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    Elvis Everett

    With the two on an adventure(more like Rambeau), they had their sights set on a new environment to explore that wasn’t the depths of hell or the heights of heaven. As Elvis as his faithful watch dog from the heavens that needed to watch his every move, he was told to follow Rambeau’s every move. Even so, the demon thought he could handle himself. What was he going to do anyways? Beat his loved ones? Char their skin with cigarettes? Burn up his house and kill his wife, along with an eight year old son, again due to his rowdy and impulsive habits? No. That mistake was not going to be made again. He was more ambitious this time around after his time within Hell. This second chance at life would not be wasted serving Satan’s torturous motive, but instead preserving Hell’s justice for those who deserved it.

    So, the two were off! Their choice was the Sanguine Ruins(once again, more like Rambeau). In truth, he only chose this place due to their fantastic warring policy and their selection of beautiful women for a genuine country man to indulge himself in. Despite that, they were going to have a fantastic time here. He could just tell.

    Rambeau strolled on up to the border with his eyes narrowed and jaws clenched in contemplation. This seemed like the place. Looking over his shoulder in hopes that Elvis was catching up, he let out a loud snort. ‘Slow poke.’ With his partner somewhere else, he assumed he’d start the customs early just so they could get into this sand-ridden desert faster. “Howdy!” the deep southern accented voice boomed out into the territory. “The name’s Rambeau and I’m here to take up a stay within the Sanguine Ruins for ‘ol time’s sake.” A broad sneer spread across his muzzle as he continued on. “Also have a friend coming with me if that’s okay. He’s low maintenance.” His brow line rose and questioned their opinions on the subject. They were a package deal, after all.


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  • [ eyy star ;o; ]

    Buckingham didn't exactly believe in a god- his biological parents tried to get him into StarClan when he was a kit, but that didn't work out. He guesses he knows why it didn't work out now, he accidentally killed them before they could try more. Their deaths was probably another reason why he doesn't believe in anything- he had been too focused on mourning their death, he didn't even come to think about having a religion. And after he got over their passing, he still hasn't opened up to the idea. Sanguine Ruins used to have a religion- that no one believed, even after the 'red god' came with a plague, zombies, and more. It ended up getting abandoned after that, which was good in Buckingham's eyes. Even though he doesn't believe in a god or a religion, he knows demons do exist.

    Demons are anywhere you step, there is nothing you can do to avoid them. The world can't be perfect, and they make up parts of the evil in the world. They can be real demons, like Dante, and some can be like demons- Ximen for example. Bucky pretty much saw Ximen was a demon, as who would do the unthinkable of brainwashing someone, even if they are the enemy? That guy, he did it to Bucky, and he was sure if Ximen wasn't dead somewhere, they'd love to do it again.

    The maine coon was the first one to pad in, his gaze landing onto Rambeau- who pretty much towered over Bucky. This was probably the one disadvantage of being a domestic feline, mostly everyone is far larger than Bucky. He can look pretty tiny, but he's quite mighty. "Hello Rambeau- you and your friend can stay here. Welcome to the Sanguine Ruins," The assassin meowed, with a swish of his tail. He hasn't seen another person nearby, he wondered how far off Rambeau's colleague is. "I'm Buckingham Barnes by the way, feel free to call me Bucky." 

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  • Divine intervention was something Jiji was slowly beginning to come to accept and treasure for all it's virtues and vices. Something hidden in the lost books of yester year, unearthed by whatever omnipotent power had bestowed that gift of knowledge upon the snow-white child's mind. It had first thought to been that magnetic power, electrifying as it drew in Jiji's playful mind, but had turned out to be another benign force. Whatever it was, Jiji was willing to place bets it wasn't the same one drawing in the pair of foreigners on Sanguine Ruins' doorstep.

