The Shadow That Haunts The City (Private w/ Plutonian-Raven)

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  • Much Leo, Donnie had been paying close attention to how the girls were acting. They were talking to them like they were normal people, nor did they flinch away from them. It surprised him, seeing as he expected most humans to react much differently, to look at them as freaks like those members of that gang did. When Nat had confirmed that it had been their first time down in the sewer, Donnie’s eyes widened slightly. “Really? I guess you got really lucky then.” He grinned almost sheepishly at her next words. At least neither of the girls seemed afraid of them. Rather, they seemed interested in learning more about them.

    Upon hearing Nat saying that them knowing ninjutsu was rad, Mikey grinned brightly. He could help but glance towards Raph, giving an “I told you so” look. They had fans! The fact that they had run into two more humans that seemed unbothered by what they were only excited the youngest turtle. When Nat suddenly remembered that they had brought him and his brothers soda, Mikey was momentarily surprised before grinning again. They had even brought them something to drink. These guys are nice! He was sure what his brothers thought, but Mikey liked Nat and Layla. Donnie thanked Nat as he took the soda from her.

    “Oh, that’s right!” Layla exclaimed when Nat mentioned the Dr. Pepper. She had nearly forgotten. After Donnie had taken the liter of soda from Nat, Layla glanced back to the others as her friend had continued to speak. She couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed when Raph looked sketpcial at Nat’s instance that they weren’t trying to be stalkers. They really hadn’t tried to be stalkers or anything like that. They had simply wanted to know more about them. As Nat had put it; them knowing ninjutsu was pretty rad. Though, she guessed it did look really weird to them, having a pair of humans track them down. “She’s right; it’s really awesome,” Layla spoke up, smiling. “You guys must have been practicing ninjutsu a long time right? Have you practicing since you were kids or something?” Donnie nodded at Layla’s question, confirming that they had. He wondered how much they should tell the girls right now. It wasn’t that Donnie thought they would try to do anything to them, but he just preferred to err on the side of caution for now.

  • "Wow... When I was a kid I was still learning that broccoli weren't actually mini trees" Nat said in response to Donnie's answer, these guys had really been doing ninjutsu since they were little? That was impressive. However, Nat noticed Raph giving her a confused look, the red-masked turtle once more raising an eye ridge. "You thought broccoli were mini trees?" He asked, getting a nod in return. "Yeah, I was, like, five. Since I thought that they were mini trees, I thought that if I ate enough then I'd turn into a brachiosaurus" Nat explained, causing Raph to let out a snort of laughter, "Well... That's interesting."

    Raph's reaction caused Nat to smile a bit, glad that the seemingly most reserved of the turtles found her story funny. Even though the turtles were still being cautious, Nat was glad to see that they really didn't mind their presence. They could of told them to leave or something, but instead approached them and were willing to hold a conversation. Unbeknownst to the girls though, the turtles were on a short break from training, and would eventually have to leave. Leo would admit it, it was fun talking to them, they never really got the opportunity to talk to girls aside from April. But Master Splinter would be expecting them back soon, and the last thing they needed was for him to come looking for them and find the girls.

    His brothers seemed to like Nat and Layla though. Mikey, of course, had liked them right off the bat. Donnie, despite remaining cautious, didn't seem to mind them and even smiled sheepishly when they complimented them. Heck, Raph who had the hardest time warming up to people laughed at Nat's story. Here they were speaking with humans girls who were talking to them like they were boys of their own species. He didn't want to have to cut the meeting short, not when his brothers were enjoying the company, but he had no choice. "Thank you for the lunch" Leo said as he dipped his head at the girls, "But we have to return home soon, we were actually on a break from training." He hoped that the girls wouldn't feel like he was trying to drive them off, he was actually being truthful; plus they would need to eat the pizza before getting back to the lair. Splinter would be suspicious of where they got it from, as well as the soda.

