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  • In an attempt to bring more members to our board, we're going to have a mass adoption!

    here is the thread

    1. Parents:
    2. Species:
    3. Number of slots:
    4. Age to start roleplaying:
    5. Backstory:
    6. Relations:
    7. Other:

    So far:

    Parents: NPC x NPC

    Species: any

    Number of slots: 4

    Age to start roleplaying: any

    Backstory: These kids will be found in Thunderlands territory by Samuel while he is hunting. He will bring them back to the village and adopt them

    Relations: they will be adopted by Samuel (current Vice-Sovereign of T.L., former Rainmaker of Riverside) and Nymeria (current Knight of T.L, and medic apprentice)

    Other: please stay in T.L. until 6 months of age, please no depressing/evil/etc names they will be loved


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  • Parents: Akumu xx NPC

    Species: Lions (most likely Cave lions or some hybrid)

    Number of slots: 2

    Age to start roleplaying: 4-11 months

    Backstory: One of many of Akumu's drunken litters, these kiddos were likely left by their mother. As such, they may be looking for their father.

    Relations: here.

    Other: These kiddos may be partially darkness so that can include stuff like shadows coming off of their pelts! It also encourages psychological disorders such as NPD, sociopathy, and psychopathy.

    They will publicly carry the Aerchium name but will privately carry the Daremo, Uenm and Ongnyen ones.

    Parents: Akumu xx Temperance

    Species: Domestic Cats

    Number of slots: 3

    Age to start roleplaying: 10 months

    Backstory: One of many of Akumu's drunken litters, he and Temperance has a fling. At the time, she appeared to take care of them, only to dump her onto the demon’s doorstep.

    Relations: here. + Temperance was leader of SylvanClan.

    Other: These kiddos may be partially darkness so that can include stuff like shadows coming off of their pelts! It also encourages psychological disorders such as NPD, sociopathy, and psychopathy.

    They will publicly carry the Aerchium name but will privately carry the Daremo, Uenm and Ongnyen ones.

  • Code
    1. Parents: Marlon x npc (Prince's littermates)
    2. Species: Any (keep in mind their birth bodies were/are feline)
    3. Number of slots: 3
    4. Age to start roleplaying: 15 months
    5. Backstory: As stated, these children will be Prince's littermates and will follow the storyline of them being born in the Thunderlands before being separated around 5 months old. Prince will reunite with them during a chance meeting at the Thunderland borders. All remaining backstory between these events is up to the individual rper of these siblings to work out if they wish.
    6. Relations: Connected to the Nocturnus and Enlightened family trees.
    7. Other: My only guideline for these kids are that they have a similar naming to Prince, as in they are named after positions of royalty (King, Queen, Princess, Duke, etc.) and hold the middle name of "Merry-Go-Round". It will be a birthname, but you are free to change them to whatever you wish.
    8. Carrying the Nocturnus and Enlightened last names are optional.
    9. Prince is going to love his siblings so much and will aim to be close to them.


  • Parents: Triggerhappy × npc

    Species: any

    Number of slots: 3

    Age to start roleplaying: 2 months

    Backstory: product of a one night stand

    Relations: n/a

    Other: Will be half demons due to Trig being a demon. Won't be close to their mother due to her being very distant. Must stay in T.L for at least two weeks IRL, and please remain active with them

    Parents: npc × npc (sibling to Triggerhappy)

    Species: any (born a golden retriever like Trig)

    Number of slots: 1

    Age to start roleplaying: 2.5 years

    Backstory: since Trig was not born a demon, she once was mortal and had a family. At six months, after being abused sexually/physically/mentally by her father since birth, she made a deal with a demon to make her mother and father disappear in exchange for her becoming a demon. She left her sibling untouched due to the fact that they had nothing to do with her abuse, and might have even gone through it themselves.

    Relations: Triggerhappy's sibling

    Other: This sibling is a blank slate, with the exception of their origin story (see backstory). It is up to you whether or not they experienced the same abuse as Triggerhappy, as she would not know either way. It is up to you if they praise her or despise her upon learning that she got rid of their parents, however they will not have any knowledge of this until they confront her and she admits to it. Please stay within T.L for at least two real weeks, and let me know if you're going to be inactive with them

  • Parents: Adopted by Regis

    Species: Ravens (preferably having shape-shifting to allow access to other bodies)

    Number of slots: 4

    Age to start roleplaying: 8-15 months

    Backstory: Regis began to develop an interest in ravens, viewing them as intelligent avians that could prove most useful for his work. Taking in orphaned chicks he then raised them with care and love, training them to perform tasks and to run errands for him.

    Relations: Adoptive parent is Regis (so by default you get adoptive uncle Dettlaff and Auntie Orianna)


    1. Parents: Beverly x Sans
    2. Species: Serval
    3. Number of slots: 5
    4. Age to start roleplaying: 5 Months (Able to age freely, as long as they aren't ridiculously older then Beverly.)
    5. Backstory: Beverly was wanting more relatives for her family, so she decided to adopt and have kids herself. Sans was a former Shadow Veiler with a current broken attitude, after going completely depressed due to most of siblings dying, not being able to help his last living sibling, and losing his girlfriend to the Renegades for a while. Sans then proceeded to attack his former mate after she came back from thin air, while Beverly seemed to observe afterwards while the serval moped about, soon getting completely drunk. Beverly thought this wasn't the best father figure, but she decided it wouldn't hurt anyone if she made kids with him. After she knew she was pregnant, she decided to kill off Sans, as she thought no one would notice. Although after the kids are born, she will seem like a sweet mother figure, saying that Sans just left after he knew she was pregnant. So the kids will have a hatred for their assumed 'living' father, while the kids would most likely have a bond with Beverly.
    6. Relations: From both families: Amachi and Resurgam; Beverly and Sans were both Npc x Npc. Most relatives are dead.
    7. Other: -Carry both Amachi and Resurgam last names, -Stay in the Thunderlands for 2-4 Weeks before moving, -Try to stay active for at least a month or so (In RL) or the slot will be wiped and someone else will be picked, -No depressing names please, Beverly will pretend to love them and probably they will grow on her!
    8. Also: Will be put in the Amachi family guide, so they can be tracked, and will be able to freely plot with Beverly whenever.
  • Parents: Feliks xx NPC

    Species: Wolves

    Number of slots: 4

    Age to start roleplaying: 5-6 Moons

    Backstory: These kids will be the product of a one night stand whilst Feliks was still living in the Cartel. When he finds out that their mother was killed in a raid, Feliks chose to whisk them away from their home and give them a place to live in the Thunderlands where it was deemed 'safer'.

    Relations: Feliks himself is NPC x NPC, however these kids will be directly HPR as he is currently a Head Commander of the Thunderlands. Furthermore, he is a former leader of both BlizzardClan and BoneClan, and is a former Deputy of the Cartel.

    Other: n/a


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  • Parents: Unknown x Unknown (Siblings of Nymeria)

    Species: Border collie

    Number of slots: Three

    Age to start roleplaying: 24 months (2 years)

    Backstory: These pups came from a litter of purebred border collies in Slovenia

    with good kennel lines (mother and father were show dogs). They were originally

    owned by loving owners but they somehow got free and found their sister here.

    Relations: Nymeria, sister (Knight and Medic apprentice)

    Other: Stay in the Thunderlands for at least over a month

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