    Jiji trotted behind the comforting form of her father, littler boot-adorned paws making little "poots" as they connected with the sand's soft form. Ruby red gaze came drifting upwards to meet the ones of both newcomers with a scrutinising edge to them which seemed unfitting to such a small and young child. Too much of an old man's grumpy stare rather than a sweet child and promptly silence befell of the child's form.

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  • 「 i am flesh and blood my love — but all you see is a ghost 」

    Jacob took an immediate liking to this stranger. Not because of any particular words he said but rather because of the way he said him. The accent reminded him of his Pa. He knew it was silly to get attached due to something as simple as an accent but it was all Jacob needed to decide he was going to invite this man and his friend over for dinner and make them the best pasta and cookies he knew how to make. A wide smile spread across his maw as he approached the small crowd, his tail waving back and forth in a blur of excitement. "Hi, sir! M' name's Jacob. Lemme' know if ya' need anythin' like food or water or anythin' like that. I cook n' bake a whole lot so if ya' need somethin' ta' eat ya' can jus' feel free ta' ask," he offered. It was impossible to hide the edge of excitement from his voice at the mention of having dinner guests.



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  • “I heard that,”, snapped a grouchy, southern voice from a few feet behind Rambeau. Wether it was referring to the internal jab in reference to the drag of his gait, or the comment on how low maintenance he was, was unclear; however, there was truth in both claims. The angelic canine was absolutely taking his sweet time as his first assignment approached the sandy boarder like he owned it, and it was more than evident that Elvis on the other hand didn’t even want to be here- with the main meaning of here being alive, and on earth. There was nothing more in the cosmos that he wished for more than to finally achieve death, but it was always just out of reach, no matter how he tried. And oh how he tried.

    How ironic it was that a soul seeking nothing but to expel itself from existence was forced into the role of an immortal.

    As for the low maintenance, there was in fact a noticeable change in his needs. It seemed he no longer required sustenance to survive, nor did he need sleep- yet another unfortunate turn of advents. What would he unwillingly discover about his new form next? With a tired sigh, Elvis glanced over his shoulder to run his gaze down his sleek golden-brown wings. He knew the appendages were shielded from gaze of most, but vaguely wondered if anyone else could see them, or if it was up to him to revel their existence. Not that he even knew how. There was a lot he didn’t know about his ‘kind’ and himself, but there was even more out of his control.

    His assignments for example: Rambeau was his first and though it was his job to monitor the demonic entity, it didn’t seem like he planned to raise hell anytime soon, even if his charred past suggested otherwise. This relocation of theirs was strategic, because wether Ram knew so or no, yet another assignment resided within the deserts scorching confines. Perhaps they would stumble upon they boy soon, but even then, Elvis had no idea how he was to explain himself. Irritation at the position deepened his frown; and though he realized he was upon the Ruins’ boarder, as well as its members there to greet them, his sour expression did not ease up.

    Suddenly coming to a hard stop besides Ram, Elvis’ chin tilted down to observe the creatures who called this place home, and among them was his guard assignment. His frown became more uncomfortable than irritated as he recognized Jacob immediately, and all of the sudden, the pressure of his task fell heavy onto his shoulders. What a sweet kid he seemed to be already. With a flick of his ear, he pushed his heterochromic gaze onto the rest of the strangers. “Elvis Everett,”, he introduced himself bluntly, visibly cringing at sound of his name with such an illiterate sounding accent. “Thank you for lettin’ us stay.”




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    Buckingham Barnes, was it? That was quite a mouthful. The cougar pursed his lips together in thought, only to speak his mind after coming to a decision. "Buckingham Barnes, eh?" he enthused curiously. "I'll stick with Barnes." After all, a man from the southern parts of the country loved his Barnes. Bad joke? Yes. Was it worth it? Oh hell yeah. "Thank you for the humble welcome to this humble abode, Mr. Barnes." With a delighted swish of his tail, he strutted past the border and offered his first mate to arrive a dramatic dip of his head, along with a subtle one towards Jiji who remained silent. They'd have to speak up sooner or later. Unless this one was mute. Well, fuck, who knew these days...

