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  • The zombie's attention turns towards hers and Schenectady freezes. Smell. She can smell her fear, smell the pure terror that radiates from the monkey's body like heat, rising in the air, and Tady can do naught but stumble backwards, hands thrown up in front of her as terror turns into a defensive snarl. Eat you. Tady knows she's not the most intimidating creature, a being made of fashion, pretend wealth rather than blood and savagery like her clanmates, the looming animals that surround her with auras much different than her own, but she would like to see this zombie, in her primal, staggering state, try and eat her. Littlesoldier is a pitiful sight, not so much a soldier as she is just... little. And sad. The snarl vanishes and, despite having been threatened by the little she-cat just moments ago, Schenectady frowns and lets her gaze waver, sympathy taking its place. Her hands fall back down to her sides, looking sadly towards Abathur, and before she thinks any better of it she pleads in his direction, "Please help her." Littlesoldier is breaking her heart just as much as she is activating her flight or fight reflexes, and it's such an odd feeling, to be afraid but to want to help all at once.

    Again she looks back at the she-cat, just barely there, and she wonders just what they're supposed to make of this. Will she ever be ok? Will she return to the way she once was, or is the former monarch just destined to be a decaying puppet for the spider to toy with? Part of her wants to open her mouth again, pelt the arthropod with a barrage of questions - why would he do this, does he not see this is inhumane? The other part is keeping her fixed in her place, unable to avert her gaze as this horrible scene unravels before her very eyes. This isn't a very good first impression. Schenectady raises a hand to her mouth and chews anxiously at her claws, brows furrowed and shoulders tense. She just wants this to end well.