Until no space lies in between // plotting with Daphne!

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  • it was me who was discovered —

    Hi guys! This is Daphne, your local ageless gal. While she's technically super old, she has certain tendencies of a child/teen (she stopped aging at 15). She's also sort of stuck in her own time period in terms of thinking so she's a little hesitant about new things/new ideas. Her tags are below but if you have any questions just let me know!

    Open to:

    - Friends

    - Enemies

    - Someone trying to teach her something new (good luck)

    - Someone giving her food, her eating way too much by accident, and them having to sort of look after her

    - Someone giving her too much sugar/caffeine

    - Her teaching y/c how to weave/sew/read/write/cook.

    - Someone mistaking her for prey and trying to eat her.

    - Her looking after your younger child character

    - Someone who she views as a mentor/parent figure


    - At some point I want her to sort of get a cute lil crush on someone because she hasn't actually had a crush in literally centuries and she'll be all embarrassed and cute so yeah. She'd likely have to be friends with y/c first and this would have to develop naturally but I'm willing to talk about this plot with anyone who might be interested!

    - Unlock the tragic backstory! This'll take them being really good friends and her having a good reason to share it.

    - Short term relationships

    - Long term relationships

    - Someone being there when she sees shadows/when she's attacked by a creature from the world she came from.


    - Death

    - Serious injury



  • hi i love daphne ok

    she's perfect

    she could watch over steve ??

    he's not necessarily younger but i mean 13 moons < ageless

    the boy makes bad decisions like it's nobody's business bc he's actual trash




    Seeing that I liked her concept, perhaps Fragilepast and her could have some sort of plot together.

    Or uh

    Frag can try to eat her.

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    shaderunner - shadow veil - tags -played by star

  • asterr! I’d definitely be up for that! She tries to look out for pretty much everyone so she can take care of him lol. Do you want a thread for the two of them.

    Fragilepast I’d be down for both tbh lol. Maybe he could sort of help her cope with having left behind pretty much her entire life?? Like losing her family and friends and all that. Or maybe she could sort of see him as a mentor-type figure?



    I'd go with the plot where he tries to eat her(blah blah insert blinding rage), calms her down a bit after realizing she's a younger age(even though she really isnt) and a clanmate, then takes the time to let her lean on him for some support.

    tags + roleplayed by star + template © star


    shaderunner - shadow veil - tags -played by star