KINDA COLD, WALKIN HOME : meeting 01-14

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  • There was blood sloshing in the belly of a tiny, mousey beast. Her guts were twisting, a foul taste in Doestar's mouth. Something that could be leak from the nose, spatter from the parted jaws on to the fallen tree that she climbed, claws vaguely trembling as they dragged along the rotten bark. Her ribs pulsed against her ski, throat tightening, the skies dark and an unending flurry of white flakes drifting forth from them. Landing on the pelts of Clanmates. Did she need to make a declaration for them to assemble? She rested atop the log quite often, and they had become used to seeing her there. There hadn't been a meeting in a while. Her teeth wobbled and the world shifted a bit, glitching, the grasses wavering in the distance like a malicious fog. A cough escaped her. Rusty vocal chords.

    "All those old enough to swim, gather to hear my words."

    (loving the activity, everyone!!! welcome to all you new people, and thank you to those that have stuck around :^) if you'd like a ceremony for your character or other miscellaneous announcement during this meeting and haven't PMed me yet, please do so and i'll add it to the agenda of stuff to do! as of now, the agenda is:

    - announcements for mca tryouts, increased patrols, ravensong's capture, wolfstream's return, illness prevention)

  • At this moment, all of Larkthroat's previous conceptions of what 'ugly' meant had been washed away and renewed when he saw the terrible form the leader was breathing in. She had become the very definition of 'ugly' and 'horrendous'. But he supposed that was the life of all shorthairs. At least Larkthroat's thinning figure was hidden behind his long fur, and the medicine cat was coping much more than others as he consistently topped up with all kinds of herbs and often ate more than he should have in secret. Although he was taking care of RiverClan's state, he was still as bitter and selfish as ever. It seemed that nothing could teach Larkthroat to be more sincere, at least nothing in RiverClan anyway. Her own voice sounded so fragile and ripped, as if speaking any louder would cause the fem's own vocals to snap and tear forever. In one word, she looked horrible.

    Maybe, at the end of the meeting, he would stick around for his own small announcement. He'd likely tell everyone to come to his den for a top up of ragwort leaves to ensure they stayed strong, especially Doestar who looked as if she could die of starvation at any moment. The leader had already lost two lives, and it would be a nuisance if she lost the other seven at this instance. He was sure StarClan was getting sick of reviving her by now too.



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    The warrior slid towards the meeting, his own frame considerably lighter then it had been two moons ago. Lucky for the tom he’d had quite a lot of bulk to shed - unluckily, it was now very apparent he’d had little to eat. Taking a seat beside Larkthroat, Aspenflight would wrap his thin tail over his paws. Like Doestar, the grey warrior had a short pelt and he had little energy to even fluff the fur up to compensate for the cold that was chilling his bones. With a small exhale of breath he watched their owl-eyed leader in silence. Both he and Lark had spoken to the femme on multiple occasions this moon, nothing he was certain she didn’t realise herself. No prey, river frozen, herb stealing, cats dying. Aspenflight’s ears flicked back briefly before returning to a forward position, hopefully the she-cat might have some better news. Doubtful, but he couldn’t quash the small voice that cried for the return of summer.


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  • sharkpaw heard the announcement and arrived, curiosity glittering in his lilac eyes. what could this possibly be about? kicking out some bitchass outsiders, he hoped. taking a quick glance at the two cats at the meeting already and deciding he hated both of them, sharkpaw went off to sit by himself and wait for doestar's next words.

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  • "I'd first like to address the issues with ThunderClan and WindClan." rage boiled under her sickly pallor, immediately. It tasted like blood and nearly stuck her teeth together. "They are our steadfast allies and have been such for moons. RiverClan warriors are not to steal prey from them or be hostile to their patrols; those who disobey me will face punishments depending on the offense. If you find their warriors trespassing--" Hopeclaw. That traitorous wretch. She wanted to wring his sorry neck, and certainly would at the next gathering unless he had a good excuse. Her claws twitched, flashing out but sheathing as quickly as they came. "-- or stealing prey or herbs, you are to politely escort them off the territory and notify me so I can discuss with their leaders." her breath seized in her chest, signaling a failure to calm her rage, and her voice retained its volatility as she continued to the next subject. "Moving on, I'd like to remind all of you of the medicine cat apprentice tryouts."

  • Well, oops. He remembers the ThunderClan patrol that had come recently. Both he and Sharkpaw were especially violent, but the situation had dissolved so quickly he wonders if Doestar will turn a blind eye to it. Well, perhaps neither Larkthroat or Sharkpaw will try and come clean. They were both horrible, especially the medicine cat. But the ThunderClanners were understanding, and took mental notes about the situation, promising it will not happen again. There is bitter hiss from the maine coon when Doestar orders them to 'politely escort' offending cats from their territory. He thinks it is stupid for the leader to believe that a cat such as Hopeclaw will willingly trot off their territory. His teeth clench, ignoring the leader's announcement about his medicine tryouts. He thinks their situation with ThunderClan is more serious than she is taking it and he wants to protest, but the tom simply says nothing. Looks like he will have to do things himself later. Clearly she is too starving to think straight.



  • Nightgaze would listen to Doestar's seething words, drifting in and out of focus as she stared at the distant, silver line on the horizon. The border they shared with ThunderClan would soon be broken, and she knew that it was only a matter of time before the two clans clashed in battle. So much for helping them all those moons ago. Hadn't RiverClan been the ones to come to the forest cat's aid when they had been raided by BloodClan and DarkClan? She supposed none of that mattered to them. ThunderClan would simply keep trespassing.

    However, she knew that there was no benefit to gain from battle. Attacking the ThunderClan warriors out of anger wouldn't feed their bellies. If anything, it would put them in an even weaker state. She could only hope her clanmates were smart enough to recognize this, and she wouldn't have to drag any of them back to camp by their tails.


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