    Nat felt a ping of disappointment as Leo told them this, having enjoyed talking to them, but she also understood. The turtles had lives of their own and probably had a schedule, just like she and Layla did. "Oh, okay" She said as she tugged on the straps of her bag, "Um... Will we be able to see you again? I mean, totally up to you guys. You're probably busy kicking butt and whatnot, so..."

    "Um..." Leo hummed before he looked towards his brothers to see what they thought, he knew that they didn't get the opportunity to make friends very often... If ever. As a leader, his brothers' opinion was important.

  • Layla was even more impressed when Donnie confirmed that he and his brothers had been doing ninjutsu since they were little. She couldn’t imagine doing something like that when she had been little. Becoming good at martial arts took a lot of focus and dedication. Something Layla didn’t she would have a lot of as a kid. Layla grinned at Nat’s mentioning of believing broccoli was little trees when she was little, she couldn’t help but feel pleased when Raphael seemed amused by the story. He seemed to be the most reserved of the four turtles, but he had laughed at Nat’s story.

    Chuckling at Nat’s story, Donnie nodded. “I guess they would look like miniature trees to someone who didn’t know any better,” he admitted in amusement. Mikey laughed, clearly finding the story amusing as well. Leo mentioning that they were taking a break from training reminded Donnie that they should really head back to the lair soon. It wouldn’t be good if Master Splinter came out looking for them and found the girls. Though, it had been nice to speak to someone other than April. Neither of these girls seemed afraid of them, and Donnie found himself wanting to get to know them a little better.

    Mikey looked disappointed at the idea of already leaving. He was having a good time. He wanted to speak Layla and Nat some more. It was fun to speak to humans other than April. He couldn’t help the pout that formed on his features as he turned to Leo. He was preared to beg their older brother if they could talk longer, but the he realized that Master Splinter would be expecting them back soon. So, a little downcast, he looked back to Nat and Layla. Though, when Nat asked they could see them again, Mikey’s expression brightened. “Yeah!” he said before looking over at his older brothers, unable to help his hopeful expression. He wanted them to agree as well.

    Donnie glanced over at Leo and Raph for a second before turning back to Nat and Layla and smiling. “I don’t see why not.” It’d be fun to see the girls some more, and really it was lonely not having a lot of friends they could really spend time with.

    Upon hearing Mikey and Donnie say they’d be able to see them again, Layla couldn’t help but smile brightly. “Great!” All four of the turtles seemed like really interesting people, and Layla wanted to learn more about them. What were each of them like, what did they like or dislike, and who had taught them ninjutsu.

    Unable to keep himself from smiling a bit, Donnie continued, "Will you guys be able to get back to the surface okay?"

    Holding up the chalk for him to see, Layla quickly nodded, "Don't worry, we can - we marked the way. We can erase the arrows if you'd like. That way no one else will try to follow them back here." If they had found the turtles around here, them maybe their home was near here. Layla would feel awful if someone stumbled upon the turtles' home because of the marks they had left. She briefly wondered how they could meet the turtles again, but she told herself they could find another way to meet up.

  • Hearing Donnie say it was okay and noticing that Leo had looked to him, Raph shrugged, he didn't mind. It wouldn't hurt to widen their social circle a little, besides if they said no then Mikey would bother them to no end. He saw the look on Mikey's face and knew this wasn't a case he would let go of. Their youngest brother would beg and bother Leo, and the turtle in question seemed to realize it. But he wasn't about give the go-ahead just because of Mikey, he needed Raph and Donnie's input. Seeing that they were okay with it, Leo nodded at the girls, "We can meet again, but probably on the surface next time." The girls could decide a meeting place since the turtles could get pretty much anywhere with little issue, they just had to stay hidden.

    "I live in an apartment complex with roof access" Nat told him, "Technically it's off limits and only the janitor can go up there, but he doesn't really care if we use it, so long as we don't cause trouble. No one else goes up there, so you guys can come over and no one would know."

