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    Domitian couldn't sleep. He hadn't slept much last night, either, for that matter, and he was pretty sure he would start seeing things soon if he couldn't fall asleep. Then again, with everything that's been happening and the strange creatures that surrounded him, who knew what was real. The tiger felt a shiver run up his spine, and shook out his fur, as though that would lift the weight of anticipation and fear off of his shoulders. He resumed his pacing, his claws clicking against the hard ground. There was barely room for him to walk; two or three steps, and then he would turn around and march towards the other wall. Staying still, however, was impossible. If he didn't keep moving, the claustrophobia would get to him.

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  • The Force had lured him here- it was hidden, like an underlying beast. He had to make a stop by here, of course. It started with the dust- leftover sand being picked up and moved in a whisp, glowing blue and floating. The bars beginning to rattle and creek, and little pebbles falling from the ceiling.

    Then there he was, his body beginning to take shape from his paws, and forming robes and fur and mane.

    The Lion stood outside the cage, looking in on the tiger and interrupting the darkness with his glowing blue body.

    "I see Depur still keep slaves." He commented, lips curling and glancing the cage up and down. "How'd they get you?"

  • Domitian stiffened, watching, statue-like, as the supernatural phenomena manifested. His mother had warned him: the clans were full of witches. He'd been greedy, thought he could steal off of clan land, and now he was paying the price for his arrogance.

    Oh, good, the spirit- whatever and whoever it was, for it clearly wasn't any of Domitian's family come back to offer advise in this trying time- wanted to talk. Best appease it; he didn't know what sorts of magic it possessed.

    "I was captured while attempting to steal food," he admitted, his tone carefully even. Domitian had been taught better than to try to lie to fay creatures- who know what vengeance they had in store for those who crossed them.

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    “On Blood- Ruins land? Wow. You got guts, kid.” Or he had been ignorant about it and now the dirty anti-clanners were gonna kill him for it.

    “I don’t much like them either. Especially Barbara. There’s just something really aggravating about somebody smaller than you talking down to you, don’t you think?”

    “Don’t worry. I’m not with them.” He said, trying to calm the kid’s nerves, and glancing for any chains or locks. He would never wish Slavery on anyone, even his enemies.

    “I was once where you are now, though.” He pointed out, shaking his mane and staring at the inside of the cage. “The bars are new though.”

    “What’s your name, kid?”

  • "I'm Domitian... Barbara, is she the light tabby? She never introduced herself, but she's the one who grabbed me." It was nice for someone to say he 'had guts', as well, be he didn't comment on it. He'd been too weak to hunt, so he'd headed for the nearest clan and hoped he could slip by in the crowd. Clearly, it hadn't worked out how he'd hoped. Still, everyone here thought he was a coward. Let at least one think something more of him. "Packs a real punch for someone so small." For an instant, he felt normal- just a regular guy, having a conversation. Then reality came crashing back in. He was a prisoner, talking to what was either a hallucination caused by sleep-deprivation, or an unnatural spirit. He almost didn't know what he hoped was the truth.

    It was good, to know the possibly-a-hallucination wasn't one of the Clanners. What wasn't reassuring what the state the stranger was in now. "Did you die here? I mean, did they kill you?" More importantly, Domitian wondered, were they planning to kill him? "They want me to fight other prisoners. I'm- I'm not a warrior. But I'll do what I have to, to survive."

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    “Anakin Skywalker.” He greeted back, introducing himself.

    ”And yeah, I think so. Stupid cat.” He pondered, shrugging. “They’re easier to ignore if you start stereotyping them. A lot of anti-groups are the same.”

    “Nah. I was captive here for a bit, though.” He waved his had, an illusion appearing off in the corner. The images of a creature with robotic gorilla arms and the body structure of a lion, with tattered robes and broken armor, standing protectively over a trio of black leopard cubs. “The Exiles did something similar to what you’re talking about.” the illusion vanished.

    ”I let Dystopia capture me once. I broke her wing in return.”

    “Surviving.” Anakin understood that just fine. Didn’t like it, however. “How Old are you?”

  • "Eighteen moons," he responded. It was common for young tigers to travel with their parents for thirty moons before going their own ways, but his mother was not so patient as others. Perhaps seeing her surviving son was a painful reminder of the rest of the litter. In any case, he was out on his own- older than many adult Clanners, but still, physically and mentally, a child. As soon as he was capable of hunting for himself, he was on his own. He missed her.

    His expression crumpled, and for a moment the terror of his situation showed through. He didn't cry, though; he couldn't. He'd thought earlier that maybe a good cry would make him feel better, but no tears would come. Instead, he took a deep breath, in through his nose, and out through his mouth, the way his mother had taught him, back before everything had happened. When he was done, his face was calm again, devoid of emotion. He could survive this. He was the survivor of the family. No matter what, he wouldn't let this world end him.

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  • "Clans are full of witches and monsters," Domitian said, reciting his mother's most important lesson. "It's not safe to go near them." His current situation only served to reinforce the beliefs that had been drilled into his head by his grieving mother. "I'll stay a loner until I die, which it looks like is going to happen sooner, rather than later," he added, his grim joke delivered in a perfect deadpan. Nothing like a little observational humor to lighten the mood.

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    The light changed, Anakin's glowing presence retreating and the room becoming dim as Anakin's aura reduced to a nightlight. "Do I look like a monster to you?" His tone was accusatory this time, but Anakin checked himself, and grumbled again, then breathed, his light reaching back out and the room washing in blue again.

    "Clans are full of creatures." He turned, "This," he said, pulling away the cover of the entrance to show the rest of the camp. "Is not the best example," he shrugged and released the cover in that 'Okay, yeah, but-' sort of style and turned back to the tiger.

    "People join clans for the security- feeling you belong somewhere, companionship, numbers." He gestured back to the rest of the camp. "Why do you think a bunch of psychopaths like hanging around eachother?"

    "But I can see where you're coming from, as an outsider. Dystopia- as an example- she was a female lion with a mane, a scorpion tail, bat wings, red eyes, ram horns- I hated her. She disgusted me." He paused, "I've... met many animals now, in my time." He sat. "All shapes and sizes. You met Ivan, the Polar Bear. Pine Martens, hybrids, giant spiders, hyenas, moose, pacifist dogs with glasses, animals that used to be people. I could go on."

    "You... met my daughter." He said, his tail now flicking under his robe. "Little lion cub." His gaze remet the tiger. "She's a good kid."

    He glanced back to the exit. "And Domitian, I want you live longer than I did."

  • "You are glowing," Domitian pointed out cautiously. Still, perhaps Anakin was inured to the strangeness that surrounded Clan life. He listened carefully to the rest of Anakin's words, pausing for a moment when he mentioned his daughter. He let out a huff of laughter, smiling at relative brightness of the memory compared to his current situation. "She chased me up a tree," he said wistfully. Oh, how good it would feel to be outside again, to climb a tree again, to get in an argument again- with someone who wasn't likely to kill him. "Believe me, I'm doing everything I can to survive, but I've got know way of knowing if it's gonna be enough."

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    “I’m glowing because I’m dead.” He pointed back out, making a face. “My family is invested in the Force. It’s complicated. I gave my life to it and now I get to visit when I feel the Force.” He glossed over it.

    “You were stealing prey. And trespassing.”

    ”I’m gonna try to help you out of this, Domitian.”

  • "I never said she didn't have a good reason," he replied, relaxing slightly. Monster or not, this guy was pleasant company. He hadn't threatened to skin Domitian, at least. That was better than some people here. At Anakin's assurance, however, Domitian grew serious again. "Okay, I trust you. What do I have to do?"

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