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  • A small groan of complaint left Alana's lips as she lifted her eyes to watch Scott head into the kitchen. When he returned, she eyed the materials with a soft sigh. She seemed relunctant to take any of the pills, looking at them with a raised eyebrow. "You know, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty giving pain meds to a junkie usually leads to the opposite of a solution." Picking up the ice from the couch, she placed it on her cheek, finding relief in the cold substance against her bruised skin.

    Leaning back against the couch, Lala furrowed her eyebrows at Scott's questioning. "Ugh, I don't have a fever, Scott, I'm fine." She tried to softly insist again. "Don't you think I know enough about my own body?" Setting the ice down on the table, Alana leaned forward again to look Scott in the eyes. "Listen, I...I just really want to go to class today. I need to. I haven't been back in weeks, and I'm pretty sure that the last time I went, I was high or..more drunk, or something." Her tone was solemn and sincere. "I mean, I know I'm not exactly in the best shape now but, at least I'm sober...I think?" She stood up again, more carefully this time so that she didn't lose balance. "How about this; I go to class, and if I don't feel any better halfway through, I'll come straight home. And I'll text you to let you know, alright? I promise. I just-I need to get back into the swing of things. Besides, I think I'm starting to feel a little better already." Truthfully, she added the last part just in hopes of making her proposal seem even more convincing. She didn't look any better than how she did when Scott first saw her, and usually she would never pass up the opportunity to stay home. Either she was serious about wanting to change her ways and better herself, or she knew the underlying cause of her symptons and was trying to hide it from Scott. Maybe both. Maybe neither.

  • Scott looked at her with a deeply worried expression as she pleaded with him. He signed and stood from his kneeling position. "Okay, but do take the anti-nausea pill. And don't do more thank you think you can, okay?" He said with a sad smile as he stepped out of her way. He was worried about her, of course, but he also knew how stubborn and persistent she can and will be. He was glad she wanted to change her ways, but wished she could see that she was too ill to go to class. He hid the anger he felt, knowing it was irrational as per usual. He sighed, again, and kept thinking of last night in attempt to keep his 'verbal attacks' to a minimum.

    "Do you need a ride? I can pick you up whenever, too." He spoke while running his fingers through his brown hair, meeting and releasing a couple tangles as he went. His eyes attempted to scan Alana's body language. She didn't seem stable, as if she was dizzy and might trip over. She still looked pale and, to him, clearly ill. He shrugged it off, knowing she herself had said she was beginning to feel better. Ever since last night he'd been more overprotective of her physical and mental well-being. It hurt his heart to see the bruise on her face, but it reminded him that she was, despite what she might want to claim, fragile and needs to be treated with care.

  • Alana seemed relieved once Scott finally let go of the matter. "I promise I'll take it easy, although I think you're overestimating the amount of energy it takes to sit through a 45-minute lecture." She smiled teasingly as she picked up the bottle of anti-nausea pills. "I think I'll walk today. I could use some fresh air and some exercise. I'll grab something to eat on the way." Coming over to where Scott was standing, Lala smiled sympathetically. "Listen, don't worry about me, alright? I wasn't the only one that was up late last night, you should get some rest too." Stepping forward, she pulled Scott into a brief, tight hug. "If anything happens I promise I'll let you know. Just relax, please?" Letting go, she slowly stepped away. "I'm gonna go get ready now. "See you when I get home, Scotty." She said softly before turning and, pill bottle in hand, heading to her room to prepare for the morning.


    Alana only had two classes that morning, but once they were both finished, she didn't return home afterwards. Actually, Alana didn't return home until much later that day, long after all her classes for the day had ended. She had sent Scott a brief, very vague text message earlier in the morning saying that she'd be late, but there was very little detail put into the text, and she never texted him after that.

    It wasn't until six in the afternoon that Lala finally returned home. The door of the apartment quietly opened, and Lana quietly crept inside, the sound of the door closing being the only thing breaking the silence in the apartment. She looked different than how she looked this morning: her flu-like symptoms were gone, but she didn't necessarily look better. Her eyes were wide, and she had a strange expression on her face, almost a look of bewilderment. Lala didn't say anything after she came inside, she simply treaded into living room and say down wordlessly on the couch as if nothing had happened, her widened eyes staring at the black tv screen, her hands shoved into the pockets of her sweater.

