no clue where they were, or when they attacked. Even though the chances of them showing up now after a relatively quiet night were slim to none, Leo was still worried. As the eldest brother and leader, it was pretty much his job to fret over his brothers; something which gained him the nickname of "Mother Hen" by Raph. However, he wasn't doubtful of Donnie's skills either. He could easily take care of himself and had done this sort of thing dozens of times before. So why worry now? "Okay, be careful" Leo told him as he waved him off, afterwards continuing to lead the others towards the nearest manhole that would bring them home. If Donnie had any trouble, he had his T-Phone to contact his brothers with.

    After the purple-banded turtle had made his way down to investigate the trash bin, it was revealed that it hadn't just been a computer- But a whole PC set up! Something like this was an absolute steal, Donnie was lucky when he found so much as a keyboard half the time. Only problem was that this set was really old and probably from the late 90s to early 2000s. Whoever tossed this must of finally decided to ditch the dinosaur set for something more modern, but hey, one man's trash is another mutant's treasure.

    The computer monitor and tower could probably be used for parts, unless Donnie really wanted to attempt fixing the set up- But honestly, this sort of tech had seen better days back in 1998. However, as Donnie looked his find over, two bright beams of light shone in his direction; a van having turned onto the street. This would pose no problem normally, just duck and wait for the vehicle to pass... Only issue was that Donnie had no place to hide, he was a sitting duck. The van was fast approaching too, and if Donnie didn't do something quick, he'd be spotted.

  • Nodding to Leo when he heard him reply, Donnie headed towards the computer. He’d catch up with them as soon as he had looked over the parts and had gotten what he needed. Upon reaching the computer, he was amazed to find that it seemed to be an entire set up! Not a common find. Occasionally he’d find the occasional spare part that had been thrown away, and most of the time they weren’t functioning.

    A quick glance over the PC told him that the monitor and tower would be the most useful. Sure the PC was outdated, seeing as it looked tpo be from the 90s or early 2000s, but these parts would be useful for him still. It wasn't everyday that he found computer parts that would still work, so he wanted to take advantage of this luck. Deciding that he would take them back to his lab to see what he could do with them, he was about to pick them up.

    However, Donnie paused when he heard an approaching vehicle. Two bright lights shone in his direction, causing the turtle to stiffen nervously. Normally, he’d just duck out of sight and wait for the vehicle to pass, but now there was nowhere to hide. Donnie glanced briefly towards the vehicle, seeing that it was a van. Soon, he’d be right in the line of sight of the driver.

    Where to go? On the verge of panicking, Donnie glanced around wildly. There was nowhere to hide on this side of the street. However, he could hide on the other side. Without thinking about it much more, Donnie suddenly raced across the street, intending on hiding behind a dumpster located there. However, the van was too close at this point, and he realized it a moment too late. He only had time to pull himself into his shell before he was struck and he lost consciousness. So much for being careful.

  • Judging by the way the tires screeched when Donnie ran in front of the van, the driver had tried to stop. However the turtle had been too close and they weren't allowed the time to slow down; resulting in the front bumper colliding with Donnie as they braked.


    There was a loud thud as the van hit Donnie, the turtle's shell doing its job of protecting him from the impact. The same couldn't be said for the front of the vehicle, seeing how Donnie left a sizable dent in the bumper. But whatever damage there was, it was the least of the driver's concerns. Behind the wheel sat a teenage girl with short, blonde hair; her eyes wide as she stared at the smoke coming from the van's hood. What the hell was that? What had she hit? From the looks of it, whatever had darted in front of her van was bipedal and she feared that she had run over a person. Her knuckles were white from gripping the steering wheel, heart pounding from the adrenaline pumping through her veins. Were they dead? Had she killed someone?

    Hastily, she threw her van into park and unbuckled herself, opening the door before she stepped out into the night. Leaving the door open, she slowly moved towards the front of the van- Afraid that she may find a battered corpse there. However, nothing could of prepared her for what she saw instead.

