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    no one here would know it, but dan used to laugh. not at someone or at their expense, but genuinely laughed at actual jokes. everything was so different now... he didn't joke, he didn't laugh, he was hardly even living.

    cheers. cheering always greeted him when he entered the ring, as if the damned humans were so goddamn happy to see him straining against a chain choker, his feet churning as he was held and yanked back by one of his trainers. the muscles within his hind legs pushed against the ground, hard, in yet another attempt to race towards the dog on the other side. a wall obscured the vision of his opponent, most likely to keep the crowd excited and eager to watch the fight unfold, but it just infuriated daniel. who the fuck was it? it was obviously one of the stronger dogs, but who would they pit against one of the champs? all of the biggest, most famous champions were all three brothers, who'd likely never be put against each other. they weren't that heartless, right?

    this wasn't gonna be no thang. a swipe of the tongue upon his lips signaled the ease he had with the situation, beyond confident that he'd be the victor. no other outcome dared to cross his mind; he was a murdering beast, nothing to be toyed with, a champion in all regards. a lot of the canines he ended up fighting were weak, useless, simply there for the entertainment rather than a fair fight. after dan had won the champion title, the humans figured that they would rather just make him their show-pony than risk him dying in battle, so of course he'd think that this fight would be like every other. just an easy win against a rookie.

    to wow the crowd just a little more, he allowed a few growls and loud barks to leave his maw, chocolate eyes focused intensely upon the space where his next opponent would soon occupy. after another moment, a paw was revealed. he went into a flurry, pulling and yanking against the damned chain holding him back, paws skittering and nails beginning to scratch the hard pavement beneath him. who was it? who was he to maim tonight? the other dog ran out, being handled by his own human, growling and waving his head back and forth in protest against the chain. and suddenly, dan realized who it was.

    the adrenaline warming his blood soon ran cold, his veins swiftly turning to ice. the cane corso could hear his heartbeat in his ears, and soon that was all he could hear as the roar of the crowd died out. the scene moved in slow motion, his excitement immediately turned to shock as he realized the humans were heartless. heartless enough to pit him against his own brother. "ronald?" it was a whisper to himself, disbelief turning his intense gaze into one of panic. "ronny, no!" he choked out the words, a whimper caught in his throat as he forced himself backwards, away from the situation. his brother faced him and did the same, even backing into the damned being that held his leash so tightly. how dare they?

    the human behind dan yelled something inaudible and began to push him towards the center of the ring, towards ronny, but dan did his best to fight back. he dug his paws into the slippery concrete, loud whines of protest filling the air from both of the boys. eventually the being began kicking him, aiming directly towards his ribs, to add even more force to his pushing, finally causing the brothers to stand in the middle of the ring, facing one another. ronny began shaking his head, obviously willing his brother not to fight. but... dan knew what would happen if he didn't. if they both refused, they'd be taken into the back and beaten to death; he'd seen it done before from dogs who had been brought in but refused to fight, somehow making it out of the ring but never actually getting the opportunity to live. they had been beaten brutally with metal bats, usually straight to the side of the head for bigger dogs, but on occasion they liked to go for the torso. dan had witnessed so many broken bones....

    tears began to fill the dog's eyes as he reassessed the situation, adrenaline once more beginning to enter his body. either one died, or they both died. "i'm so sorry, ronny, i-" was he choked up right now? dan cleared his throat and gently shook his head, watching as his brother's eyes began to widen. "don't tell no one i ever said this, but... i love you. i love you, ronny." his last word was quieted as he lunged, sharp ivories aiming straight for the throat of his own sibling. his vision began to cloud from tears as ronald attempted to move away from him, but not in a fighting manor. he only tried to skitter away, paws churning away from dan with all of the might he had. "n-no!" ron choked out the word, breath becoming more of a rasp as it failed to enter and leave his lungs, blocked by dan's jaws.

    because ron had refused to fight, the crowd began to boo them, throwing rocks and whatever else they could find on the ground at the two dogs. god, all he wanted was for this to end... dan took a better hold of his sibling's neck and flipped him onto his side, slamming him upon the ground with enough force to rattle his ribs. he could hear quick breaths leaving ron's mouth, a quiet whine behind each of them as he fought for air against the teeth clamped around his throat. dan forced himself to squeeze down harder despite the muscle cramps beginning to torment his jaws, only wishing for his sibling's torture to end.

    it had been ronny who made dan laugh. he had always been the funny one of the three brothers, always capable of making a dire situation as light as a feather. it hadn't been long ago when dan had been in a particularly rough fight--one he had lost, but survived--and slammed into his cage, opening nearly every wound that had begun to close. that night, he had felt as if he was going to die in that hellhole. but there had been ron, just one cage over, his sympathetic whispers travelling through the bars. dan had heard them despite his inability to answer or to reciprocate the kind words he was receiving, too tired to eat or drink for days after the encounter. he liked to believe that ron knew how thankful he was for his brother and his words.

    ron didn't deserve this. dan knew that, but he also liked to believe that this was how he'd want to go out--at the hands of his brother instead of some stranger looking to gain a new title. a few more moments of flying debris and muscle cramps, and then it'd be over. just one more second... one more...

    a grand, shaky breath escaped the jaws of ronny as, finally, his life ended. dan had then realized that his eyes had been closed and he had been holding his breath, which he now decided to stop doing. unable to grasp what he had just done, the boy's jaws continued to clamp around ron's throat, his grip still steady. blood pooled around each ingrained tooth, soon trickling down to the floor to cause a slippery crimson mess. dan dared to glance at the still face of his brother, looking to find the loving, chocolate-hued eyes they both sported. all that was there was a lifeless, glazed expression, the male's mouth hanging slightly open.

    daniel awoke suddenly in the new prison cell he had received for staying with the renegades, eyes snapping open faster than they ever had. a scream-like noise erupted from the cane corso, his dead brother's emotionless gaze set forever within his mind. the scarred canine could still feel the cramp in his jaw, could still taste his family member's blood pooling into his mouth. the tang lingered within every inch of the inside of his mouth and he swore he could see the pool of crimson right next to his head, threatening to stain his own fur.




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