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    Scott sighed softly and walked back to his room. His coffee had begun to cool, but his homework hadn't changed a bit. He took his time scribbling down answers as he listened into the silence. He heard what he assumed to be Alana's footsteps, the sound of the opening, and then the sound of it shutting. That meant Lala had just left for her classes. Hopefully she'd be back soon, for Scott harbored deep worry for her. By the time Scott had finished his homework he was on his fourth cup of coffee. His class wasn't for another half of an hour, so he decided to check his email really quick. That's where he discovered his professor was cancelling the lecture last minute due to illness. His professor sent the lecture notes for the next three days in an attachment for them to study, and finish another three days worth of homework.

    Scott sighed, realizing he was stuck here at home just waiting for Alana to get back. He could've gone out and did something, but he anticipated her return in the early afternoon. Speaking of early afternoon, that's when he got Alana's vague text that she was going to be late. No big deal, he thought though he was still worried about her. He assumed she meant an hour at most. He was wrong, though. Two in the afternoon rolled around, then three, four, and even five. She was still no where to be seen and he hadn't heard from her at all. Then around six, as he had just brought his microwave dinner into his bedroom, he heard the door open from outside of his closed door.

    "Alana?" He asked, slowly opening his bedroom door to see her, a dazed look on her face, sitting down on the couch. He sighed with relief that she was home and safe. Then he started to really notice her expression, and it seemed surreal. "Are you okay, Lala?" He asked coming to a stop next to her.

  • Alana didn't move or react when she heard Scott's voice, and it was only when he came to stand beside her that she actually looked at him. She had the same entranced, not-completely-there look on her face that she usually had when she was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. "Am I okay?" She repeated the question, looking ahead at the tv screen again. "Uh, no. Not really. Not at all, actually." Her voice was monotonous, matching the blank look in her eyes.

    "I wasn't sick this morning." She went on to say. "It was withdrawal. I didn't take any drugs at all last night, and my body wasn't used to that, I guess." She shrugged. Standing up, she stood still for a brief moment, as if she was frozen in time. "I had a feeling that's what it was. I wanted to go to class anyway because I thought I'd be strong enough to handle going a full day with using anything. Turns out I wasn't." Turning, she slowly walked past Scott as she started for the kitchen. "After class I met up with one of my girlfriends. I wanted to hang out, but that ended badly." She said from the kitchen as she took one hand out of her sweater pocket and got a glass from the cupboard. "So, after that, I went to the bar, and I drank some alcohol. And then I did some drugs, and got high. And that's it." She concluded the story as she turned on the sink and began to fill up the glass with water. "I'm still high right now, too." Bringing the water up to her lips, she took a sip of the cold liquid, her distant eyes gazing down into the sink. Her tone made it seem as if she didn't even care, but it was unlike Lala to not be remorseful for her actions, even if she wasn't sober. What's more, is that she's never acted like this before when she was drunk or high. Usually she was either whimsical or irresponsive, not stoic and enigmatic.

  • Scott watched her, disappointment and confusion clear in his twisted expression. She slowly followed Alana into the kitchen, watching her carefully. He'd never seen her like this. It was immensely strange to him. "What did you take?" He asked, wondering if this was just a new drug, or if maybe the alcohol and drug mixture was reacting badly together. The anger and disappointment was temporarily covered by confusion.

    "And why didn't you call me, Lala, I was really worried about you." He spoke softly, not knowing how stable she was. He began to wonder if they even could do this themselves. What is Alana needed some sort of rehab? He'd thought their little intervention last night had made her feel even a little bit of regret. Was it all an act? Was it just her drunken reaction? Did she even care enough to get better? Scott didn't know anymore. He felt like he was drifting away from her everyday she came home drunk or high, and this was no different. In fact, if this was a new drug, it was even worse.

  • Alana was silent for a long instance, as if pondering Scott's questions. "I-" she paused and took a deep breath, setting the glass down on the counter. "I couldn't call you. I'm sorry. It's just I'd rather you see me like this in person than over the phone." It was at this moment that she finally turned to face Scott, looking him in the eye. "There were twenty of those anti-nausea pills in the bottle that you gave me." Reaching into her left sweater pocket, she pulled out the aforementioned pill bottle. Her movements were slow, almost as if she was entirely in slow motion. Untwisting the cap, Lala poured the remaining number of pills into the palm of her hand. There were only five left. "...I took fifteen." Putting the pills back into the bottle, she set the bottle down on the counter. "And..." Now, looking back at Scott, she seemed more wary about naming the second drug. Reaching her hand into the right sweater pocket, Lala slowly pulled it out. It was thin, and long; an empty heroin needle. Alana studied it in her hand. It didn't take a drug addict to know that heroin was a lethal substance, much worse than any type of pill, and that getting addicted to the stuff was a slippery slope that didn't lead to a good ending.