    Leo nodded, that sounded like a good place to meet up. From there, Nat filled them in on the exact address of the building, she also told them about her sister but she didn't get home until way later. It wouldn't be hard for the brothers to get to Nat's apartment complex and the girls wouldn't have to trudge through whatever was in the sewers. Speaking of which, Layla asked if they should erase the arrows, to which Leo nodded again. "We would appreciate it if you did."

    "Alright, we won't really need them if we're meeting on the surface time anyway" Nat said, "We'll just erase them as we find them, we should have no trouble getting back on our own by the way. We wouldn't want to interrupt your training to walk us back."

  • (OOC: I lost the original post I had typed up, so I had to retype this :/ )

    Upon hearing Leo and Raph both agree to meet the girls again, Mikey grinned. He was unable to help his excitement. It would be fun to hang out with someone new. While he enjoyed talking to his brothers, Master Splinter, and April, it’d be fun to have some new friends. As Leo and Nat worked out where they should meet next, Mikey remained quiet. The rooftop of Nat’s apartment complex would be a good place to meet, as they wouldn’t likely be seen by others. And there wasn’t a very big chance that someone could stumble upon them. Donnie seemed to agree too, as he silent nodded in agreement.

    Layla nodded when Leo confirmed that they should erase the arrows. Since they’d be meeting on the surface next, they wouldn’t need them. She was glad that they’d be meeting up on the roof of the apartment complex. That way, they wouldn’t have to try and work their way through the sewers again. Nodding at Nat’s last statement, Layla smiled. “Good luck with you training, by the way. See you guys soon.” She again wondered who had trained them, but she decided that she could ask them this later. They’d be seeing them again after all.

    Grinning brightly, Mikey waved at them. “See you!” Donnie smiled as well and gave a small wave of his own. While he wasn’t as obvious about it as Mikey was, Donnie was looking forward to see their girls again. It would be good for them to make new friends. Both girls seemed like nice people too. They didn’t seem to be treating them any differently than they would treat boys of their own species. This spoke volumes about how kind and accepting they were.

    After they had gone their own separate ways, Mikey turned to his brothers. “They seem really nice.” Donnie gave a small smile and nodded in agreement. “They do,” he said before looking over at Leo and nodding towards the pizza and Dr. Pepper. “I guess we should eat this before we head back to the lair. If Master Splinter sees it he’ll wonder where we got it.”

    As Layla turned to walk beside Nat back through the sewers, she glanced over at her friend. “We really did get lucky. I thought that’d we have to make a few more trips down here before we found them.” The sewers were huge, and there was much to explore. They wouldn’t have been able to explore everywhere in one day.

  • OOC: Sorry to hear that :\, by the way, do you want to time skip after my post?

    IC: After watching the girls walk away and waving goodbye to them, Leo turned to look at his two youngest brothers. Hearing what Mikey said about them, Leo nodded in agreement, they did seem really nice. It wasn't everyday that they were treated and referred to as regular teenagers, and it was a welcomed gesture.

    Donnie soon gestured towards the pizza, suggesting that they eat it before they got back to the lair. That wouldn't be a bad idea, considering that there was no way they could of said that they went out to get it. It was broad daylight outside and they scared off the last pizza guy who delivered for them. Apparently not everyone was comfortable with taking directions from a voice over the phone, one which told them to drop the pizza off in an alleyway. The poor guy probably thought that he was being set to be jumped.

    But anyways, they could just sit down here and eat.

    Meanwhile Nat turned to look at Layla when she mentioned how lucky they were to find the turtles on their first try, to which she agreed. Who would've thought?

  • (OOC: Sure! :) Hope it's okay that I started it when they go to meet the turtles again! If I need to change anything just let me know.)

