Let's Share (tell the community about your favorite things)!

  • Hello everyone!

    In FeralFront's ongoing effort to get everyone involved and/or having fun (hopefully both ;) ), we're going to add another way to participate with the FeralFront community and share what you're passionate about with everyone.

    We're looking to start releasing regular articles. The articles should be about something that'd be generally interesting to the FeralFront community. Good examples are video games, books, movies, gaming peripherals, and writing tips. That isn't an exhaustive list, though; we'll certainly consider anything else you think the FeralFront community might be interested in!

    If you're interested in writing for FeralFront, send me a DM on Discord or a Conversation here on FeralFront. The articles should generally be between 1,000 and 2,000 words, with somewhere in the middle being ideal. When you contact me, we'll work out the best way to cover the topic you're interested in, and then we'll get a sweet article posted up with an author credit to you!

    For something more serious, FeralFront will also consider articles about the struggles we all face every day, such as depression, anxiety, being part of a minority, or even just your personal story (if it's inspirational and uplifting). I will scrutinize these articles heavily, and will reject any that I feel have even the slightest bit of attention seeking attached. A good article of this type can help many people, but an article that comes across as attention seeking or insincere can be devastating.

    I would be sincerely honored to help anyone tell their (inspirational and uplifting) story, or share the methods they use to combat their anxiety, depression, or other personal demons. Again, just DM me on Discord or send me a Conversation here on Feralfront. :)