    "I..." Now she stood there, completely still again, just gazing down at the used needle clenched in her hand. Looking back up to Scott, her lips parted as she tried to speak again. "I'm sorry," The words choked out of her mouth, and then it happened. Lala's consciousness immediately and visibly slipped away and she passed out, her eyes losing expression and rolling back before closing completely. Her hand's grip on the heroin needle loosened and it hit the floor, just as Lala's still, unconscious body was about to hit the floor as well.

  • Scott's breath hitched in his throat as she pulled out the almost empty pill bottle. He shouldn't have given them to her, but they seemed so innocent at the time. Then she pulled out the empty heroin needle, and he choked on the caught breath. Anger rose inside of him like a flood. He was giving this everything he had. He'd completely changed himself in the last twenty four hours in attempt to reassure and help along Lala in her path to recovery, and she goes out and does this? He was about to speak, and it wasn't going to be something nice, but he saw her eyes roll back. The needle thump against the hardwood, and her body. Now a dead weight letting gravity take it's toll. It was like slow motion as Scott tried to respond. As she plummeted towards the ground all he could do was reach out and try to catch her.

    He grabbed her arm right arm with his right hand, and her left shoulder with his left hand. It was too late to try and keep her up, she was already more than half way down. He'd given it his all though, and had tripped himself trying not to step on her feet. His hands, which still held onto her arm and shoulder provided a slower fall and a softer landing at least for her torso and head, but he'd still stumbled around until he found himself on top of her. His knees on either side of her hips. His left hand under her shoulder, and his right hand planted on the floor besides her head.

    "A-Alana?" He said gentle shaking her by the shoulders. "Dammit, Lala, why do you have to be so fucking stupid!" He yelled, practically at the top of his lungs. He sighed, wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead before standing up. He took a few more deep breaths before carefully picking up her unconscious body bridal style, and hauling her into her bedroom. He set her in the bed before, just in case, checking her pulse. He didn't know what to look for, so he compared it to his own. Her's was a lot quicker, but he assumed that was better than not there at all. Scott just sat the the foot of her bed, head in hands as he held back tears. Cursing at himself and Alana under his breath.

  • Alana's body stayed unmoving the entire time; aside from her heartbeat, she almost looked dead. It was only a few minutes after Scott had laid her on the bed that there was any noticeable change to her state. She slipped in and out of consciousness. "Mm..." Slowly, her eyes half-opened, and she figeted around in bed. At first, it almost seemed as if she was okay. As if the fainting was just a minor issue. But, that was until she immediately curled up, wrapped her arms around her stomach and let out an ear-splitting scream of pain. Her eyes widened and filled with tears, and she just continued wailing in pain, her arms wrapping tighter and tighter around her stomach, which was most likely the source of discomfort. Her skin started to sweat again, just as it had this morning. After a few seconds, though, the wailing stopped, and it changed into rapid, shallow gasps of breath.

    Moving her hands up to her chest where her heart was, Alana struggled to breath, the breaths getting deeper and more desperate as it continued on. Then her eyes started rolling to the back of her head again, and now Lala's body fidgeted around in the bed, as if she was trying to fight her body's will to have a seizure and go unconscious again. For a brief moment her eyes changed from being rolled to the back of her head to being normal again, but eventually, she lost the fight. Once more, her eyes rolled back and, after a brief, moment of Lala still fidgeting around, she grew still once more and her eyes closed, her consciousness leaving just as quickly as it had arrived. Her once rapid pulse started to grow abnormally slow and faint.