    Soon the day they were to meet the turtles arrived. As they had discussed with them when they had met down in the sewers, they were going to meet them on the rooftop of the apartment complex. Evening was falling as Layla leaning against the ventilation system. The view from up here was pretty nice. While it wasn’t the tallest building around them, it still gave you a nice view of the other buildings and the streets below. Her arms were cross over her chest, and she tapped her fingers against her arm lightly, eager for the turtles to arrive. Her mother had asked her what she and Nat would be doing tonight when she had left to go see her friend. Layla had been somewhat vague, telling her mother they were just hanging out. It wasn’t really a lie, seeing as they were just hanging out. Though she had left out the part about the four turtles.

    The evening was quiet as Donnie and Mikey made their way towards the apartment complex along with their brothers. Usually when they headed up to the surface it was to patrol the street. Because of that, it was a little strange for Donnie to think that they were instead going out to meet some acquaintances they had met. As he hopped from rooftop to rooftop, Donnie found himself listening and watching for any signs of crime. When their destination came into sight, he found himself feeling relieved that there had been no signs of trouble. He’d feel bad if they missed their meeting with the girls because of someone getting up to no good.

    Mikey was eager to reach the apartment complex, excited about hanging out with their new friends. At least, Mikey liked to believe the girls were their friends. They were nice, and they didn’t seem bothered by the fact they were mutants. As he ran over to the edge of the rooftop right by Nat’s apartment complex, he saw two shapes on the roof. It was Nat and Layla he realized after a second. Grinning, he jumped onto the roof. Hey!” He called out to them, walking towards the two girls. Layla, who must have been lost in thought, jumped when she hears his voice. Mikey couldn’t help but laugh a bit. Blushing slightly in embarrassment, Layla smiled at them and replied, "Hello, you guys. How have you been?"

  • "We've been just fine" Leo said in response to Layla's question, soon asking the same in return. "We're fine" Nat told him with a lopsided smile, "Just chilling on a roof is all."

    "Now you know how our nights are" Raphael commented, referencing to the numerous they have been on patrol, most of which took place on the rooftops of Manhattan. Nat tilted her head at this in response before she asked Raph in a joking manner, "Trying to be Batman?"

    "Batman ain't got nothing on us."

    "Fair enough."

    The shorter girl soon turned her focus onto Donnie, soon realizing that he looked a bit different than from the last time they saw them. When she and Layla had found them in the sewer, Donnie's face had looked a bit swollen, particularly around his nose. She hadn't mentioned anything about, but now the swelling seemed to have gone down. "You're looking better" She told the tallest brother, gesturing around her own nose to show what she meant, "Your face was a little swollen last time we saw you, but it's better now. You okay?"

  • (OOC: Cleo looks great! I can't wait till she gets introduced!)

    When Leo turned her question back to her and Nat, Layla smiled and nodded in agreement. They had just been hanging out here on the roof. Today hadn’t been al that eventful, at least for Layla it hadn’t. She laughed at the exchange between Raph and Nat while Mikey grinned and remarked, “We could totally take Batman!” In Mikey’s opinion, he and his brothers were the better heroes.

    “I’m sure you guys could,” Layla remarked, still smiling. They would have him outnumbered four to one for one thing, and from what she had seen, they were good at ninjutsu. They probably could take Batman if he had been real.

    Hearing Nat’s remark to Donnie, Layla turned her attention to them. Looking up at Donnie’s face, she realized that it didn’t look as swollen as it had before. When they had first met the turtles down in the sewers, Donnie’s face (especially around his nose) had been swollen. It had looked like he had been in a fight, which considering what the turtles did, it wouldn’t be surprising. Today he was looking much better though. Layla frowned in concern when Donnie gave his answer, confirming it had been in a fight.

    Realizing that Nat was talking to him, Donnie reached up to touch his nose. “Oh yeah that,” he said with a sheepish grin. “I’m okay. Just got into a scuffle when on patrol.” He wasn’t sure how much they should tell them about Night Claw. As much as he was starting to like Nat and Layla, he was uncertain about telling them too much. He didn’t want them worry or anything like either.

