Inventory Item Trading Beta Released

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  • Hello everyone!

    We've just released an update that allows you to trade Inventory items with one another. It's pretty simple right now. We'll add to it as we identify the things that are most wanted/needed. :D

    You can find the new sections under the Inventory menu under "New Trade" and "My Trades". "New Trades", as you might imagine, will allow you to create a new trade. "My Trades" as you also might imagine, will show you all your currently open trades (and allow you to accept/refuse/cancel" them.

    In the event that a trade that was initiated can no longer be completed (the items offered or desired by one party no longer belong to the appropriate party, for example) it'll show as "Invalid" when you try to complete the trade.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask! As always, Discord will often get you quick answers. :D