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  • //lmao i thought this might be fun since i probably wont make another Hare thread until his family com es

    Thunderclan, the clans in general really, were very different to the barn.
    They were very different from the loners he'd happily tailed behind.
    They were different from the kittypets whom told stories.
    They were different from the dogs that snapped and howled at his heels.

    They were different from his family.

    Names, position, food, rules, words.
    It was all so different from the barn, from home-
    No, it was home, Thunderclan was home, but... It was so different. He didn't quite understand it all yet, he was scared he never would and they'd kick him out. Was nearly a moon too long for him to still forget their proper rules?

    He still shuddered in embarrassment when he learned he wasn't supposed to eat the prey he caught...when he caught it.
    That was such an embarrassment.

    But, sometimes, the differences only made his heart ache.
    They didn't cuddle up and tell whispered stories every night, they didn't run wherever their paws could reach, they didn't leap for themselves.
    They weren't his family.

    The things they did, he understood them.
    he understood the why and the how, he understood that much. But, they weren't the same. And, yes, he wasn't very old, he wasn't a creature of moons and moons of wisdom, but he'd had so much of his life set in stone.
    The things he did.

    It was hard to forget, and hard to replace.

    Would they kick him out for it?
    Would Coldthroat regret his choice?
    Would Harrierstrike wish he'd yelled?
    Would Bearmumble wish he had sent him off?
    Would Pumpkinstar turn her nose up at him for failing where kits succeeded?

    He didn't understand.

    "S'all so weird... I done don' get it..."
    It would be an embarrassment if he went and asked another cat for help.

  • If Timidkit could break the forth wall and read Hare's inner monologue, he'd nod along in agreement. He understood all of that, albeit with a little less fear and more confusion.

    Where he had come from, there was no such thing as peacefully interacting with another of your species. The only outcomes of such an interaction would result in kits or death. But even then, you were never given the option, especially as a kit, and so your whole world was four walls built with wire mesh and rotting wood, surrounded by other walls and screaming, wailing, dying cats.

    It was not home, it was a kitten mill.

    There was no family, no friends. There was no touching puddles or quiet. It was cramped, loud, and lonely - though to be lonely, you'd have to have once been with someone.

    Timidkit was still unused to everything.

    To having a friend and touching things, to seeing so much and being able to walk so far.

    He wasn't used to eating prey rather than kibble.

    To drinking water whenever he wanted to rather than waiting for a twoleg to refill his dish or hope the rain would.

    To cuddling up into warm fur of a dad and a sister rather than just his own tail in the dark corner of a cold cage.

    It was all so new, and confusing.

    Most likely temporary.

    After all, like Hare, Timidkit was different. He didn't fit or act right in certain situations. He knew better than most cats that if you didn't work right, that you were put in a bag and taken away. It was only a matter of time before the clan cats decided he was too broken.

    But in the meantime, he would enjoy himself.

    The boy had gotten a bit more confident lately. Not enough to try scampering around the clearing, or to not keep hiding in the shadows whenever things got overwhelming, but enough to trot over curiously when he saw a chocolate colored male sitting alone. "Good morning," he said, sitting down beside him, hoping to practice social cues. He tilted his head curiously when he heard the other's words. He didn't get something? He understood that. "I don't get many things," he offered helpfully.


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  • Hare's ears perked up at the sound of Timidkit's voice.
    Ah, he was one of those lil oddities, wasn't he? Hare...really didn't get him, well, didn't get what he'd heard about him.
    He could see why the others would whisper and mumble little things about one so young and off as he.

    But maybe the kti understood more than he thought, for being a kit. Oh, right, kits had...'kit' in their name, like he had 'paw'.
    Hare's nose screwed up.
    Wasn't that weird? Calling your kit 'kit'?
    Apparently not. He didn't really understand.

    He nodded his head as happily as he could manage.
    "G'mornin'" he responded, feet shuffling in the dirt. Did the kit understand his feelings of outsidedness? The feelings of...being off?

    "Ye' there's a done lot that I jus' can' wrap my darn 'ead aroun'.... Wha' don' you understan'?"