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    FIRST NAME Gywnbleidd

    MIDDLE NAME Geralt

    SURNAME Wilson

    AGE 27 Moons

    CHARACTER CREATED 20/02/2018

    CLAN OF BIRTH Blackheart Rogues

    GENDER & SEX Identifies as Male, Born as Male

    SEXUALITY Bisexual

    PARENTS Feliks xx Deathstroke

    LITTER MATES Cody, Monday, Cercie, Autumn

    DIRECT SIBLINGS Cocomero, Mateo, Lilith, Valerie

    EXTENDED FAMILY Ghoulian, Julian, Breakout, Jericho, Grant, Rose, Ravager, Balthier, Lucius, Serpentsoul, Improv, Cobaltinferno, Rachel, Miles, Liberty, Backbone, Demonetta, and the rest

    CHILDREN Erinome (adopted), Everlasting (adopted)

    CRUSHES none

    DATING none

    MARRIED TO none


    HAS LIVED Blackheart Rogues, Shadow Veil, Thunderlands


    PREVIOUS RANKS Nightwatcher of the Shadow Veil


    - Loyal to friends and family

    - Determined to see tasks through to an end

    - Patient in the face of stressful situations

    - Fearsome rage when provoked

    - Fiercely protective of his siblings

    - Once older he will become a real ladies man

    - Not overly creative

    - Avid reader of books and pursuer of knowledge

    - Loves to laugh and has a crude sense of humour


    - Meat

    - Being warm

    - Challenging himself

    - His siblings

    - Play fighting

    - The company of others

    - Being free

    - Reading


    - The Cold

    - The needless suffering of others

    - Spies

    - Being cheated

    - The pasts of his parents

    - Politics


    - Sword Fighting

    - Exploring the world

    - Swimming

    - Pursuing knowledge on magic

    CHILD APPEARANCE He was a solid white wolf, among one of the largest pups born in his litter. His eyes however are rather unnatural for a wolf and would be more commonly found on cats and are a striking tone of yellow with intense black slitted pupils. Other than that he's fairly unremarkable, but looked like he would grow up to be quite handsome.

    TEENAGE YEARS When Geralt entered the teenage years of his life it is his legs that seem to overtake him the most in growth. At this age he finds himself becoming much quicker on his feet, capable at sprinting at impressive speeds for a wolf at least. During his teenage years he begins to collect his first scars through fights and also through accidents during explorations.

    PRIME OF ADULTHOOD Now a fully grown adult Geralt is certainly a formidable male wolf supporting broad powerful shoulders, but a slender body due to never eating enough. The fur around his neck has become quite long, a sign of an alpha wolf. At this age his body is littered with scars, some looking pretty grotesque and painful. The red scars on his face stand as prominent markers against his white features, adding to his grizzled charm. It is easy to regard him as being quite handsome, his bold facial features and trademark smile can make most blush in response.


    - Fire Elemental

    - Smell Enhance

    - Memory Manipulation

    - The Sight

    CURSE Geralt was believed to have been afflicted by a 'curse' set by Cleo of the Cartel, and through this 'curse' he is condemned to be forever sterile meaning that he can never sire children.


    Gwynbleidd Geralt Wilson

    White Wolf - Thunderlands & KOE- Cursed to be Sterile

    Former Nightwatcher of the Shadow Veil - Former Skychief of the Thunderlands

    Deathstroke x Feliks


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