    “Yeah, we ran into a tough customer,” Mikey explained with a smile, “But don’t worry, we’re all okay!” Though, he hoped that they were able to train a little more before running into Night Claw again.

    Layla gave the four brothers a concerned look. “Well, let’s hope they don’t cause you anymore trouble. Glad you’re all okay.” In the back of Layla’s mind, she wondered how they any wounds they got on patrols treated. Surely they got hurt from time to time when fighting criminals. Clearly, they didn’t visit a hospital or a doctor’s office. Were they able to get medicine and other medical supplies? Layla hope so.

  • OOC: Thank you ^ ^, I'm excited to introduce her into the thread soon.

    IC: "He'd probably be too busy brooding on a rooftop to see you guys coming" Nat commented with an amused smile as Mikey stated that he and his brothers could take on Batman. Nat thought that they could, even if Batman had fighting skills and gadgets on hand, the turtles could probably win against him. Batman may be able to win a brawl when he's given the time to plan accordingly, but there is no planning when it comes to ninja turtles.

    Raph smiled a little at this until Nat had pointed out how Donnie's face look less swollen than before, soon looking at his younger brother. Out of the four of them, he and Leo had probably sustained the worse injuries when they fought Night Claw. Leo had his shell bruised and Donnie gained a swollen face, Raph was actually surprised that Donnie's nose didn't bleed after it was smashed against Night Claw's knee. It just goes to show, despite being the "nerdy" type, Donnie was not weak; far from in fact. He could take a hit, so a swollen face was nothing.

    This was exactly what Raph expressed to the girls, gesturing towards Donnie before saying, "Believe me, he may be a nerd but he can take a hit." Raph was aware that Donnie could be meek around girls, so this was a way to make him look good. "A nerd in what way?" Nat asked as she raised an eyebrow curiously, seeming interested in what Raph meant.

    "He fixes stuff, and knows a lot about tech, math, and science" Leo answered for him, unlike Raph, he wasn't trying to put Donnie on the spot... He was just being honest. Donnie was a genius, and because of this he was very important to the team. All of his brothers had a vital role, and Donnie was the one who could help plan, navigate, and build things. He watched as Nat smiled at Donnie, "That's cool" She said, "I agree with Layla though, glad that you're all okay." She too couldn't help but wonder how the turtles dealt with their wounds though. If they fought bad guys then it was inevitable that they got hurt at least once in a while, and if Donnie's face had healed as much as it did, then it meant they had medical supplies.

    But from where? She assumed that they couldn't just walk into a pharmacy for a med kit, nor could they check into a hospital. It was one of the many questions Nat had about them.

  • Layla smiled to herself as Raph and Leo spoke of Donnie. It was neat to know that he was into science and math. He must have been a pretty smart guy. Nodding in agreement with Nat, Layla grinned, “That’s really cool.” Knowing what Donnie was interested in made Layla wonder what the other three brothers liked to do. Were any of them into science too?

    “T-thanks,” Donnie said, giving a sheepish smile at the girls’ words. It was nice to be complimented, as well as to have his knowledge on tech, math, and science complimented. He had always been interested in tech, and he loved taking things apart and learning how they worked. As well as making new inventions.

    Smiling over at Raph, Leo, and Mikey, Layla asked. “What about you three? What are you guys into?” She asked curiously. It would be nice to know about their interests. She wanted to know more about all four of them, and she was certain that Nat felt the same. And a good way to get to know someone was to learn about what things they were passionate about.

    When Layla asked about his and his brothers’ interests, Mikey grinned. “I like to skateboard!” Though most of his skateboarding was done down in the sewers. “And I really love to play video games-“

    “And playing pranks on us,” Donnie interjected dryly, though there was a small smile on his face. Mikey’s pranks sometimes got annoying, but it was hard to stay made at their cheerful younger brother. They all cared a great deal for him. Really, no matter how much they bugged one another, they always had one another’s backs.