    Laying sprawled out on the asphalt in front of the van, was Donatello. "What the-" She breathed out, biting back a swear as she inched towards the unconscious turtle. She swore that she was staring at something straight out of Area 51, she had no clue what creature this could be. But the big question was, had she killed it? She didn't think so, the front of her van was wrecked but the creature showed no signs of injury. Still though, she should probably check. Hesitantly, the teen went to bend over Donnie, putting her index finger in front of his nostrils. She immediately yanked her hand back when she felt warm breath blow against her skin, eyes widening once more. Okay, not dead, definitely not dead. But what should she do with it? She couldn't just leave it in the middle of the road...

    She frowned deeply, turning her head towards her vehicle. It was an old painters van, so there was plenty of space in the back. Maybe she could put it in there? Then she could probably then call 911 or something, because honestly, she had no clue what else to do. She had just hit an unidentified reptile of some sort, or somebody in a really elaborate costume.

  • (OOC: Should I have Donnie wake up once he gets moved into Cleo’s van?)

    His shell had prevented Donnie from being too badly hurt when the van had struck him. Though he’d be a bit sore once he woke up, and the impact itself had hurt. He'd probably have a bruise or two tomorrow too. Still unconscious, he had moved his legs and head out of his shell, likely just because his body was relaxed. If he had been awake, he would have been freaking out, as another human had discovered him. He and his brothers had to be really careful, as they had no idea how humans would treat them. They could wind up being captured and sent to a lab if they weren’t careful. At least he hadn’t been killed though, or seriously injured.

    Mikey was quiet as he continued back to the lair with the others. Donnie still hadn’t caught up yet, but he wasn’t too concerned yet. He figured his brother would be busy looking over the computer parts he had seen, and it might take him awhile to catch up. Though, he didn’t show up after awhile, Mikey knew he and his brothers should go out a look for him. While Donnie was often easily distracted by his tech, he was usually a pretty responsible individual.

  • OOC: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

    IC: Having made the decision to put Donnie in the back of her van before calling 911, Cleo went around the turtle so that she could loop her arms underneath his. She took in a deep breath before then hoisting him upwards, letting out a grunt of effort. Man, this guy was heavy! Cleo was fit was a girl her age, but even she doubted that she would be able to carry Donnie. After all, the turtles probably weighed more than an average teen, they had shells they needed to carry around.

    Cleo had to settled for dragging Donnie around to the back of her van, momentarily laying him back down so she could open the doors. Now came the hard part, getting him into the van. "Oh boy..." Cleo breathed out, right before she bent down to wrap her arms around the turtle's torso. She leaned back as she lifted him up, almost being thrown off balance because of Donnie's weight compared to hers. She momentarily stumbled back before shuffling forward again, Donnie's arms draping limply over her shoulders. "C'mon dude, work with me" Cleo murmured in a strained voice, the muscle in her arms taut from trying to keep him up.

    There was another loud thud when Donnie dropped into the back of the van, Cleo cringing at the sound. But if this thing could get hit by a van and survive without serious injury, she doubted a rough landing would do anything. Afterwards Cleo gathered up Donnie's legs, using them to push him into the vehicle fully. Once that was all said and done, she went to retrieve her phone from her pocket.

    She glanced at Donnie's unconscious shape before her eyes focused on the illuminated screen of her phone, she unlocking it so that she could punch in the number for 911.

  • Despite the fact Cleo was moving him, Donnie didn’t regain consciousness just yet. A few moments after she had moved him into the back of the van though, the turtle began to stir. Donnie’s head hurt, and for a moment he still thought he was still on the pavement. However, as his eyes began to open, he quickly realize that wasn’t the case.

    He was in a van. Panic began to quickly set in. Where was he? Who’s van was this? Despite the ache in his head, Donnie began to sit up. That was when his gaze landed on Cleo. Eyes round, Donnie looked at the girl for a moment before letting out a scream. His first thought was that she had captured him.

