Angel Beats!:〔ReMemory〕

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  • Iyna held a blink in frustration, however Niko's response calmed him "-... I was thinking the same, Niko. It's the most reasonable option to not drawing too much attention" dropping his arms down to his sagging pockets he slumped back "But, to be fair,our options are pretty limited..." he looked in between Niko and Rune slowly before sighing while looking up into the sky above "Alright. Lets give it at shot." he glanced back at crush "We'll make sure to grab you one, just... stay here, be alert but act casual. If anything happens inside you can stay back and be the ace in our sleeve" turning back towards the door Iyna took in a breath "Honesty and thievery." he looked from Niko to Rune in respective order "Alright, lets get it done. I'll stick with Rune to set up a distraction so follow my lead. You do your thing Niko" opening the door he walked in, holding it and looking back as if he didn't know Rune or Niko.

    "...eromyna od ot tahw wonk t'ond I"

    " Do you remember me? "

    " Well, I suppose that doesn't matter anymore "

    " Those times are gone, after all "

    " Hello... Friend? "

    " Oh, sorry. I guess that's cheating..."

    " I'll just wait in your memory~ "

    " ...You'll remember me though, right? "

    " . . . Please . . . "

    " ...ll'I...ll'I ...yrros m'I"

  • Rune decided to wait a few seconds before walking back in as well, to make herself seem less suspicious. She hopes she could at least join in some exciting action at some point.

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  • Crush gave a thumbs up, heading towards a column nearby to lean against, and watch. Due to his height, he could easily see the group in the sea of students, but he could see the crowd as well, moving in his peripherals. He hadn't really questioned it until now, but as he remained still he realized he was picking out gaps in the crowd. He had thought that he was just so big that people moved around him, but in fact he was subtly slipping through gaps just large enough for him. It was certainly a bit of a surprising revelation to him. When had he picked up this skill? Was it related to where he had woken up, in the locker room? Panic set in for a moment as he had been so deep in thought he lost track of Iyna and the others. Swiveling his head, he quickly found them again.

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  • Niko waited a few moments before walking in after Rune. He looked around and found multiple targets that were promising. He got took his position in the back of the line and waited for the two to make the distraction. He was a little nervous yet at the same time he felt as if he had done something similar to this before. He didn't know what it was but he couldn't shake this feeling and it made him feel slightly less nervous about how successful the mission will be.