|| We’re all we have now || Dog Roleplay (sign up thread)

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  • Thanks a bunch! I’ll respond right now. Best of luck with the patrols, by the way. I’m sorry if I couldn’t respond earlier.

    Some of my threads:

    The Unusual Patients of GreenGlen Laboratories: A jump-in thread about a mysterious incident that causes people to develop “symptoms”, mutations that give them superhuman powers and/or turn them into nonhuman monsters. These people, now called “patients”, are carted away to GreenGlen Laboratories to be studied, observed, tested, and experimented on.

    Once: A high fantasy fairy tale thread where the evil Black Dragon has manipulated the land of Everia’s citizens into doing her bidding, creating the sinister league known as the Dark Knights. In order to stop this, one band of heroes known as the Guardians must stick together before the world is under their rule.

    Welcome to Casa de la Lobo: A post-apocalyptic dog pack RP where a pack of dogs take refuge in an abandoned hotel after a mysterious flood evacuated all of the humans from the city.

  • ~Dusty~

    I'm finished. I am thinking that his personality is going to have more "sweetness" eventually as he comes into the pack and learns to care for others, yet this is how he starts out.


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