    After his screaming ended he asked, “Who are you?” Donnie eyed her cautiously, trying to decide if she was a threat.

  • Having head stirring coming from the back of her van, Cleo looked just in time to see that Donnie was sitting up- And although his face was concealed by the darkness in the dimly lit van, she could tell that he was staring directly at her. She stared back with wide, horrified eyes; her phone slipping from her fingers and landing on the pavement with a loud clatter. They remained like that for a few seconds, just gawking at each other with equal fright until Donnie screamed at Cleo. The sound caused her to visibly jump before she screamed as well, wasting no time in reaching forward and slamming the doors closed on Donnie; putting a barrier between them. From there, a thump could be heard as Cleo pressed her back against the doors, making sure to keep Donnie in there.

    It was awake, it was awake and it screamed out her! What was she suppose to do? What could she do? Cleo highly doubted that anyone else had been in her shoes, so there probably wasn't any protocol for when the humanoid turtle in your van wakes up.

    As the screaming from the two finally died down, a brief silence stretched out. Cleo's mind was running a mile-a-minute when Donnie finally spoke up, interrupting any thoughts she had. "Who are you?" He asked, tone cautious and near timid. The sound of Donnie's voice caused Cleo's jaw to drop, it could talk? As freaky as it was, it did make her feel a bit better. If it was smart enough to talk, then perhaps Cleo's assumptions of him being a wild animal that would attack were wrong. "Who am I?" Cleo repeated before countering with a question of her own, "What are you?"

  • Donnie’s mind was racing a mile a minute it seemed. He knew he was in the back of a van, and he couldn’t help but worry that he was being capture. The girl screamed along with him though, which surprised Donnie. She seemed just as nervous as him.

    When the girl didn’t answer his question, but rather ask one herself, Donnie was further thrown off-guard. “I asked you first,” he said, though he wasn’t exactly angry. He was just confused, and honestly a bit nervous. Suddenly, Donnie wished he had brought along at least one of his brothers when he went to look at those computer parts.

    Shaking his head though, Donnie studied her. He knew he needed to calm down, though it was easier said than done. “I'm a turtle. Well, kind of," he answered her question somewhat distractedly. His mind was more focused on figuring out why he was in this van than anything else. "Why am I in this van?" If she was asking him about what he as, Donnie felt it was kind of safe to assume that she wasn't capturing him.

  • It took a few moments until the doors to the back of the vans finally opened up again, though only enough for Cleo to peek in at Donnie. She squinted at him in a near suspicious manner at first until she finally opened the doors completely, apparently comfortable enough now to do so. "I'm not telling you my name until I know what you are" She stated, seeming pretty serious about that.

    It wasn't until Donnie explained that he was a turtle that Cleo blinked in surprise, soon looking him up and down. "You're... A turtle?" She questioned, sounding to almost be in disbelief. However, her eyes soon glanced back up to his when Donnie asked the question of what he was doing in the back of the van. It was this question that made Cleo realize just freaky this entire situation must of been for him, any normal person would of been terrified to have woken up in an unfamiliar vehicle- It was no wonder why he had screamed. "Oh... Well, I, uh... I kind of hit you with my van" Cleo told him, rubbing the back of her neck as she did so. "You were knocked out, so I put you back here because I didn't want to leave you in the road. Believe me, I'm not trying to kidnap you or anything."

    Loosely crossing her arms now, Cleo studied Donnie for a few moments. He seemed a lot more reasonable than what Cleo had been expecting, at first she thought he would of been like a feral animal. But instead, here he was talking to her like a normal person; something that made her a bit more comfortable with the situation- However weird it was. "Do you have a name?" She asked, seeming genuinely curious now as she pointed at herself. "My name's Cleo since you asked first. Sorry about running you over, but to be fair, you did sort of pop up out of nowhere."