    “Your guys’ reactions are great,” Mikey said, laughing as he recalled his older brothers’ reactions to his pranks. Donnie shook his head, though he did have to admit that sometimes Mikey’s pranks could be pretty entertaining.

  • Leo looked at Donnie as he interrupted Mikey and added how he liked to prank them, to which he nodded in agreement. It was one of Mikey's favorite ways to keep himself occupied, even though it came at the expense of his older brothers. Yet some of his pranks could be funny and it helped keep things lively in the sewers. Not being able to venture to the surface until nighttime could prove difficult when there was nothing interesting going on in the sewers, so Mikey's practical jokes could be a welcomed distraction.

    "Have you ever tried to make Elephant's Toothpaste?" Nat asked Mikey as they got on the subject of pranks, but Leo was quick to stop her there. "Uh, maybe it's not a good idea to give him ideas" He said, though he wasn't fully aware of what 'Elephant's Toothpaste' was, it certainly sounded like something he wouldn't want Mikey to use against them. "Oh, sorry" Nat responded with a sheepish smile before perking up once more, "So what do you like to do?"

    "Well, I like to meditate-"

    "Watch Space Heroes" Raph interjected before adding, "He's obsessed with it."

    "It's a good show!" Leo defended as he looked at his brother with a frown, earning a chuckle from Nat. "It's a popular one too" She said, recalling that Space Heroes actually had quite the fan base and a lot of people cosplayed as Captain Ryan when Comic Con rolled around. Though she wasn't as big a fan as Leo probably was, it was one of those shows that you got the gist of because so many watched it.

  • At Nat’s question, Mikey shook his head. “No, I haven’t. What is that?” Instantly, the turtle’s curiosity was piqued. When Leo suddenly interrupted, telling Nat not to give him ideas, Mikey pouted. “I want to know what Elephant Toothpaste is!” He tried to protest, but he stopped when the topic of the conversation changed to what Leo liked to do. Mikey made a mental note to ask Nat about the Elephant Toothpaste later though. Whatever it was, it sounded like fun.

    “It’s his favorite show,” Donnie remarked when the topic of Leo and Space Heroes came up. The purple-masked turtle was glad that his brother hadn’t learned what Elephant Toothpaste was. They really didn’t need him to get any more ideas about how to prank them. When Raph said that Leo was obsessed with Space Heroes, Donnie chuckled and nodded in agreement. It was true after all. Leo often tried to emulate the main character.

    Layla laughed as she listened to the brothers playfully tease Leo. “It really is a popular show,” she said, nodding in agreement with Nat. She hadn’t see much of the show, but she heard enough from others to understand it. She had seem a lot of pictures of people cosplaying as the characters.

    Her gaze then turned to Raph, “What about you? What do you like to do?” She asked him, realizing he had yet to answer their question. They had an idea of what Leo, Donnie, and Mikey were into, but not him.

  • "No" Leo simply told Mikey with a disapproving look. There was no way they were letting Mikey add something to his list of pranks to pull. That stated, the eldest turtle glanced towards Raph when Layla had asked him a question.

    Raph blinked a couple of times when Layla asked what hobbies he had, acting as if the question had caught him off guard. "Uh..." He started off, reaching up and rubbing the back of his. "Well, he likes to punch stuff" Leo said as he crossed his arms against his plastron, earning a glare from the turtle in question. Nat raised an eyebrow at this before she glanced towards Layla, afterwards focusing on the turtles again. "Like... Boxing, or just in general?"

    "Just in general."

    "Dude, shut up!" Raph hissed in response, that is before he looked back at the girls, noticing the looks that he was getting. Any other time, he would of told Leo what for, arguments were frequent between the two after all. But this time, he felt compelled not to, these girls had already expressed a degree of liking towards them... The last thing he should do is scare off them with his attitude. Seeing Raph but his tongue and cross his arms, Leo spoke up again. "He's also good at pinball" He told them, "And he reads comics."

    "Cool" Nat said in response as she gave Raph a smile, "I'm actually terrible at pinball, but I'm pretty okay at air hockey. Have you played that before?"

