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  • trash had left bloodclan a broken and fragile individual, and although he wasn't completely put together, he was certainly more stable now than before and a lot of that had to do with the absence of Malkyn and her pack of hellhounds. unfortunately, their "packs" just couldn't get along despite the fact that trash had never expanded his numbers and tried his hardest to be assimilated into her pack. but of course his mental state was always hanging in the balance.

    the massive, nine foot-tall hound slunk up to the border, head low to the ground as the emaciated beast followed the scent of death to the border of what used to be known as bloodclan, now the sanguine ruines which at first had thrown the hound for a loop. all his life, he had known this group by one name and now suddenly it was being changed? although he didn't particularly like it, he wasn't going to pitch a bitch as it wasn't his choice to make nor did he really want the responsibility either. slowly, the massive hulking mass of hell-beast would sit and wait for a ruiner to find him and ask the age-old question he knew they would.

  • 「 you were meant to rule the dark— i was meant to see the sun 」

    he had joined not too long ago. today, actually. and already adakias was just so excited to see more. what he had found, however, was a giant. he had peered upwards at the tall and large hound, slightly squinting. his wings ruffled a bit to try and rid him of his nerves. after all, this was a large beast. "hello!" came the modulated voice of the softly colored myth. adakias had no recognition of this creature, but he also knew that he hadn't even seen a small portion of the members residing here. he would have no clue if this soul was new or returning. "have you come here to join? or maybe you're returning?" he really hoped that another ruiner would somehow pop up and allow adakias to fully know the situation.




  • While silently patrolling the territory, the thought of seeing Trash sitting at the border did not come to mind. It's been a long, long time since he has seen the male- it's been months since Trash left. In all honesty, he was surprised when the hellhound left, they were promoted to Warlord alongside Bucky, he didn't see it coming. They were both starting to form somewhat of a relationship- considering they didn't exactly start on the right foot, when Trash accused him of being a spy. Oh boy, that had been a huge mess, but in all honesty it worked out in the end. He gained Barbara's trust, got promoted all the way to Warlord, got a little adopted brother, and a boyfriend.

    While padding along, Bucky almost thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. He wasn't far from the border, and he can see a familiar hellhound, sitting there, waiting. Could that really be Trash? It's been so long since he's seen the guy, months even. Quickly, the assassin quickened his pace, entering the scene after Adakias. Now that he's here, he knows his eyes aren't tricking him. A small smirk formed across the assassin's maw, wondering if Trash would recognize him in return. Most likely, he didn't think it's difficult to remember the guy you accused to be a spy, right? "Hey Trash, nice to see you again," He greeted the former Warlord, with a flick of his ear, ear pricking towards Adakias as they spoke up themselves. He was assuming Trash was here to rejoin, but he wasn't going to repeat the question.

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  • Jonah remembered Trash... how could he have not? The hellhound had been there when the pup had first joined, and even helped in rescuing him from drowning in the blood nile. It was nice to see the rather larger canine back. It only took one glance and Jonah had recognized him, and he couldn't help but grin brightly as he bounded over, quickening his pace to hurry towards Trash with excitement. "Trash!" Jonah exclaimed, his tail wagging swiftly as he seated himself next to Bucky. "Is that really you?" Was he here to rejoin? Oh, Jonah sure hoped so. Something about seeing an old clanmate from a time when his innocence was still at its fullness brought peace to the boy's mind.


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  • he was never surprised to see a new face on the border, nevermind what side of it he stood on, and so when Adakias approached, he would cooly shift his attention to the smaller male. despite being so large, he currently displayed little to no aggression though his sickeningly thin build and terrifying size and overall appearance were still threatening in itself. before he could answer, however, a familiar creature joined them, bringing a similar smirk to the hound's maw. "Bucky, i see the garbage man hasn't been around to collect," the massive beast said with a chuckle to follow, "yes, I've decided to return," the male concluded before turning to Adakias, "and my name is Trash, nice to meet you." and then Jonah arrived, his little bubbly and excited self seating himself beside the iron-armed domestic feline; close as ever, he noticed but wasn't surprised in the least, "nope, i'm just an illusion," the male said, his smirk turning into a smile, "none other, Jonah, and look at how you've grown!" the male commented, sending a wink

  • ”Ew, it stinks over here,” Barbara uttered in a forced-disgusted tone as she padded forward, nose wrinkled rather theatrically as she halted before the far larger male, her creamy, scar-ridden coat giving off an almost orange glow in the sunlight. “Oh,” she went on, her lip curling up into a smirk at her own bad joke, “it’s just the Trash.” Apparently, she thought she was pretty funny, for a chuckle rose in her throat as she placed herself beside Bucky, azure gaze flicking over her old clanmate’s form with the smirk still etched into her striking features. “Where’d you go?” He’d kinda just... disappeared one day.