    As he fell to his bottom, the male's paw rose to his stomach after acknowledging Jacob's comment. "Heavens, I could go for some grub, bucko," Rambeau commented. "Let's make it a date. You can make me dinner sometime and then I'll-" His words trailed off momentarily, figuring out what he could offer in response to such a thing. "-figure something out." With that in mind, he figured that this Jacob kid would be a good aspect to him. A friend all the way. For a demon, that went a long way, even if he wasn't the bad kind of demon. Just a country lovin' justice seeker being watched by this dickhead angel.

    Speak of the devil(who was also an angel!). "You hear a lot of things, sweetie." A cocky smile flashed upon his lips. His paw aimed to clap lightly along the male's back in an attempt to push him forward so he could socialize. "Elvis is such a let down sometimes. He needs to lighten up." Even God couldn't fix his damn attitude.

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  • TAGS && his rank had been first forged as priest- a heavy phrase suggesting divinity stained finger tips and pomegranate seeds stuck within sacred, ivory teeth where prophecy's fell pass honeycomb curve of tongue in a faltered promise to never sing songs of blasphemy. pretty little priest with wide star dipped eyes- that's what he'd been. but he'd never devoted himself to the red god, he never doubted the other's existence, but he knew that the grotesque celestial with hatred stained, pungent nature was real and that the aforementioned wasn't the sole thing walking amongst moon lit clouds. so why should he have been worshipped specifically? hypokrisis had not been an ideal priest, for he'd never been very good at bowing down. but spirits had always found a fondness in him, and he was to save dying ideals best he could.

    until barabra abolished them.

    no more religion, no more believers, and no more control of the mortal plane. the creature forged of ivory and gold could still feel utter hatred seething within pelt, could still taste metallic fear upon tongue, could still recall grotesque nature of soul's being grapsed within the void, wretched god's reach. it had been horrible, scaring, traumatic. how was he to know that from that point forward they'd be connected? that the red god was a vengeance seeking demon of brim-stone and splitting bone who'd never allow for hypokrisis to rest eyes. who'd forced life back within body of a lifeless doll who'd been such a perfect martyr for a war's end, one who'd made him become utterly raw and wild and graceless. who caused gracious eyes of doll's parts and dreaming blue to always be searching, searching, searching for something he didn't even know. missing, missing, looking, looking. for he can't rest, . for even if he did, the agony which tinted heart and soul wouldn't allow for sleep to creep into unknown corners to be awoken in the first place; because when eyelids closed, memories projected across the black. death, blood, gold, a god spitting fire and fury pungent red a war with blood splintered teeth.

    but he can't think about that now, he has to think of his clan. so he takes a breath, and gathers the pieces together.

    the creature forged of god's ambrosia and doll's parts steps forward, endearing hesitance within nature of steps as he stood unsure as sweet summer rain's first drizzle. but regardless, he comes with a tragedy lined half-smile upon lovely face of rose and pearl, as if he were scared to fully commit, as i he'd forgotten what smiling truly was. as one examined it further, it was more so a thoughtful slight upturn of parsley lips than anything else. "Welcome home, Rambeau" came words sickly-sweet, so soft one could strain to hear it. he found amusement as rembau descirbed bucky's name as a mouthful, wondering, with a form of laughing charm, what the newcomer would think of his own name. regardless, the pair seemed interesting, most notably the more silent of the two. eyes of dreams and ichor met with ancient forest and endless skies. there was something about the other, something he recognized as different. how was he to know a demon and an angel now looked each other in the eyes. in truth, elvis was quite intimidating- but hypokrisis was not in least deferred. for he was a strong-willed, defiant creature. even like this. "I'm sure your friend has his reasons," he suggests, ghost of amusement at the other's antics within tone. it was nice, a distraction, something to make him not so hallow. "I'm Hypokrisis," he nods, gaze looking to side for but a moment, as if searching for something which wasn't there.