    All of this happened in roughly under a minute. In the brief moment that Lala was awake, no words were said. She had done nothing in that brief moment except experience pain. She probably couldn't have spoken even if she wanted to. Although she was consciousness, she didn't seem to know what was even happening. It didn't even seem like it was actually Lala just now, who had been fighting for her breath and struggling to stay awake. It was as if some separate entity had taken over her body; and in a way, this was true. All the times she'd gotten drunk or high, Alana had had at least some control over her actions: for instance, she had still been able to control her breathing. But now, the drugs and alcohol were completely in control, and it was obvious that they planned to do some damage. How much damage? Well, that all depended on how long it took Scott to get her to a hospital.

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    "Fuck. Alana, fuck holy fuck." He watched and mumbled in confusion as she convulsed and dipped between consciousness. He scrambled to his feet and ran into his room, grabbed his phone and dialed the police in record time. As the phone rang he ran back out to Alana and dropped to his "Nine-one-one what's the nature of your emergency?" The operator asked He cooly. "I need an ambulance. Now. My roommate is overdosing." He tried to speak slowly through the panic he was experiencing so he wouldn't have to repeat himself. He also quickly added their address before the operator had to ask.

    "An ambulance is on the way sir. They will be there in less than five minutes. Do you need to stay on the phone" They asked. Scott declined and hung up the phone. Scott pulled her partially onto her lap, tears spilling out of his eyes. He felt beyond helpless. He held onto her not knowing whether this would be the last time. He couldn't trust her anymore. He couldn't leave her alone and that broke him even more. He prayed she'd start taking this seriously. She'd go through withdrawals but he would be here for her.

    After what felt like hours and seconds at the same time Scott hurt loud pounds outside of the door. Scott lifted her unconscious body bridal-style and quickly but carefully hauled her to the door. He opened it and the first responders immediately took Alana from his arms and onto a stretcher. They started yelling incoherent code words to each other and Scott felt like his brain was upside down in his head. Everything was in slow motion but going 100mph at the same time. "Is she going to be okay?" He yelled but no one seemed to notice. They quickly hauled her down the hallway, outside and up into the back of the ambulance. Scott followed them intently.

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    In the back of the ambulance, the EMT's were busy at work tending to the young woman's limp body. They placed a breathing mask over her mouth and nose and hooked her up to the heart monitor inside of the ambulance, the sound of a fast-paced beeping noise filling in the silence of the vehicle. They were writing things down, mumbling suggestions and statements to each other, and examining her body, taking notice of the dark bruise on her face. One of the EMTs then started to cut Lala's shirt off, and it was only then that the other one spoke up and addressed Scott. "Don't worry, we're just doing this for examination purposes." The uniformed woman informed Scott. "We noticed the bruising on her face." At the sound of her name being called by the other first res ponder, the woman met the man's concerned face before looking down at the other various bruises on Lala's torso, specifically the large one located in the middle of her stomach. The first responders exchanged glances with one another, looked over at Scott, and then mumbled to each-other quietly again. Once they finished their hushed conversation, the male first responder shot another look at Scott before bending over Alana's body again. The woman looked to Scott herself and began to ask him some questions. "She's got a lot of bruising. Any idea how that happened?" She asked, her tone sounding slightly suggestive. "Do you know what she took at all, and how much? Is this her first time using drugs, or is it a regular thing? Anything important you think we should know? Can you explain what exactly happened a little more?"

    By the time they'd arrived at the hospital, the heart monitor's beeping had slowed down just a bit more, meaning that Lala's actual heart had slowed down too, and the first responders were sure to let Scott know that this was a good sign. Opening the ambulance doors, they quickly hurried out of the vehicle and rushed into the ER. Two doctors and multiple nurses scurried over to where they were pushing Alana's body in, listening intently to the information that the EMTs were telling them about the situation before taking over, letting the first responders leave and tend to other matters. As they pushed Alana down the hall on the stretcher, the doctors had looked to Scott now, and were about to ask them more questions. Before they could get a word out, though, one of the nurses urgently blurted out, "She's having a seizure." Lo and behold, Alana had, in fact, woken up, but right now nothing was visible but the white of her eyes, and her muscles twitched and convulsed. Then the wailing started again. Yelling over the noise, the doctors and nurses called out orders to eachother as they quickly rushed down the hall to take Lala into the room. Soon, they, along with Alana's body, were all out of sight, leaving Scott by himself, with no indication of whether or not she would be okay.

