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    lakerose / shadowclan / female / tags & information


    lakerose was more than fed up with her life. she had lost everything in the span of a few months, and there was nothing to go back to in shadowclan. the marshes were no longer home, and all she wished for was some place to settle now. someplace far away from windclan or shadowclan, both her lineage and dens of lies that she refused to be part of.

    "minnownose." her voice was strong this time, though muffled from the mass of flowers she held between her teeth. there were no blooms no cover her half-wrecked face, however, and her wounds were on full display out of confidence, and not out of intimidation.

    "i'm joining. and.. well, i brought these."

  • //In which Minnow has a gay meltdown

    Minnownose was not the brightest of cats at times. Especially when her heart spoke before her brain. It's happened before, and it was most certainly happening now. The deputy was no fool, in fact she considered herself quite intelligent. When it came to border patrols, hunting, knowing her Clanmates. Being the motherly type and a strong second in command, maybe. But with this, well, not so much.

    In her defense, it's not her fault. Really. Who shows up with flowers saying she's joining! No cat Minnownose has ever met.

    Plus, from what she vaguely understood, the wounds being uncovered as a bold move. Minnownose remembers the first time she came across Lakerose since she received them.

    Either way, Minnownose barely skims the excesses of her mind when she responds.

    "I-wh-joining?" Minnownose echoes. Honestly, she was ecstatic. If a bit confused.

    "Is everything alright?"


    lakerose / shadowclan / female / tags & information


    "you think i would really stay in shadowclan looking like this?" lakerose tossed her face to one side, letting the sunlight that filtered through the trees illuminate her healing skin. between the snakes and the mud and the hesitant bloodclan alliance, the she-cat doubted she would've wanted to live there if she was even given the option - and she definitely didn't want to live amongst cats who lied about her heritage for the majority of her life.

    "what if i was hunting a frog and it jumped in my eye socket? what would i do then?"

  • "That would be quite the sight," Minnownose muses. Then it clicks in her mind that questioning what was happenig was not the best way to go. It definitely didn't come across as how happy she really was. Which was, clearly, a problem.

    The deputy clears her throat, as if to dislodge her own stupidity from it.

    "Sorry, I shouldn't be asking so many questions," She begins again. Take two. "I guess there'll be enough questions about it from everyone else. As long as everything's okay, well, as okay as it can be-I'm sure the Clan will be excited to have someone new around. I sure am."