    Raph gave Nat a nod in response, admittedly he was a bit better at physical games as opposed to the virtual variety. Pinball, Foosball, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, arm-wrestling, even the impossible claw crane were things that he was good at. Even though Donnie had explained that claw cranes were designed for you to fail at them, Raph still managed to win at them.

  • Mikey was still pouting as Leo answered Layla’s question for Raph. At Leo’s answer, Layla shared Nat’s glance, then looked back to Raph and the others. At their exchange, she tilted her head slightly. So he liked punching things in general? He’d probably be good at boxing then. When Leo went on to say that Raph was good at pinball and that he liked to read comics, she smiled.

    While Layla might not have been very good at pinball, she liked Ping Pong, and she loved comics. While Raph seemed like he was a bit rough around the edges, Layla didn’t think he was a bad guy. Really, he seemed like a nice guy.

    After Raph had answered Nat’s question, Donnie spoke up. “He’s really good at those crane claw machines too. Though, I don’t know how he does it. Those things are designed to make you fail.” But, regardless, Raph was really good at them. It was kind of impressive really, if Donnie was being honest. Raph always seemd to be better at more physical games. If they were arm wrestling or playing ping pong, Raph would win the most often.

    Smiling, Layla looked over at Raph, “Really? That’s neat!” She never won them, though she guessed that wasn’t surprising seeing as the machines were rigged. “I love comics too. What kind do you like?” Layla herself like many different kinds, but her favorite were always the science-fiction and fantasy genre.

    Mikey meanwhile looked over at Nat. "What do you like to do?" The girls had an idea of what they enjoyed doing in their free time, and now Mikey was curious to know what they liked to do. He wondered how much they all had in common. It could also give them ideas of things to do next time they hung out.

  • Raph blinked a couple of times when Layla smiled at him, momentarily glancing away as he answered her question. "Normally action and Sci-Fi" He told her before he brought his focus back to Layla, "Why? Do you like comics?"

    Leo watched as the two got into a conversation, briefly looking over towards Donnie. It was nice to see Raph actively talking to someone other than Spike or Casey, unlike Mikey, he wasn't exactly a social butterfly. Raph was normally more reserved and tended to intimidate people, hence why he was slower to make friends. But he seemed to be doing just fine with Layla, which was a surprise to him.

    As this was going on, Nat looked up at Mikey when the turtle asked what sort of things she liked to do. "I like to play video games" She responded, "Usually Beat 'em Ups, platformers, and fighting games."

    Like Mikey, she loved to play video games, and she was pretty good at them. Her personal favorite was Battletoads, despite it being insanely difficult and the fact that she had never actually beaten the game... She still tried though. Nat also like to read comics, graphic novels, and manga and was a big fan of Shounen anime from the 90's. She just loved the style they used from back in the day.

    "What kind of games do you play?" She soon asked Mikey, giving a curious tilt of her head.

  • “I do,” Layla replied with smile. “I like Sci-fi and fantasy normally, though I read a lot of action comics too. I love the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. They’re always a lot of fun to read.” If he had never read them, maybe she could lend them to him sometime. “I like Watchman and Teen Titans too.” Her family members knew that she liked comics, so they often bought her issues she didn’t have. “What are some of our favorites too?” Layla liked to read manga as well, and she shelf filled up with them and comics back in her room.

    Mikey listened attentively as Nat answered, nodding his head. “I like a lot of different types. I love platformers and fighting games. Racing games are a ton of fun too. Trying a new games is always fun.” Especially since his collection of games back in the sewer was rather limited.

    As the other spoke, Donnie found himself smiling. It seemed that already everyone was getting used to Nat and Layla’s presences. They were nice people, and easy to get along with. Not to mention they had some shared interests.

    It was nice to find more humans to talk to.