    Almost an entire hour had passed before one of the nurses came into the waiting room to find Scott. "Hello, Sir." Approaching him, the woman gave a small smile. "Your friend is doing better now. She's not awake yet, but her breathing is back to normal and now she's just getting some rest. We're going to keep her in the hospital for a few days to monitor her vitals and do a couple scans to check for things like brain or organ damage." Her tone was calm and gentle, as she was sure Scott was freaked out by it all. She paused for a split second before adding, "...We're also going to have some people here come in and give her some information about some options like rehab. We can't say anything for sure right now, but it looks like she's going to be alright. You can go in and see her now, okay? She should be waking up soon If anything goes wrong, make sure you call for help. She's in room 211. Someone will be there in a little while to ask her some questions, but for now you two can get some time alone, alright?"

    Alana lay in the hospital bed, curled up on her side. The only noise in the room came from the heart monitor, which beeped at a slower, steadier rhythm. Her skin had regained its tan color, and her body slowly rose and fell with each slow breath. Even though she wasn't awake yet, there was an obvious change in her body language now. She didn't look as sickly and ill as she had before, and there was no obvious sign of pain on her face. She looked almost peaceful now. Nonetheless, that wasn't to say that she was completely fine. Until she woke up, it would be hard to fully assess the actual state she was in.

  • Scott looked at the women in the ambulance, horrified and disgusted at her accusation, but he knew exactly what this looked like and he couldn't blame her for the way she connected the dots. He cleared his throat. "I didn't hurt her." He said defensively before continuing. "She's a junkie. It was a drug deal too late and I didn't get to her quick enough. She took practically an entire bottle of anti-nausea pills and.. and she shot up some heroin." He said feeling the familiar sting of tears. The women nodded with the new information and went back to work.

    When they entered the parking lot and hauled her away from him again he tried to follow, but was stopped and instead lead towards the front entrance. The waiting room. He looked past the man's shoulder and saw her rushed into the building. Just then he heard someone yell from inside "She's having a seizure!" The words echoed in his mind and he immediately tried to rush past the EMT, but he was grabbed firmly by his shoulders. "Please sir, there is an entire team of experienced and determined professionals in there by her side. Let's just go have a seat, have a bite to eat and I promise you will be kept one-hundred-percent up to date about her condition. Scott, after a few seconds of watching the door she'd disappeared into, let out a heavy and shaky breath. "Okay." His tired voice croaked out.

    He followed the man into the waiting room. He kept him company for only a few minutes before he was paged to another emergency. He apologized but Scott told him he'd be fine. The man was very kind and it was nice to speak to him even though his mind was 100% on Alana. That's when the doctor came in and shared her condition.

    "Your friend is doing better now. She's not awake yet, but her breathing is back to normal and now she's just getting some rest. We're going to keep her in the hospital for a few days to monitor her vitals and do a couple scans to check for things like brain or organ damage....We're also going to have some people here come in and give her some information about some options like rehab. We can't say anything for sure right now, but it looks like she's going to be alright. You can go in and see her now, okay? She should be waking up soon If anything goes wrong, make sure you call for help. She's in room 211. Someone will be there in a little while to ask her some questions, but for now you two can get some time alone, alright?"

    Scott jumped out of his chair, thanked her, and then took off down the hallway towards the room. 200.. 205.. 210. The rooms rushed by until he came to a stop. 211. Scott slowly pushed open the door into the hospital room lit dimly. He looked to the bed and saw her. Tears immediately sprang to his eyes and he felt guilty for crying. "Damnit Lala. Don't you see how much I love you." He said quietly as he approached the bed. He tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear with a shaky hand to reveal her face. Her beautiful, bruised face.

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    Alana shifted slightly in bed at the feeling of Scott's hand touching her face. "Mmm..." She murmured softly in her sleep and squirmed around for a moment. It was only a matter of minutes before she started to wake up. Her eyelids fluttered gently before they opened completely. She slowly sat up, her eyebrows furrowed in pain as she put a hand to her head. She was clearly a bit out of it, and she looked around in confusion before finally beginning to comprehend what was going on, and where she was. She turned her head and let her eye's meet Scott's, face, and immediately they filled with tears. "Scott..." She whimpered out his name. She was feeling so many different things right now. She felt her heart sink at the sight of the look on Scott's face. She knew this had to be frightening for him too, and she felt bad that he had to go through it all. She was scared too. And ashamed. And so many other things. "Oh, Scott, I...I'm sorry," She whispered with a shaky voice. "I-I don't know what I was thinking, I just...I'm so sorry," She brought her knees close to her chest and buried her head in her arms. "I'm so stupid...I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." She sobbed, gently rocking herself back and forth. "I-I'm not strong enough, Scott." She lifted her head to look at him. "I'm just not. I don't know what to do...and then I dragged you into it and..." She shook her head, laying it back down against her arms as she continued crying. "I should've just moved out. I know I should have." it would have been better for Scott. He could live his life without having to worry about shit like this. That's what he deserved. Not this. He didn't deserve to deal with any of this.