  • 「 i am flesh and blood my love — but all you see is a ghost 」

    Jacob looked at the two men before him in complete adoration. There were two. Two people like his Pa in the same day. Had he died and gone to Heaven? No, if he was in Heaven then he'd see Lottie and Harrison standing before him. That was a silly question. Besides, he wasn't sure if his Pa would go to Heaven. Not because of anything he'd done but because he wasn't sure if he really believed in such things. Harry had never talked much about religion and Jacob had never thought to ask. He knew that he was part of some group called 'Navajo' but Jacob didn't know a lot about it outside of the beautiful ponchos and blankets his Pa had made him. Maybe he'd try to find some books about them. "Hi, mister Elvis! 'S real nice ta' meet ya' both. If ya' want anythin', I'm gonna' walk back ta' camp but if ya' wanna' talk ta' everyone still tha's alright too. But we can meet whenever ya' want n' I can make some spaghetti n' cookies! It'll be real nice, I promise," he said, a wide smile spread across his maw as he began to turn. His bad leg buckled for a moment but he forced himself to stand and began what would be a long walk back to camp for him. Why had he tried coming out here when his leg had felt so bad this morning? He supposed it didn't matter now, he just needed to focus on getting back home.



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  • Oh, he could lighten up alright- he could light Rambeau's ass up, that was for sure. A lazy, half sneer pulled at Elvis' lips as a wide pressure connected with his unmarked back, and though he visibly tensed as if ready to strike, he made no attempts to remove his assignment's paw. Per usual, he would just wait for the other to slide his touch away, because as unfortunate as it was, this one was rather... physical. What he has done to receive such punishments, he did not know, but the list was ever growing. Perhaps worst of all was the horrid southern twang that muddled his words in a disgusting presentation of verbal illiteracy that irked him to the core. It made him envious of the life he had lived in deafness.

    Most would be grateful for a second chance, and even more so for one that served a genuine purpose, but all Elvis could do was resent the dead. Perhaps if he was lucky, maybe someday God would allow him to rest among their slumbering souls- or at least he assumed it was up to a god. Truthfully, not even many of the angels knew whether or not God was still out there, yet they followed ancient orders nonetheless like mindless sheep. Typical.

    New movement pulled Elvis' hardened heterochromic gaze down to the next creature that approached, immediately sensing the demonic energy that was emitted. A skinny little thing he was, but lovely in spite of it all- even his dark, frayed soul harbored something beautiful within. Vaguely intrigued, the canine let his sights pull over the other for a moment as he observed all that he could in the fleeting moments before another voice demanded his attention.

    'Hypokrisis', he echoed inwardly as he listed to Jacob's little spiel, and what was nearly a smile twitched at his features. There was a lot that Elvis hated, but children had never made the list, and his guard assignment was no different. "Hello, Jacob, it's nice to meetcha too,", he responded politely, repressing the urge to cringe at his pronunciations. The boy seemed kindhearted already, which was both a positive an a negative- positive because it allowed him such a lovely out look on life, but negative because he knew something had happened (or would soon) since he had become an assignment. "I'd be great of you to show us back to base." Pleased with his words of encouragement, the guardian readied himself to follow in suit with paternal instincts kicking in already, which became obvious as Jake's bad leg buckled beneath him and Elvis nearly lunged to steady him- barely managing to retain himself halfway through the movement.




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  • Oops, he was a bit late to this party. Two joiners, eh? They seemed like quite a pair, and he couldn't help but snicker a bit as he watched the introductions go down. But he wouldn't let them get away without hearing him say his piece, so he stepped in with his typical proud flourish, eyeing the newcomers with a level gaze and a grin. "Well, welcome," he offered, head tipped slightly to one side. The way that one, Rambeau, spoke, it was hard to stifle his laughter, but regardless. "I'm Primal. You've already got quite the helpful crew here, but if you need an extra set of ears for gods know what reason," he trailed off, flicking his ears and gesturing to himself. "Well, you know."

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