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  • i will change anything I need to, i hope this is ok, its not very detail bc im at school and kinda in a hurry, but i hope its decent XD

  • Its fine, one little thing, is because we will start when they are kids and grow close. He obviously has to be rather, affectionate towards her to start the seed of love to grow. Is that ok?

    Sarah Manning

    Short bio~

    Shes very naive, believes in her father an awful lot. Since her mom died she had no other role model. Her power is manipulating electricity.

    Her father, BOSS

  • //oh shite i forgot to give is power XD uhhhh psycokenisis ;D there and ok yes, there shall be fluff, but one question? Where and how does this start off?

  • Girl, You know me. Im the beast with starting. Basically, your dude will be about ten? and be in his cell when he hears my charri, hes only allowed one jigsaw, because playing is bad. So when he finally sees another kid here he invites her to play that game. BUT THEN her dad finds them dun dnu dun

    It was the first day Sarah was allowed into the facility, her daddys work. She held his hand as they went through security gates. The driver stopped the car and her father held her hand as they walked in "You can use this on doors, but only go down to the second floor sweetie"He pecked her head and let her go. She was free to explore, she held the card as her other hand held her dress. She walked down to the second floor and started skipping down the hall.

  • //OOOOOOOOH OK thanks for explaining XD

    Jax was sitting in his small white room. In the floor, redoing the large puzzle for probably the one hundredth time. His dull eyes kept over the pieces as he silently examined them.

  • Sarah was nearing his cell, there were a lot of people here. She could see all types of people and she wondered why her father had to keep them here. People outside will hurt you. You must be contained to be safe. She remembered as she stopped skipping.

  • Jax's eyes swirled to a glowing white, the puzzle lifted up before him. His brows furrowed to the slightest and it shot into a mess a toss his room. He gave a small sigh. Time to start again.

  • Jax stood, finding the first piece to work with. He looked over, feeling the big eyes on him. He flicked a curious glare her way, slowly stepping.

  • Jax's eyes blinked back to that icy blue. It matched his pale skin and white hair. He looked at her, not understanding why she was here. Was she not like the him? Supposed to be caged and used for work? He frowned, stopping just a few feet in front of the wall that separated them. They had to use a special kind of glass. One he couldn't break or shatter.

  • Jax glared, moving back up to the wall. He watched her, locking eyes. He had been mute, by choice ever since he'd been dragged it here. Its like his body had shut it all out of mere fear and protection for the boy. He placed his hand on hers on the other side of the glass. He let his eyes swish that glowing white and the glass slowly vibrated, as if trying to break. He was showing her why. Because he was a danger when out of this cage.

  • She could see it, she could see he was alone in there and it was almost like her own reflection. She calmed down her giddiness. "Shh.."She put her finger to her lips as she used her card and got into his cell. She was nervous. She needed to show him she was the same, to hopefully grow the friendship. She sat and crossed her legs as sparks flew off her fingers, lights flickered as her hair started o frizz as if touching something full of static.

  • Jax narrowed his eyes as she began to move. The vibrations stopped and he stepped over, the white in his eyes lingering. He watched her step in and just sit, stepping away. He watched the sparks, his glowing gaze focused on her hands, the electricity within them. He started to form a spear, like an actual bolt of lightning.

  • Sarah was finding it hard to keep it up since she never practiced in case her dad saw. She opened her eyes to see him adding onto the power and she grinned before falling back a little drained. She sat back up and caught her breath "Sorry.."

  • Jax watched it, giving a small hum as it disentigrated. He blinked his eyes to normal and watched her. He grew drained as well, but only ever under the mass pressure of his mind. He'd get really bad headaches and the most obnoxious nosebleeds. But it got him out of this cage so he used it when ever he felt the need. Jax looked out of his cage and around the hall, still wondering why she was here.