  • Scott had been holding back his tears successfully until he noticed her stir into consciousness. He quickly wiped them away and knelt down to be level with her. After she'd finished speaking he chuckled softly. "Don't be crazy, Lala. You are the most important person in my life. You're.. You're everything to me. I'd be a thousand times sadder alone, not knowing if you were safe or not." He said, tears flowing down his pale cheeks more steadily. He ran his still shaking hand along her dark hair again. "You really scared me this time Alana. And I know you've got to be scared too." He spoke softly, taking a deep breath before continuing. "Someone is going to come later to talk to you about rehab. I really think you should get help. Help from people who know what they're doing, not idiots like me who send you on your way with a bottle of pills." He said sounding angrier the more he spoke, angry at himself and not Alana. He sighed again but it sounded more like a gasp. "Then, once you're better, you can come back. Come back to classes. Back to life. Back.. to me." He said forcing a small smile.

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  • Lifting her head, Alana met Scott's eyes again as he talked. She did smile a little as she pointed out, "This probably isn't the best time for 'I told you so's, but I did say that giving me pills was a bad idea." She giggled softly and sniffled. Of course the situation she was in wasn't a good one, but that didn't mean she couldn't make a joke or two about it. After all, it was her who was in this predicament; she had that right. Reaching forward, Alana took Scott's hands in her own and gently tugged them towards her. "Come, please," She insisted, shifting a bit so that he had some space to lay down in bed beside her like she apparently wanted. Laying back down herself, Alana sighed thoughtfully. "Rehab doesn't sound like a bad idea." Maybe rehab was the best option at this point. It wasn't like Alana didn't know what rehab was...she just didn't ever think she'd be at the point where she would need it. The reality was that she'd always needed it, that she'd been in denial about her condition this whole time. But Scott was right. Alana needed real help. "It'll suck if I have to leave home, though. Especially if it takes me a long time for me to get better. Like, what if it takes a whole year? Or two years?" She looked up at him. "If I go, you promise you'll visit? All the time?" Alana would hate to have to leave home. She'd miss Scott like crazy. But she knew it would help them and only make their bond even stronger when she got back. "Do you think maybe...if I went to rehab...if I told my parents, maybe they'd want to come see me?" Alana didn't have a good relationship with her parents. Ever since her drug and alcohol addictions arose, her parents began to make limited contact with their daughter, now almost never call or visit to check up. Scott was all she had now. It hurt, and Alana missed them to death, but having Scott around definitely softened the blow that came with being disowned by your family. "Maybe they'll see that I'm trying, right? That I'm trying to get better?"

  • Scott's throat was tight but he managed a hoarse chuckle at her humor through this. Scott climbed into the bed next to her and wrapped his arms around her, careful of her injuries. "It will be hard. You were going through withdrawals after less than 12 hours. It's going to hurt, but then it wont. And you wont need drugs. It's worth it." He said very seriously. "I will visit you every single day. And don't feel trapped. You definitely should finish, but you can leave whenever you want. They can't force you to stay. But they can charge you for controlled substance crimes if you don't recover." He said softly stroking her hair, looking longingly into her eyes. "I think your parents would be ecstatic. I don't agree with their abandonment, but they did it cause they love you. They didn't want to enable you. Like I do. They would want to hear you're getting better. And if not I'll just have to drag them here by their earlobes" He joked with a sad smile. In this moment, he wasn't sure if he'd really put any of his feelings aside. He was absolutely in love with this women even though he believed she didn't return the feelings. The thought pulled his heartstrings even tighter.

