FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT ( - chasing Bloodclan out!

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  • Silvermist hissed as the claws caught her ear, and attempted to knock the she-cat's front paws out from under her. If that was successful, she would then aim to dig her sharp claws into her side, hissing.


    *:・゚✦ We came up in the firelight

    Raised in the black of night *:・゚✦

    Silvermist | tags | ShadowClan | Warrior | 22 moons

  • I had a dream my life would be

    So different from this hell I'm living Tags 

    Fadedghost found a renewed sense of hope as Lilystar's voice echoed into camp. She as alive! Fadedghost didn't understand how, but she was a leader chosen by StarClan. When BloodClan had killed her, it must not've been her last one like they'd been led to believe. Fadedghost's gaze flickered around, looking at the BloodClan cats who were here. One of them was already fighting, trying to get to the nursery! Silvermist was holding her off, but if she needed help Fadedghost would be there. In the moment he waited to see what Lilystar's plan was, surely it wasn't just her here on her own right?

    "Sp-Spee-ch-ch" Thoughts

    I will leave this place

    Ending all the fears I faced

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    FadedGhost| 21 moons| Tom| Homosexual|


    Played by Jadefeather12

  • ☀- a snarl ripped from the deputy, an even more protective feeling overwhelming him since elijah threatened lilystar. and his anger over everything that he pent up was released when a bloodclan member was seen attacking silvermist. blue eyes narrowed, his snarl growing louder and muscles tensed. "over my dead body," he hissed as a reply. in a quick motion, he attempted to leap at elijah! and if successful, would rip ebony claws across her flank harshly.


    -roleplayed by Domino Misfit-

    "we used to have it all  
    it was us up
    against the wall"

    "well now i sleep alone"
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    ObsidianStorm | 33 moons | Male | Trad DarkClan Warrior [tags]


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