    “Hey maybe sometime we can play some games!” Mikey suggested, grinning brightly. Donnie glanced over at Leo for a moment. That might not happen just yet, but maybe sometime in the future. They’d have to hang out with girls more before taking them to the lair.

    “What else do you guys like to do?” Donnie asked, looking to the girls. He figured there were other interests that they had.

  • (Sorry for taking forever to respond, I was trying to get my head back into TMNT. It's weird making a transition from a horror-based thread to one about ninja turtles X'D)

    "Guardians of the Galaxy is a good comic series" Raph commented after Layla had mentioned it, giving her a slight smile, "Rocket's pretty cool." Ralph had actually been lucky enough to get his hands on some issues, as Layla said, they were a lot of fun to read. Eventually she asked Raph if he had any favorite comics of his own, which he had to take a moment to think of, "Um... Probably Deadpool, Ninjak, Terminator, stuff along those lines." It seemed that the two had more in common than Raph first thought, and it was nice being able to relate with someone over something.

    "Mario Kart?" Nat brought up as she blinked a couple of times at Mikey, smiling at him. She personally loved that game, her sister and her owned a Wii, so that was the version they had. She normally played as her Mii character, but would also sometimes switch between Luigi, Koopa Troopa, and Yoshi.

    Leo watched beside Donnie as their brothers conversed with the girls, it was nice to see them getting along with each other, especially Raph. Leo couldn't remember he last he talked with someone so openly. It was no secret that Raph was the slowest to warm up to others, but here he was talking to Layla with any hint of reservation. But he and Donnie knew that this couldn't last forever, they would eventually have to go their separate ways, but not before Donnie got a question in. He asked the girls if there was anything else that they liked to, Nat having to take a moment to think.

    "Hmm... Well, it's always cool to try and visit new places" She said, "My sister and I once went to MoMA, and there's was a lot of weird stuff. Like one of the art exhibits was literally just a snow shovel hanging from the ceiling."

    (No joke, I've been to MoMa, and that was an exhibit they had.)


  • (OOC: No worries! I can understand that lol. Sometimes you need get your head back into a certain genre in order to reply. Also, that is really interesting and funny lol I’ve never been to MoMa before. We don’t have a lot of art museums near where I live.)

    “Rocket is one of my favorite characters,” Layla said, smiling. It was always fun to find someone you could relate to. Really, it was fun to see just how many interests they had in common with the turtles. Already it was giving her ideas of things they could do when they hung out. “Deadpool is great! And I’ve read a few Terminator comics. What I read was interesting. I’ve never read Ninjak. I’ll have to check it out.” Layla always like to find new comics to read.

    Mikey’s expression lit up at the mentioning of Mario Kart. “I love Mario Kart! I usually play as Luigi or Koopa Troopa. Though sometimes I play as Mario. We’ll have to play sometime!” There were times when Mikey got his brothers to join in, but it would be fun to have someone else to play with. He glanced over at Donnie when he heard his brother’s question.

    “That does sound fun,” Donnie said, nodding when Nat said she liked to visit new places. He tilted his head slightly when she told him about the exhibit at MoMA.

    “It was just a snow shovel hanging from the ceiling?” Mikey asked before laughing. He had never heard of anything like that before.

    “I wonder what the artist meant by that?” Donnie mused aloud, rubbing his chin thoughfully. He really could figure out what that must mean. It sounded like a rather odd exhibit.

    Layla chuckled along with Mikey. She had been just as surprised when Nat had told her about it. And she had wondered what the artist had been trying to say with that piece. “And I like music,” Layla said as Mikey stopped laughing. “I don’t have a favorite genre, since I listen to so many different types. I like singing too.”

    Donnie nodded, smiling at their answered. This was fun. He enjoyed talking to both of them, and it seemed his brothers did too. It seemed that even Raph was warming up to them. Sadly though, he knew they’d have to go their separate ways soon. He discreetly glanced towards Leo, figuring it was getting about time for them to leave. Though, they would hang out with Nat and Layla again soon he hoped.