  • "By their earlobes, huh?" She smiled again. "You won't have to do all of that. If they hear me out, they hear me out. If not..." She sighed heavily. "'ll suck, but at least they'll know I tried. At least I'll still have you." She curled up closer to him and put a hand on his chest. "But, ya know, even if I recover...I could still slip up again." She pointed quietly. "'Cause it's not just's alcohol too. Even after rehab, I could slip up in a year. Or ten years, or twenty. Something could always go wrong. And then the withdrawal..." She pursed her lips. "I know you're going to try, and that you'll be there to help me. I think it's just important that we need to be realistic. I promise that I'm going to put the effort in this time, though." She murmured softly, meeting his own longing gaze with a gentle one of her own. Her eyes traveled up and down his face, scanning his handsome features. "But if I go to rehab, you have to promise that you won't go and try to replace me with some other latina with a name that sounds like mine, alright?" She giggled, moving a hand up and playing with his hair. "'Cause when I get out, I'm moving right back in. And then things can go back to how they used to be. Well, before...before all this happened." That's what she wanted more than anything. Life had been so much simpler when they were younger. Now, it just seemed like everything was all fucked up.

    There was a sudden knock on the door, and seconds later a doctor came in. She seemed to have a slightly wary look on her face, but when she looked to Alana, she forced a thin smile. "Hi, Alana. My name is Dr.Browne, and I'll be taking care of you while you stay in the hospital." She came over and shook Alana's hand, and then Scott's, before clearing her throat. "I'm glad to see you're doing better, but there's something I would like to talk to you about." She glanced at Scott briefly. "...but, um, I think it would be better if we discussed this alone."

    Sitting up, Lala opened her mouth to protest, but when she noticed the concerned look on the doctor's face, Alana figured it would be best to take the doctor's advice. Pressing her lips together, she slowly looked to her friend. "Um, Scott..." She murmured softly. "Can you give us a second please?" Lala wasn't sure what the doctor wanted to talk to her about, but she could sense it wasn't good news.

  • Scott smiled as she spoke. He loved that there was humor in her voice but he knew she understood the severity of the situation. "Even if I try to replace you I don't think I could." He said giving her soft dark hair another stroke. That's when he heard the knock erupting through the quiet room. He shot up, and as the door was opening he climbed out of Alana's bed, his face a little flushed. He grabbed her hand as the doctor began to talk. He looked down at Alana when the doctor asked him to leave and he nodded, a bit weary to leave her, but he understood. Before he left he bent down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He pulled away after only a second and whispered to her "I love you." Before standing up and leaving the room. He shut the door behind him and gazed around the empty hallway. The intense lights outside blinded him for a few seconds, and continued to make his eyes ache. It was around 7:30-8:00pm at this point, but Scott had no intention of leaving this place until Alana did, even if she was headed in a different direction. Scott knew that at rehab there'd be no access to drugs or alcohol, and hoped she made clear she had an addiction to both. Alcohol was a whole different beast when it came to recovery. He also knew that he could assure that, when she returned to him, he could keep her stable. He decided he'd do some cleanup when he got home. Dump any and all alcohol, lock the medicine cabinet and whatever else he thought could help.

  • Several long minutes passed as the conversation between Alana and the doctor seemed to go on for forever. Behind the closed, seemingly sound-proof door of the room, there was no way of indicating what the two were talking about. After what seemed like about ten minutes, the doctor opened the room's door. "You can come in now, sir." She said, stepping back to allow Scott to walk back in. A sort of gloominess seemed to have had set over the room. Alana was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the wall with her back to both the doctor and to Scott. She was hunched over just slightly and had her face buried in her hands. The Doctor cleared her throat quietly before speaking. "Alana and I talked about some...things. One of them being rehab." She handed him a pamphlet about having a loved one with an addiction. "There are a couple different options that she could choose, but she won't have to stay at an inpatient rehab center for any more than three months, so if she chooses to leave home it won't be forever." She forced another smile, though it was obviously an artificial one. "Even though Alana is the one struggling with addiction, I'm sure that this has all been hard for you too. That pamphlet has information about how you can cope and help Alana with her recovery. And...." There was an almost awkward silence now and the doctor looked between Alana and Scott. "Well, I'll...leave you two alone now." Alana didn't turn back around even after the doctor left and closed the door. She sniffled a couple times and wiped away tears only for new ones to form, keeping her face hidden from him. She couldn't even look at Scott right now. And she definitely couldn't tell him what else the doctor had told her. The tranquility that had been present in the room only moments ago was now gone, having been replaced with silent despair.