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  • he was burning.

    water. where was the water?

    oh god, everything hurt so much. oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. the heat was licking up his legs and kissing the softness of his stomach, searing burns into his delicate skin. he twisted his body left, right, left again, and then right one more. the fire continued to engulf him into its hellish fangs, setting his flesh and fur aflame.

    water. he needed water.

    he started to scream. stop it. stop it. he just wanted it stop. it hurt. it hurt so much, why wouldn't it just stop just why wouldn't it stop, please. he fell to the floor screaming, rolling and twisting in endless agony. the hellfire continued to eat away at his pitiful being, crackling into fiery laughter amongst his angry and pained cries.

    "milo!" he screamed, eyes burning. "milo! where are you!? milo!" nothing. nothing but the flames dancing upon his body and the smell of burning fur filling his nose. "hiro, you bitch! i'll fucking kill you! i'll-" the flame erupted in an explosion of sparks and angry orange, swallowing him up whole once more.

    water, he thought. water. 

    he was burning up, melting away into nothing. surely drowning would be better than this hell. he started to cry. he wanted nothing more but to drown. as if answering to his calls, the cloud of smoke around him began to seep down into the depths of his throat, eating away at his lifeline and drowning him in tortuous, infinite flames. he coughed wheezes of painful agony, and then started to scream until his voice began to tear, claws digging into the warmth of his face. blood began to run down his cheeks in swift streams, and he looked at his stained paws in hunger, sobbing tears of miserable relief.

    water. he shakily brought a paw up to his face and examined the scarlet fluids in utter joy. poking his parched tongue out into the sizzling air, he dragged it along his paw and swallowed every. single. drop. water. water. water. water. water, water, water, water, waterwaterwaterwaterwaterwaterwaterwaterwaterwater-

    nikko woke with a start.

    ... a dream?

    slowly, he rose from the floor of the apprentices' den like a waking corpse. he stood dead still for a few silent moments, his jade green eyes staring unseeingly into the ground below. oh? he noticed the soil between his toes was scuffed and tossed about, deep gashes clawed into the dirt floor. had that always been there? nikko lifted his eyes and numbly realized that the other apprentices crowded in the small area were gathered around at the very edge of the den, as far away as possible from him. he regarded their looks of fear and suspicion with a dismissive sway of the tail. were they mad that he ruined their hard-earned den? oh, well. nikko was feeling in higher spirits today, so maybe he would gather up the motivation to offer an (half assed) apology for messing up their poor den later.

    "oh my," he mused with a sigh. "have i woken everyone up? my deepest, sincerest apologies." nikko brushed past a terrified NPC apprentice and out into the camp, unconcerned about the blood on his claws or about the blood dripping down his scarred face. humming a toneless tune under his breath, the black tom began to make his merry way out of the camp. a dark smile danced upon his lips.

    oh, how his scars stung like a bitch.

    ((right i've kinda been neglecting this guy and i couldn't figure out any sane way to get him back up and running in the clan, so...))


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  • the one time she managed to fall asleep in the apprentice den just had to be the one time someone decided to have a nightmare. heavy lids lifted and she stared at the wall in front of her as she listened to the thrashings of a cat on the other side of the den. she wondered what someone could possibly be dreaming about for them to make such a commotion. the way things sounded, they could be fighting ten bears. or maybe they were just dreaming of having a dance party. or maybe they really had to poop but couldn’t. whatever it was, daisypaw hoped she wasn’t like that in her sleep. how annoying.

    suddenly the noise stopped, and daisypaw turned her head to see who had been making such a scene. she saw nikko standing, apologizing. somehow she didn’t think it was that sincere, but her brain was fried with exhaustion so she wasn’t sure. “i’ll never forgive you,” she responded through a yawn, clearly joking but still a bit annoyed.

    her eyes followed him out of the den entrance, wondering where he could possibly be going at this hour. the dirtplace...i knew it, it was a poop dream, she thought, and a small snort of amusement escaped her.


    jumped out of fire 

    into frostbite

    skyclan warrior female 13 moons

  • Reedripple was no stranger to the waking of night, nor one to the moon and its stars. Never a stranger to that which held meaning in the dark.
    He was, after all, a cat often peeking his eyes into the gleam of the dark.

    Be that metaphorical or real.

    Not something to be said, he supposed, better to keep quiet with a smile than to dance the line of danger. No need for that which is not necessary.

    Though he knew little on Nikko, nothing beyond the passing look and name, he did find interest in his dedication. The current one, the walking away, the leaving. The stress of something that pooled from his flesh.
    What an oddity.
    Much an oddity.
    Not that Reedripple found anything wrong with oddities, after all, he'd grown quite fond of the little one he'd found that decided to be his shadow.

    "Nikko," he called, "where are yo off to at such a time?"

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  • nikko stopped in his tracks at the sharp sound of a voice cutting through the cold night air, his graceful stride coming to a gradual halt. he turned with a tilt of his head and addressed the unfamiliar cat with a quiet blink of dull, green eyes. his face grew tense at the sight of reedripple, the fur on his hackles rising to accompany the look of raw anger that washed over his face like a storm, violent and uneasy. for a moment he bristled in silent fury, but then with a flash of puzzlement he relaxed into a posture of tranquility.

    no, this couldn't be them. this cat had something sitting on his shoulder. that wasn't right, was it?

    "ah, well... i was just planning on heading to the river and getting a drink. i'm rather parched, you see." nikko offered a dry(heh) smile, tail swaying back and forth. "not a great feeling, should you know. it feels like my throat is... is... it feels like..." nikko's train of thought came to a grating stop, his body shuddering. an explosion of agony hit his throat, shriveling and setting flame to whatever had been left of it.

    suffocating. he was suffocating.

    water. water. water water water water water.

    the scarred tom slowly turned around and continued down his original path without another word. his walk was an uneven gait, and it made him sway back and forth with every step he took, almost as if he was on the verge of collapsing. but he made every step. every step. and the something on his shoulder would make sure he would continue to make every single step.

    "i'll kill you," he laughed, grinning to himself. "i'll fucking kill you..."


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  • Nikko was an odd boy, Reedripple decided, eyes watching his hackles with an interest. Maybe too much interest, but, then again, picking up oddities was something he often did.
    An odd boy, yes, he decided, but, oh certainly but, he was a very complex one.

    Reedripple couldn't help but hold curiosity for whatever danced in Nikko's head. What made him act and feel the way he did. Who'd settled those actions within his head?
    Who had set Nikko up for this night?

    Reedripple's whisker's twitched.
    Did the boy even have any friends?
    The most he knew was Sharkpaw was very, very opinionated on him.

    For a while Reedripple was silent, watching the younger cat move and speak in a manner that had him curious on what was really making him speak.
    To the river.
    For thirst?
    His eyes shined as Nikko's train of thought disappeared. Would it be best to leave the apprentice be? Or, or would it be best to be a terrible parent who stood by their child?

    His nose screwed up at the thought.
    He was no father to this cat.

    "Will you manage on your own?" despite the fact the words were that of concern his tone didn't hold the same value.
    He followed Nikko to the edge, watching him, he didn't expect much of an answer.
    "Are you able, on your own? Your head seems full."
    Reedripple blinked, watching him move on.
    Nikko was an odd thing.

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