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  • quite a few ghosts had been creeping from their graves as of late, hadn't they?

    three moons. on paper, in context, on the lips of elder's winding tales of woes and blood splintered war it seemed such a measly form of time. but within reality, rome had fallen in but a day and so a month, let alone six, draining periods of weeks filled with ash and brimstone and ruin; one could not simply assece of even imagine what possibly could occur. foremost, hypokrisis was no longer the same.

    time had slipped swiftly through ignorant fingertips, this was one fact in which none could deny. for though other's worlds had ceased dead within tracks, cruel mother earth spun forward; stopping for no pain and for no creature. and with movement, when it came to walking forward upon unsteady paws there came the inevitability of change. for better or for worse? the words are the first to enter ruined mind of scattered constellations and there is no definite answer which could be stolen from patin lips. life had been, as of late, rather unpredictable within it's tragedies. many horrors had been thrown the priest of lovely feature and gentle touch's way- the drunken ximen's foolish words wracking name within mud, the westeros border incident (though anyone who'd had true issue with him, varik darling and tsubodai, were either dead or missing and hypokrisis couldn't help but be guiltly relieved), the assassin in which came forward within night with crooked smile and alias, his betrayal of blind trust, the cruelty of his long lost brother.

    he had come forward, stronger in theory, but growing within was utter chaos. for he was a creature of cracking bone and failing skin, in constant threat of unwinding from cross stitching ever lose. and the day it finally did, the day he came apart as shattered porcelain upon crimson stained desert, only god knows what could possibly occur.

    he'd been tredding easy, half patrolling, half in search of herbs with parsley lips ever so parted in a dreamily for of way. the creature forged from sweet summer rain's imagewalked forward throughout the lonesome desert, creeping hours sending chills within poetry ridden bones and weariness unallowing of rest, he had come forward, in hopes of clearing a jumbled mind that would never quite become quiet when a scent caught desert breeze. it made him stop dead within tracks- there was no way, this wasn't possible. but as brilliant gaze came to source, his senses were not to be decieved. there, ragged and limp, was trash.

    his brother, trash.

    the one which had been present with a steady smile despite falling a part all the same, the one which had protected him. it was hard to believe and hypokrisis star dipped gaze was wide as he was breathless upon coming across the other. "Trash?," the words dripped forth like honey temptation, "Trash! Where have you been? Are you alright? Do you need any water?"

  • next to arrive was the ever-pleasant Barbie. Trash had always liked her, spunky little she-devil, and so when she taunted him the massive hound would simply chuckle and give his pelt a little shake. "Well, it has been a while since my last bath but I didn't think I smelled that bad," he joked back, giving a shrug, "My mind wasn't right," he answered, "so I just kind of.. wandered.. until I could get my shit back together, and so far so good, so here I am."

    The next presence stirred something deep with in the nine foot-tall canine, massive cranium swinging around in the direction of Hypokrisis before his brother could utter a single word. he had always had that instinctual pull to family and it took all his might to keep from turning into a giant puppy and trampling the gathering crowd to get to the smaller alabaster hellhound. "I-I've been trying to fix my head," he answered his brother, same he had with Barbie, "but I'm okay now.. for now. Can I stay with you, though? I.. don't want to be alone." large tiffany blue eyes flickered to the rest of the ruiners quickly before returning to the alabaster canine with mismatched hues.

  • Dantalion has heard a multitude of strange names, however Trash is the funniest one. He can't fathom what would prompt someone to name their child after garbage. However the humor in his eyes vanishes as he comes closer to the group, choosing to stand beside Adakias rather than everyone else, as it seems like they're intruding upon some family reunion and he doesn't feel he should interrupt. He watches the exchange between Hypokrisis and Trash silently, an unpleasant taste in his mouth as the scene unfolds. Family puts a strange taste in his mouth and he usually has the mind to ignore it, since he's not one to dwell on his own past or the faces he used to know, but now there's no such barrier to keep him from briefly flashing back to those other fluffy-winged children of god — not necessarily bitter, but it's just a memory, one that doesn't make his expression falter or gaze leave the group of elder BloodClanners. When Trash is done speaking, the demon takes a moment to wipe it all away, clear his head, before muttering in a raspy voice, hoarse from all the hellish screeching that had occurred the other day, "Welcome back." He doesn't have much to say or think about the hellhound's massive stature. He's become rather desensitized to monsters such as Trash that roam this particular earth, no longer surprised as he would have been years ago. They're nothing outside of the norm anymore, he's learned, after witnessing stranger creatures in his short two months on earth. Tilting his nose upwards to properly look Trash in the eyes, the duke of hell continues, "I am Dantalion." And with that, he falls silent again.


  • hey Tibbs

    So this one was a returning member then ? The direhound eyed him suspiciously but if he was proven to the others, then clearly despite misgivings he was worth the expenditure so to speak of resources to feed another soul.

    Fenris did idly wonder if this was the size he would reach when he was full grown himself, likely so, the thought made him smile almost - he wouldn't be small forever he knew but it was nice to have that reaffirmed.

    The half demon moved to come closer, ginger ears twitching above a narrow face "welcome home" the pup mumbled, icy gaze wary but he'd make an effort for someone coming back it seemed "Fenrisulfr" was his short introduction.



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